So you want to be a coach-

So you’re thinking about becoming a coach?

Leaving my exhausting career in the TV industry to become a life coach and start my own business is still one of the best things I have EVER done in my life.

Being in control of my own schedule and getting to start my mornings with lots of coffee and very little talking.

Getting to work with beautiful souls who want to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

Bringing the most wonderful people into my life.

Getting opportunities to travel the world, speak on stage, and train and coach new coaches.

All this and SO much more.

There are lots of places to become a certified coach but the Beautiful You Coaching Academy is not like anywhere else.

Led by my wonderful friend Julie Parker, this course will not only help you develop your skills as a coach, it will also transform your own life and give you the skills you need to start your own business.

I’m a Certified Beautiful You Coach and was an Assistant Trainer for the Academy for two years. I am here to answer any questions you might have about the course.

By all means, check out Beautiful You for yourself (all the important details are here).

But, if you’re looking for some perspective about what it’s like to be a trainee, what life looks a year or so after graduating, and how the Beautiful You course changes lives, I can definitely help you with that!

Because it was a total game changer for me.


Over the course of a couple of years, when I was still working in TV, I decided I wanted to be a coach of some sort (but still really had no idea). Searching the courses that were available left me feeling…uninspired. They didn’t fit. They didn’t feel right to me. Actually, most of them felt a bit ick.

And then I stumbled upon the proposal for Beautiful You (oh yeah, there was no fancy website or beautiful branding you see today!). I was sold.

Before the course was finished, I already had paying clients and I was soon able to work full time in my business.

So, if you want to see if it’s possible, I would love to share my experience with you.


Want to read my Beautiful You review from the week after I graduated? You can check it out here.

Want to know if introverts are actually any good at being coaches? I wrote a post about that not long ago.

Want to ask me some questions or have a chat about the course? Book in a complimentary 30 minute chat.


Oh, and the bonuses?

As a proud affiliate of Beautiful You and, with that, I offer some sweet bonuses if you choose to sign up via my affiliate link (this one).

These include:


This program is brand new and designed for for highly sensitive and introverted types! It’s a 6-week program to guide you through creating a business and becoming a coach while supporting your own energy and being able to show up for your clients in a whole new way.  (Valued at $997)



Give your energy a supercharge as you move in a brand new direction in your life. Big transitions can be a shock to the nervous system and this session will activate your new blueprint as you step into your coaching business. (Valued at $147)




As part of the full certification process for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, you’re required to complete six sessions with a certified coach (see details here). You will receive a very special offer to complete your certification coaching with me at a fraction of my full coaching prices. (Save $1000) 





This is a guide I wrote with my best tips for getting the most out of your course. A lot of my success has come from the time and energy I put into my training and I’m giving you all my secrets in this guide (not for sale)


If you want to get your hands on these bonuses, make sure you sign up under THIS LINK and that it’s the last link you click before signing up (clear your cookies/browsing history to be sure).

If you have any questions or would like to chat to me about the course, being an introverted coach, or whether Beautiful You is right for you, please email me info(at)katherinemackenziesmith(dot)com or book in here for a 30 minute chat.


  • All bonuses will be available to you once the refund period for the Beautiful You course you’re enrolled in has ended, and you’re still enrolled as trainee with the Academy.
  • Once the refund period has ended, it will be your responsibility to book in your coaching sessions with me within six months. This gives you plenty of time throughout your course and approximately one month after you complete the course to take advantage of this offer. Only in extreme circumstances will I be able to offer an extension, out of respect to my paying clients.
  • I earn an affiliate bonus if you enrol via my link and this enables me to offer such valuable bonuses. This, however, does not influence my involvement and recommendation of the course. I would recommend it even if I wasn’t an affiliate.
  • Certification is NOT guaranteed. The bonus coaching is one part of it and it’s your responsibility to complete the other aspects in order to get your certification.
  • I am an affiliate of Beautiful You (and a trainer) but I do not speak for and am not authorised to give you any details about the course, certification, inspiration days, or anything else pertaining to Beautiful You other than my personal opinion and experience with the course. Please head to the website or contact info(at) if you have any further questions.
  • These bonuses are for the October 2018 and 2019 enrolments. These bonuses are subject to change.