Introvert Effect Magazine


The Introvert Effect is what happens when you realise that just because you’re quiet that doesn’t mean you’re not a force to be reckoned with.




This 3-part magazine series features guest interviews, custom artwork, and articles by some incredible introverts.

ISSUE 1 – The Extraordinary Introvert Issue

ISSUE 2 – The Energy Issue

ISSUE 3 – The Entrepreneur Issue

Guest articles and interviews with Cassie Mendoza-Jones, Selena Soo, Denise-Duffield Thomas, and Sharyn Holmes.


Plus some great articles about self care, recharging, accepting your quiet superpowers, shining a quiet light on yourself and the world, marketing, writing, and how to succeed as an introvert.

There are so many gems of wisdom in the digital pages of these 3 issues, and they’re all yours. For free!


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