UNDERSTAND your introverted personality


 CREATE a business that’s aligned to your strengths.


UNCOVER what you have to offer the world.


CONNECT with the people who need you.


Introverts, wall flowers, quiet achievers, and sensitive souls…Are you ready to stop hiding & find success on your terms?


Do you also want:


:: A consistent flow of clients that make you excited and proud?

:: Enough money coming in to ditch your draining job and focus
solely on your business?

:: A community of engaged followers who rave about you & share
your stuff?

:: Exciting opportunities & connections consistently coming your way?



Maybe right now, it doesn’t feel like that though.


Maybe it feels more like:

:: Sitting at your computer (alone), hoping that all the hours you’re putting in are reaching someone.

:: Clients? What clients?

:: Trying to ‘keep up’ on social media with your business buddies and industry leaders.

:: Wondering if anyone is even reading your stuff (other than your mum).

:: Feeling nervous and shy to put yourself out there, whether it’s pressing publish on a blog post, going to an event, or asking for the sale.

:: Having big ideas, but procrastinating, overthinking, or putting them off for ‘someday’.


Have you ever considered that your introverted nature is holding you back


Wouldn’t you like to know how to work with your quiet strengths to make all of these a reality?




I get it. I do truly do.


Right now you might not realise how your personality impacts your business because NOBODY TALKS ABOUT IT.


Think about all the courses or coaching you have signed up for in your lifetime. Has anyone ever factored YOU into their strategy?




Don’t you think that who you are should play some part into the business you create for yourself and the clients you work with?


I do.


And, try as you might to ignore it, your introverted personality does play a part in how you run your business, how you interact with others, and what your ‘dream life’ looks like.


You do not need a life coach to help you ‘reconnect with you’.


You do not need a business coach to give you their strategy and business plan template to follow blindly.


You don’t need a copywriter, a Facebook guru, or another eCourse teaching you how to make six figures, or host billion dollar webinars.


You need something else…


You’re waiting for me to tell you what that is, right?


I’m not going to because, the truth is, only YOU know what you need.


And, until you start to embrace your unique strengths, your quiet power, and use that to create a business that supports you (instead of draining you, like it is right now) you’re going to buy course after course or another stack of books, turning to every guru you can, searching for ‘the answer’.


You started this business for a reason. You know you have something to say. But you’re not sure how to be seen and heard through all the noise out there. And, guess what? Following someone else is not the answer.


If you’re sick and tired of following strategies that work for ‘everyone else’ – but not you – maybe it’s time to look for something different to help you find your own way to shine in your business (and shut out all the noise thats, frankly, just overwhelming you right now).


Katherine really helped me overcome my fear, break through some massive internal barriers, increase my confidence, and step outside of my comfort zone for personal and business growth.  I cannot articulate in words how much of an impact Katherine has had on my life.



I’m Katherine Mackenzie-Smith, self-confessed introvert, and coffee-addicted-movie-loving geek. I’ve also been called a ‘self-help guru’ by Elle Magazine and a ‘champion of introverted leaders’, which is humbling, to say the least.


At 15, I decided to pursue a career in television (behind the scenes, come on, people), until I realised that just because I loved binge watching TV shows didn’t mean I was meant to be working in reality TV. (If you’ve seen Unreal, you might not believe how true to life parts of that show felt to me).


Eventually, I started looking for creative pursuits to feed my soul and that’s when I discovered blogging and the world of online business. What started as a side project, soon became a real exit strategy from a career dream I no longer wanted to follow.


After almost 10 years working in an overly extraverted industry, I called it quits. I felt drained by overinflated egos and urgency, overlooked because I was ‘too quiet’, and frustrated my friends – who were ‘playing the game’ – were getting further and further ahead.



After the fear of the unknown dulled down, I exhaled. Sweet relief washed over me.


Getting my first paying client was the moment I knew I had found my ‘thing’.


Reality quickly set in when I realised I was still overlooked by extraverted shining lights and in order to get clients, pay the rent and maybe even take the man out for an espresso martini once in awhile, I needed to figure out how I was going to get seen and heard.


Sound familiar?


That’s because being an introvert followed me to my new found career.


And it will follow you too.


One day, during a session with a client, who was also struggling with her quiet nature and sensitive soul, I realised I had skills, coping mechanisms and a unique combination of showing up to get what I wanted without compromising who I was to get there.


It’s become my mission to help other introverts discover their quiet brilliance and feel empowered to go their own way too. That our contentment with being alone sets us up to be great leaders – willing to stand alone in order to attract people our way who need to hear what we have to say.


Since discovering my mission, my business has transformed. For once, I’m working with my introverted personality, instead of against it, and it’s made all the difference.


In the past two years I’ve:

  • Become a certified coach and trainer for life coaches
  • Fully booked out my one-on-one coaching, with a waitlist
  • Coached dozens of introverts and helped them to find their own way to shine in their business and find their unique message and quiet brilliance.
  • Been invited to speak on a panel about introverted coaches, and as a paid speaker.
  • Had the opportunity to travel regularly interstate and internationally for my business.
  • Been featured in magazines including Elle and Cleo, as well as on the cover of Happiness and Wellbeing magazine.
  • Been invited to write a series for Collective Hub on introverts in business.
  • Featured as a guest expert in courses such as Quietly Unstoppable by Iterate Social and Workshop Wonderful by Event Head.
  • Had features in digital publications including Inspired Coach, Event Head Magazine, Raspberry Magazine, and Wild Sister.
  • As well as podcasts including The Empowered Women Revolution, Rock Your Goals, and The Inspired Table.


And now I want to take everything I’ve learned – all the ups and downs and everything in between that comes with being an introvert – and help you succeed in your business.


Introducing my ‘Introvert, then the World’ Program for introverts who want to shine on their terms



A 6-month coaching program that includes one-on-one sessions and digital training materials to help you get out of the shadows and take your business to the next level.

Because – I promise you – nothing else matters until you’ve got this right.


When you UNDERSTAND your introverted personality and all the other things that make you tick, you can create a business that is perfect for YOU.


When you CREATE a business that’s aligned to your STRENGTHS, you have more energy, get more done, and feel great about doing what you need to do (and even making up your own way of doing things, instead of following the crowd).


And when you UNCOVER what you have to offer the world, you can cut through the noise and CONNECT with the people who need to hear what you have to say.


Suddenly, your passion and purpose are on point. The ‘putting yourself out there’ promotion feels less ‘icky’ and more like sharing something that you know people really need to hear. And, oh yeah, clients will be banging down your door, and shouting your name from the rooftop (so you don’t have to).





“Katherine has helped me own who I am. In our time together I launched my coaching packages, starting sharing more on my blog, newsletter, in interviews and on social media, published a new about me page that revealed a lot more about me and my story, and I also created and launched The 28 Day Gratitude Project.

I feel so much more content with who I am and I have started FULLY embracing that my introverted energy, but also without hiding behind it, or using it as an excuse.”


“Working with Katherine, I learned that I could “read” my reactions and needs in term of being an introvert and, as such, I now have a lot more love for my behaviour patterns rather than fighting them or pretending they are not mine.”

Kelly Misbin


“I’ve noticed a huge change in myself. I feel more confident in who I am as a person and as a business owner. Katherine seriously rocked my soul.

I feel like we had an immediate connection and I was instantly sad when we ended our last call! Katherine unstuck every part of me that felt like cement by asking questions and pushing me to reach my “ah ha” moment. I couldn’t have gotten to the feel good place I am now without her!”


So, what does this look like? Wellllllll, that’s a good question.


The truth?


Just like your coffee order is different from mine, your introversion + all your experiences to this point are totally different too.


And, I could give you a ‘package’ to choose from, but, my friend, I want you to embrace your uniqueness.


The thing that makes you ‘you’, and the business you are trying to build.


And that’s never going to be a ‘one size fits all’ kinda deal.




  • Crystal clear clarity understanding your energy and your strengths and expertise
  • Tailoring a business to your unique skills and abilities, in alignment with the life that you really want for yourself and a schedule that feels great to you
  • Crafting a powerful message around your expertise and positioning yourself as an expert
  • Connecting with the people who need to hear that message and forming relationships with other influencers and potential clients
  • Marketing strategies, your way. Creating opportunities to connect that feel good to you and are in alignment with your strengths and goals.
  • Plans and systems to get your business up and running and creating clients.
  • Accountability and support to get you out of your head and into action.





  • Current commitments and fitting your business into your life
  • Understanding your energy and making time for downtime
  • Money-making niche + ideal clients
  • Your skills and expertise + your business message
  • Vision and profitable business model
  • Finding clients + the people who need to hear what you have to say
  • Social media + community building
  • Building beautiful connections
  • Packages + offerings
  • Marketing + promotion (introvert style)


So, what do you actually get?

  • 12 x 60min one-on-one calls over six months via Skype or phone

You and me, one-on-one in Introvert heaven, getting deep with your unique skills, your vision, and how to pull that together into a business that sets you up for success.


  • 6 x monthly content review

Each month, you’ll have the opportunity to have what your working on reviewed and get a 15 minute audio with feedback and suggestions. This could include website copy, opt ins, offers, etc. It’s a great chance to get a second set of eyes on your work and get some feedback before releasing it to the world.


  • 6 x monthly trainings

Each month, you will get access to a new training on the month’s topic; complete with videos, workbooks, and bonus audios to complement your one-on-one sessions.


  • BONUS: Expert interviews

Throughout the six-month program, you will also receive training – both online and in person – from other expert coaches, introverts, and online business owners sharing their wisdom, strategies, and how they have excelled as introverted entrepreneurs.


Your Investment:

Payment plan – 6 payments of $575

OR pay in full and receive a 5% discount








Katherine has been the most amazing supportive coach I could have hoped for.  Her coaching for introverts is changing the way I see myself and my understanding of what being an introvert means – it is so enlightening, fresh and inspiring, I would like to support her and share her business, offerings and insights with as many people as possible.



During my coaching series with Katherine I developed an opt in for my website, launched my life coaching business, and even secured my first paying client. Katherine’s unwavering support and belief in me, truly made me feel I could accomplish all I set out to.



Working with Katherine, I am more aware of when I am beginning to become anxious about things/life and am more conscious of taking the time to slow things down.  I have better strategies to overcome the sense of overwhelm that I sometimes feel.  And I have been slowly beginning to implement more self-care into my life without feeling selfish or guilty for doing so.


Coaching with Katherine will have far-reaching benefits for my business and my career. This is, by far, the best investment I have made in my financial future and it will pay for itself over and over again. The experience of having someone cheering me on and making me accountable in achieving my goals has kept me focused and motivated beyond anything I could achieve myself. 

If I had to sum coaching with Katherine up in three words, they would be: life changing brilliance.


Your Next Step: Let’s Connect




Here’s how it goes:

+ Please fill out the application form with your details and responses. 

+ You will receive an email to book in a time to chat with me to make sure this is the right program for you and ask me any questions you have!

+ If we both decide it’s a good fit, you will receive an information pack where you can pay your deposit and book in for you one-on-one coaching (first in, best dressed)!

Please remember, this program is limited to 5 people.


I love highly motivated people who are ready to (quietly) impact the world. Is that you?




Since I started working with introverts in 2015, it’s become a bit of a buzzword.


The reality is, though, that I am passionate about what it means to be an introvert. I’m not just working with quiet souls because I am one. This is my area of expertise. I understand the quirks and challenges, the strengths, and the traits of being an introvert.


And this knowledge allows me to help you get more out of your life and business, as a result.
This is not ‘cool’ to me. In fact, the love I have for helping introverts shine in their businesses is far from cool, it’s downright dorky. I’m obsessed and I want you to see what it means to be an introvert and how you can make it work for you (instead of fighting against it).


I also realise that the online business world is busy and it can be hard to find the support that you need to get through it and not feel like you’re the ONLY one going through something. This program combines the strategy and support you get from one-on-one coaching with an intensive group program to get the best of both worlds (without the price tag)!


But don’t take it from me personally, the results speak for themselves.



Working with me, my clients have had results such as:


  • Getting their first paying clients
  • Launching their websites and businesses into the world
  • Creating free and paid offerings and getting great results
  • Completely changing direction in their business to integrate their personality and their expertise and completely transforming their businesses.
  • Feeling confident to share their message with the world, and finding their own way to promote and market, instead of feeling bad.
  • Creating regular video content when they were once too shy to even have a photo on their social media page.




  • You are ready to create a business that feels good to you, not what ‘everyone else’ is doing.
  • You want to stand out, but in a way that makes you feel excited about your business, not drained.
  • You have already started your business or you have a clear idea of what you want to do, you just need to bring it all together.
  • You’re sick of feeling ignored and overlooked, and you’re ready to get paying clients.
  • You’re ready to step up and invest time and money into yourself and your business.
    • You’re bored of all the same-ness out there and you’re ready to shine in your own way.



  • You have no idea what you want to do.
  • You want to follow the crowd and fit in.
  • You’re hoping for a quick fix or magic pill.
  • You’re not ready to get real momentum in your business and you’re not prepared to do the work.
  • You’re not sure you can fit anything else in right now or your schedule is constantly changing.
  • You don’t see the value of investing in yourself and your business.





What about all the other stuff? Good question!

modules I, Introvert

Dig in to YOU. Because all of you, in all your introverted glory, is the path to getting paid.


  • Building Beautiful Foundations

Create clarity around what you want so you feel energised and excited by your business and quit wasting precious time and energy in your noisy head.



  • Your Quiet Brilliance

Hone in on your quiet brilliance because when you find your ‘thing’, that’s when the magic really happens (I’m talking money, clients, sales, and real momentum in your biz). /span>



  • Cut Through The Noise

Strategise how to put yourself out there, speak up so that you cut through the noise, and find success. On your terms.



  • Building Beautiful Relationships

Discover who you want and need to connect with in order to make an impact – your peers, potential clients, and influencers. Life is so much easier when other people shout your name from the rooftops, so you don’t always have to.



  • Catch Fire in Your Business

Work out how to step up as a leader and an expert, playing to your quiet strengths, to get the clients and the exposure you want and need to stand out from the pack.


Your Investment:

Payment plan – 6 payments of $575

OR pay in full and receive a 5% discount





What if you could understand your introversion and use it as your biggest asset to find your own definition of success and shine bright in your business?