Introverts Elevated
Hey quiet soul, are you ready to elevate?

Are you ready to elevate your energy so you feel excited to step up as the CEO of your soul work in a sustainable way?

Are you ready to elevate your business foundations with coaching, support, accountability, and simple systems to eliminate overwhelm?

Are you ready to elevate your inner circle by joining a powerful and sovereign community of quiet leaders successfully finding their own way to shine?

Introverts Elevated is a hybrid business and energy experience that will truly support you to elevate your business, your income, and your energy in a whole new way. 

It's a business mastermind, high-touch VIP mentorship, and energy transformation with accountability, personalised coaching, business strategy, and a community of focused and aligned business owners on a mission.

Imagine a space where you get to be 100% YOU and create a business totally aligned to that (not to someone else's vision of what your business should be).

Imagine a reality where...

You get to wake up each day and not just do what you WANT but feel excited and energised to work in your business.


Your business plan includes naps, rest, and relaxation. And money keeps coming in while you do those things, in fact, your business GROWS while it's supporting your energy.


You know EXACTLY what to do in the few hours a day you're actually working. You have the flow you like, but also a big picture plan that means you're never sitting at the computer feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do next.


You can focus your time and energy on showing up for the parts of your business you do best (working with clients), and outsource or automate the bits you don't want to do.


You not just know what your next steps are, every action you take, every move you make are aligned to your mission and vision to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Are you sick of trying to do business, success, and marketing the 'extroverted' way, without any consideration for your quiet strengths?

It's time to stop ignoring your introverted self and realise it's your SUPERPOWER to connecting with your people, creating a sustainable business that lights you up, and finding success on your terms!

What's different about
Introverts Elevated?

We don't just focus on funnels and formulas, but also understanding and elevating your energy and alignment in your biz.


We'll simplify your business to make it energising and easy to create sustainability and success on your terms.


We're more about creating a life and business you LOVE than a one-size-fits-all formula for success and income.


We're not just about adding to the noise, but crafting a VIP experience for your clients to become raving fans.

"I was looking for a coach to work with me for my business, however Katherine so subtly guides you to dive deeper into understanding yourself. Katherine thank you so much. I have spent so much of my life feeling like no one understands me, so to work with a coach who I feel understands me to my core was truly an experience I can not describe."
Sky High and Believe
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"I've had the honour to be guided and supported by the amazingly talented Katherine in expanding my business.

She has the ability to see in to the energy and soul of where my business is at and what it needs to expand and to hold itself in its true alignment."

FOUNDER, Mimpi Life

"Through coaching with Katherine, I became really devoted to my work and fell in love with my business even more because of it.

People noticed when I launched. I felt so sure that I was doing the right thing, on the right path."

Feminine Power Coach

"Katherine will have you connecting the dots and caring for yourself (and your needs) in ways you've never experienced before.

I couldn't recommend her enough if you too are a sensitive soul wanting to do great work in the world."

Coach for Millennials
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"Katherine constantly reminds me that anything is possible. Whenever I'm stuck, I know I can talk to Katherine and she will help me work out a plan to move forward with. It can be so helpful just to have someone to bounce ideas off, but Katherine goes that step further to help build on those ideas and get moving with them."
Founder, Not So Basic Life
Here's what you get when you join Introverts Elevated:
When you join the inner circle:

As soon as you say 'YES' you'll instantly be initiating and activating the next level elevation of energy in your business and personal transformation. You'll FEEL the expansion before we even begin.


We'll spend the next 6 months together, alchemising a bigger vision as quiet leaders, creating a signature framework to cut out the overwhelm and confusion (for you AND your audience), and create strong, sustainable foundations behind the scenes systems to automate and elevate you to the Soul CEO of your business.


You'll have 1:1 support to create a unified message to share anywhere you show up online and in real life, to accelerate your confidence and to call in the people who get you and know you can help them.


Your new inner circle will be a highly motivated, supportive group of likeminded souls with shared values and to connect and cheer each other on (quietly, from our own houses). The energy of the group is so elevating when you need that extra deep and meaningful connection to get you through. You're not alone. We've got you.


You'll have customised mentorship throughout to get your questions answered, move through mindset and energy shifts, and get support along every step of the journey towards building, launching, expanding, and refining every part of your business in alignment with your needs.


Plus 24/7 access to the membership portal that is constantly growing and evolving with what you need. From the foundations for building your strategy, systems, marketing, and offers as well as step-by-step guides, checklists, templates, and scripts to make it oh-so-easy.


And additional expertise and support from guest teachers and group masterminding. You want to do it in your business? We will be able to help you map it out, take action, and launch it.

Elevate your time, money, energy

I've spent close to $50,000 in the past three years on mentors, coaches, training, software, and programs only to find like they were all separate parts. And none of them fully supported me as an introvert and sensitive soul trying to navigate the noisy, capitalist online business world.

But, I've learnt pieces from each and every one of them - as well as being able to take a bird's eye view of everything I've created in my business. And now I'm bringing it altogether to support YOU

The energy and the business strategy. The big vision AND the day-to-day actions.

You're not just going to get me and my 10+ years of business experience, you'll get some incredible guest mentors and the expertise of the entire group as we elevate together to build businesses that are fully aligned and supportive of your quiet nature, your big vision, and the life you want to create for yourself.

What our 6 months will look like:

Getting REALLY clear on your mission and your vision and stepping into the energy of that so that it guides and supports every decision you make in your business, your dream clients, and your offers.

Developing and launching your signature offer that's aligned to YOU and your expertise, with a clear launch plan built for you (no more guessing or half hearted launches!)

Creating a clear and consistent, introvert-friendly content and marketing plan to gently expand your business and get in front of more of the right people.

Simplifying all your tech and behind-the-scenes systems to make it easy for you to show up and do what you need to do, and then get on with your life while your business keeps working for you.

Building beautiful relationships by creating a VIP client experience, your own inner circle of raving fans, and connecting with collaborators in your community in a way that feels good for you.

Expanding your energy as the Soul CEO of your business to be seen and heard and elevate your impact and contribution through your work.

What's included in Introverts Elevated:
2 x 90-Minute 1:1 Strategy Sessions With Katherine
1 x 30-Minute Website Review
1 x 30-Minute Offer Review
Guest Speaker Opportunity in Emerge and Expand Group
6-month Emerge and Expand Membership
2 x Monthly Mastermind Calls
2 x Monthly Workshops
Customised Accountability and Tracking
Monthly Co-Working and CEO Days
Lifetime Access to the Self-Paced Elevated Business Program
Guest Mentor Trainings and Q+As
Instant Access To The Extensive Resource Library of Templates, Scripts, Toolkits
EARLY BIRD BONUS: Elevate Your Reach in 90 Days Workshop
EARLY BIRD BONUS: Save $1000 off the program
PAY IN FULL BONUS: ENVISION INTENSIVE - A full day intensive to align your message and offer, plan your launch and get customised support to started.

TOTAL VALUE: $33,400


(payment plan available)


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Where do you see yourself in 6 months?


I know. There are lots of options out there to decide between. And you can absolutely work it out on your own. I believe in you. There's also loads of free content out there for you to wade through!

But, imagine if you could step into a supportive community, a deeply powerful group of quiet leaders, and get the support, the tools, the answers that you have even thought about to accelerate your progress and get you there faster.

Imagine what your life would look like to wake up each day, energised to work with clients, be in the magic of your work, and see real results that don't drain or exhaust you, but support and sustain you.

Introverts Elevated is NOT for everyone.

It's not designed to be.

But it IS a brave space for you to take part in, regardless of your age, race, location, sexual and gender identity, and all aspects of this work come with a commitment to anti-racism, anti-discrimination, and equity. (If you DO hold a marginalised identity, partial support scholarships are available, please contact hello(at)katherinemackenziesmith(dot)com for more info.

We're going deep, we're building momentum and we're doing it through a lens of dismantling old and outdated ways of doing business, making money, being leaders, working with people, and sales. You will be invited to challenge beliefs and systems that may be deeply embedded in your cells.

This is not about exponential growth and dog-eat-dog tactics to sell, sell, sell. It's a supportive soul approach that is collaborative, co-created, and build on a cyclical idea of business and expansion.

Introverts Elevated is for you if:

You're done with treating your business like a hobby and ready to make shit happen.


You're all in. To do the work, to say yes to new energy, success and income in your business in a way that supports YOU and your needs first.


You're over signing up for courses and someone else's 'formula for success'. You're ready to own your power and map out YOUR way - and do it in a gentle group setting that's SO supportive of your quiet energy.


You want a business that's full of ease and flow, and you understand that requires a level of personal leadership, financial investment, and behind-the-scenes work to set up.


You're ready to do something different. It's not just reading the books and signing up to freebies that's going to get you the life and business you want. You want to be in a supportive, highly motivated intimate group.

Is there a guarantee?
I guarantee that if Introverts Elevated is calling you, it's for a reason (even if that reason isn't known to you yet). I will not beg or bribe you to join. You are a sovereign being, you are capable of making a decision that is deeply aligned with your truth and your desire to elevate.

When you say yes, I can also guarantee my commitment to your success. I can't do the work for you and promise you results. Your energy and heart needs to be all in (so really FEEL it before saying yes). But I will work with you to accelerate the timeline of your growth, expand your energy, and bring your ideas to life. You're not alone and you don't have to do it the hard way.

I believe in you and I'm here to hold that big energy why you grow your confidence and capacity to believe in you too.
The on-flow effect
As part of the new way of leadership, I fully believe in the importance of knowing where our dollars are flowing on after we part with them. You can read more about my social impact policy and commitment here

A Kiva loan will be taken out for each member of this round because I believe this is the most beautiful way to support other small businesses and see the on-flow of our work together.
What's next?

Come on over and join the other quiet, sensitive soul leaders who are ready to step up and elevate in their business, energy, and life like never before. 

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I'm no really super spiritual, is this going to be too much for me?

I totally understand. Spirituality is definitely a spectrum and I promise you that I sit somewhere in the middle. Most of the specific energy work is actually in the content and totally optional!

I talk about energy a LOT because for introverts and sensitive souls, our energy can be heavily affected by others. But this is very much an intro to energy work.

What access will I get to Katherine?
You will get 2 x 90 minute strategy sessions to book in with Katherine when you choose plus the weekly group calls and her regular presence in the group. This may change in future intakes.
What if I change my mind or want a refund?

This program is very close to my heart and something I am 100% committed to and I ask that you only join us if you are ready and able to do the same.

If you're not sure if this is the right program for you, let's chat. Once you commit, you're in for the full six months.

This is an intimate and personal experience and so we will be in close communication the entire time to discuss anything that comes up.

What additional costs are involved?

It will depend entirely on how automated you want your business to be. You can run a pretty lean business (especially at first), just covering your basic website and operating costs. Where possible free and paid options will be shared.

Please also keep in mind that every business will have expenses and will take time to grow. The aim is to create a business that can sustain itself and then grow to support you too. This is true no matter if you do this program or not.

My business isn't up and running yet, is that okay
Of course! In fact I wish I had been part of a fully comprehensive program like this when I was first starting out. You may also prefer to start with my Emerge program if you're really early in the process though.
What software/social media do I need to take part in this?

At this stage, our online community will be housed on Facebook and there will be some focus on Facebook ads with our ads expert because this is the most affordable option for getting in front of new people. It's not compulsory though.

Our calls will be on Zoom each week, which is a free teleconferencing platform. You just need internet connection to join. Same with our membership site.

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