Emerge and Expand Membership

Are you ready to be supported, get accountability and momentum, and launch your new business, offering, or idea in a gentle, introvert-friendly way?

I have noticed a gap for a LONG time between doing a course, program, or certification to learn a new skill and the space between finishing that and suddenly having a business. In fact, I have been there a couple of times myself. 

You go from being in this beautiful, nourishing, supportive container, learning and growing and feeling amazing. And suddenly, you’re on your own and your new skill is only about 10% of what owning a business actually is. 


A creative incubator and membership for coaches, healers, and other service-based solopreneurs to nurture and support you as you transition from one comfortable learning experience into the real online business world without the overwhelm and uncertainty.

Where you can feel supported and start to cultivate the energy of what your business feels like and stands for, combined with practical momentum building to get you up and out into the world.


An affordable and meaningful community to show up and share in, get access to new tools and resources, and be held as you emerge and expand in your business.


Having. A. Plan so your energy isn't being depleted trying to THINK what you should be doing and you direct it where it will have the most impact in your business.


The joy and certainty of moving through the world with a plan, a clear message, and the alignment and clarity to focus on the important things with confidence.


Having the basics set up in your behind-the-scesn so you know what to do when that first client comes through.


Knowing what to put energy into with your website and social media so that it doesn't take you a year to launch and you can focus on the important thing: your clients


Creating and launching your first main offer, without distractions and getting side tracked, so your energy is contained and your ideas are organised for future projects.


Getting your work out into the world and knowing what to do each day/week to keep the momentum going and find your flow for the rest of the year.

The Emerge And Expand Membership is here to support you as you discover the next level of alignment in your business.
What Emerge Looks Like:

Emerge is a creative incubator and monthly membership for new coaches, healers, and other business owners, those going through a change or transition in their business offerings or message, and if you're looking for some extra support and accountability as you gear up to launch a new paid or free offering (such as a program or podcast)

If you know my work at all, you’ll know that it often combines energetic activations and practises with practical strategy. And Emerge is no different.


  • 6 x 1 hour workshops released each month of your membership
  • Monthly Live Sessions for Q+A and extra training
  • Quarterly Momentum Builders (focusing on community and list building, launching, visibility, and creating new income flows.
  • Regular Hot Seat Sessions and your chance for personalised support
  • Weekly Accountability, Sharing, and Coaching Threads 
  • My Signature Soul Business Activation + Daily Alignment 
  • Templates, tools, and energy practises to support you as you grow
  • Private, introvert-friendly community
  • Guest Speaker Sessions 
  • ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP BONUS: First Priority Hot Seat Opportunities 
  • ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP BONUS: Immediate access to the Emerge Workshops 
  • MASTER YOUR MESSAGE BONUS: Lifetime access to the Master Your Message content (before February 15, 2021)
  • MASTER YOUR MESSAGE BONUS: Join us live for the Content Creation Workshop (before February 15, 2021)

TOTAL VALUE: over $4500

Are you ready to emerge in 2021?

YOUR INVESTMENT: $77 per month

Monthly Membership $77 

Cancel any time with at least 7 days notice in advance of your next monthly billing date. 

ANNUAL INVESTMENT: $777 per year

Annual Membership $777 

One-time payment for $777 for the 12 months, and then after that you will move to a month-to-month membership at $57 per month unless and until you cancel your membership.

The Emerge Workshops
The Emerge Workshops
 GET ALL OF THIS FOR ONLY $77 per month
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Why You Should Trust Me
I have worked with 100s of new coaches, healers, and service providers over the years. I was a trainer for life coaches. I know what new business owners get stuck on and what they need to focus on to get results, because I see the same things over and over again.
I'm not just a business coach who has created my own business and that's all I know. I've been working for over 12 years on lots of different businesses - from a clothing brand, manufacturing, media agency, online business, bricks and mortar - you name it, I've got experience up the wazoo. I love studying and brainstorming unique approaches to business. 
I'm also a trained Energy and Soul Mastery Practitioner. So when I talk about energy, it's not just from my personal experience, I'm qualified in the deeper theory and practice of energy and soul work, and whilst I don't identify as a 'healer', I can support you and your quiet energy as you navigate how you create a sustainable business and put yourself out there minus the energetic exhaustion!
I'm an introvert, empath, AND highly sensitive person who has definitely spent too much time comparing myself to strangers on the Internet, wasting precious energy deciding what to post or create, and I know what it's like to be both scared of being seen AND not being seen. And I found my way out the other side. I get it and I'm here to make sure you do too.

I champion introverted leaders like you to come out of hiding, create a business that is fully aligned with who you are, connect with the people who need to hear what you have to say, and find your own way to shine in business.

When I started my business six years ago, I used to look at other coaches and think, ‘Why would anyone work with me when they can work with (insert amazing coach here)?”

When I finally realised that everyone has their own unique gifts and experiences to offer, I finally started to develop the confidence to step up as a leader in my own business with a message that was close to my heart and elevated my business to the next level.

As my business grew, I invested in more courses and coaching, only to realise that my energy was all over the place depending on how my clients were feeling or how much I had on each day. I was secretly afraid of becoming more successful because of the burnout I KNEW was coming. And I walked away from my business out of fear.

In 2019 I unlocked some powerful activations and energy that not only supercharged my business after a 2+ year hiatus, but also had an immediate effect on my 1:1 clients and their businesses.

I want as many quiet souls to step into their leadership in 2021 and so I’m sharing this magic with you so you can take this and run with it to make this year different from every other year.

So you just have to decide, are you ready to emerge and become one of those quiet leaders? (The answer is yes)

"I was looking for a coach to work with me for my business, however Katherine so subtly guides you to dive deeper into understanding yourself. Katherine thank you so much. I have spent so much of my life feeling like no one understands me, so to work with a coach who I feel understands me to my core was truly an experience I can not describe."
Sky High and Believe
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"I've had the honour to be guided and supported by the amazingly talented Katherine in expanding my business.

She has the ability to see in to the energy and soul of where my business is at and what it needs to expand and to hold itself in its true alignment."

FOUNDER, Mimpi Life

"Through coaching with Katherine, I became really devoted to my work and fell in love with my business even more because of it.

People noticed when I launched. I felt so sure that I was doing the right thing, on the right path."

Feminine Power Coach

"Katherine will have you connecting the dots and caring for yourself (and your needs) in ways you've never experienced before.

I couldn't recommend her enough if you too are a sensitive soul wanting to do great work in the world."

Coach for Millennials
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"Katherine constantly reminds me that anything is possible. Whenever I'm stuck, I know I can talk to Katherine and she will help me work out a plan to move forward with. It can be so helpful just to have someone to bounce ideas off, but Katherine goes that step further to help build on those ideas and get moving with them."
Founder, Not So Basic Life
Emerge is for you if:

This feels like a no brainer for you. This kind of support and intensive experience would usually cost thousands.


You have a vision for the work you want to do in the world, you just need some support and accountability to get started.


Maybe you feel like you've been holding back but you're ready to emerge in your business this year.


You know you need a plan and the basics to get started and you're done trying to figure it out yourself.


You want to get to the end of 2021 and feel like you did everything you could to bring your work to life without comparing your 'progress' to others.


You're ready to be seen and LAUNCH! You're ready to be supported and accountable to showing up in your business as the CEO that you are.

Emerge is NOT for you if:

Like the idea of having a business but, deep down, you know it's not really want you want.


Are looking for a magic pill to overnight success without doing the work.


Don't have time to work on your business throughout the week or month. 


You want (or need) lots of 1:1 attention and support. This is a group experience.


You don't see the value in accountability, support, and connection with like minded people.


You're just thinking of starting a business because you need money quickly, you want to get paid to do nothing, or you think this is the easy option (it's not).


You want (or need) a done for you service (such as web/graphic design, business set up, copywriting. That's not what this is.

Why is this a membership?

The main reason is because I know what it's like, and have seen how people feel to be part of a program and then, when it ends, feel out in the cold and alone. The membership is so you can feel held and supported as long as you need without the investment of a more intensive program. If you are looking for that, you might be interested in Introverts Elevated that also includes a 6-month membership to Emerge and Expand.

I haven't started my business yet, is this for me?
Yes! This program has been designed with all the things I say to every client who is just starting out OR getting ready to launch. I wish someone had told me the things to get up and running FIRST, so I didn't have to come back and fix lots of things later on.
When does the membership start and finish?
This is a month-to-monthly membership, however I recommend participating for at least 12 months to get the value out of the quarterly momentum builders and connection with the community.
Do you guarantee this will improve my business?
I wish that I could, but I purposely don't provide guarantees for this work because it is a co-created space. I will show up for you and the container 100% and ask that you do the same.  If you do that, if you commit to yourself and the work and show up and engage, I am very confident that you will start seeing and feeling big shifts in your life, your energy, and your business.
Do I need to have my website and everything up and running to join
Honestly, if you're looking for additional support and accountability in a safe and introvert-friendly environment, it doesn't matter where you're at in your business. The modules do focus on the basics, so this will support you as you set up all the foundations.
I'm an introvert and I'm not sure about group situations. Will this be okay for me?
I can't tell you either way, take a moment to feel into what feels right for you. But I can speak from experience that I'm about 13% extrovert (ie 87% introvert) and have found group experiences more enjoyable, energising, and expansive than 1:1.
How much time do I need to set aside?
I would recommend 1-3 hours per week to show up, engage in the community, and dive into the content.
What if I already have clients and a business?
This is going to have a focus on getting started, however, if you're looking to dive deeper with your mission and message, launch something new, or spend the time in this creative cave with accountability and support, we'd LOVE to have you!
Can I cancel anytime or get a refund?

You can cancel any time on the monthly option, please give us 7 days notice in advance of your next processing date.

On the annual option, you are all paid up for 12 months, and after 12 months, will shift to a monthly plan at $67 per month (still saving $120 per year).

Please note that if you choose to cancel and rejoin at a later date, the investment will be at the current price not what you were previously paying. 

This is a non-refundable membership, please make sure that you honour the investment that you make and show up for yourself and your business.

How long do I have access to the content?
You will have access to the content as long as you are a member. When you cancel your membership, your access to the group and the member area will cease.
When will the live sessions be?
The live sessions will be held in the Emerge and Expand Facebook group or in a private Zoom meeting. A calendar of monthly events will be provided in the FB group at the start of the month.
How is the content provide
Through live training, recorded video workshops, audio content, workbooks, and other tools. You will get your own login details to access the content.
What if I'm currently training to be a coach or other service provider, is it too soon?
It's really important that you decide what your capacity is to make sure you can honour your commitments to yourself. But if you feel excited to get things up and running, you'll be able to ride that momentum through after your graduate. Things aren't always linear ;) 
What if I need more support?

You're in luck! I specialise in business strategy, ideation, coaching and consulting. Send me an email or check out my 1:1 offerings here or come join us for Introverts Elevated