One Step At A Time

7 days to get out of your head and into action

One Step At A Time

7 days to get out of your head and into action

Ready to get out of your head and start building momentum in the next 7 days?


Get clear where you’re going

For overthinkers, you’d think we’d have thought through where we’re headed. But so often we’re overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas. Let’s clear that all up in day 1.


Overcoming analysis paralysis

Trying to think your way out of the box you’ve built for yourself is like an endless maze with no clear outcome. Learn the easiest way to get out of the box (without the panic).


Creating an action plan to take your first steps

Okay now we’re really getting somewhere. Day 3 is going to help you create a plan now that you know what you actually want. Let’s make this happen with some simple steps.


Overcoming resistance around getting it right

Oh my friend, if perfectionism (a fancy word for ‘fear of failure’) is getting in your way, we’re going to bust through that in day 4 with some practical tips and energy clearing.


Cultivating a growth mindset to keep moving

What if all the things you’re worried about were flipped on your head so that you could see all the possibilities in front of you?! Guess what, that’s what’s happening on day 5.


The number one thing that you need most

Stop thinking that you have to do this whole thing alone. Even for introverts, this is not what we’re hard wired for. Day 6 is the #1 thing you need to keep going. 


Celebrating progress and reflection

When you make it to day 7, you’re going to get the exact steps you need to keep moving forward now the journey has finished (and also reflect and celebrate on the past 7 days too!)


Join One Step At A Time

Come along on this 7-day adventure to get out of your head and into action with one step at a time.

Are you an overthinker? Me too…

Hi, I’m Katherine – Meet your Coach

photo of Katherine Mackenzie-Smith looking directly at camera

I’m a massive introvert, anxious soul, and over thinker extraordinaire… but that doesn’t stop me from making magic happen.

Since I was a kid, I would have trouble switching off my brain, focusing on one thing at a time, and even making decisions.

But I got really good at moving forward with one step at a time. And that has served me SO well in my business.

My astrologer friend once told me that my whole birth chart is water signs (I’m also Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Cancer Ascendent) and the reason I get anything done is a tiny bit of Aries in my chart.

Regardless of what you believe, it’s taken time to curiously explore how I work best and make it a strength in my business.

And now I want to support you to do the same in just 7 days with my new gentle journey of self discovery.

Over the years, I’ve managed to achieve every goal I’ve set. From deciding I wanted to work in TV as a teenager, to winning International Coach of the Year (which I just won this year, by the way) – and every income goal I’ve set too!

Just a few daily practises have helped me to keep showing up, making decisions, and taking small steps forward in a way that works for me.

Join me for the next seven days and learn some of my best tips, rituals, and practical exercises to set your intentions, align your energy, and just take one step at a time.

Remember the tale of the tortoise and the hare? 

You don’t need to move faster, or do things the way you think you should. 

You need to work out what you truly want, make a plan, and keep it simple – moving at your own pace, in the way that works best for you. Got it?

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Be a part of the experience

Be a part of the experience

Get out of your head and into action

Join One Step At A Time

The 7-day guided journey to decide what you want, believe it’s possible, and start taking steps toward making magic happen.

Get out of your head and into action

Join One Step At A Time

The 7-day guided journey to decide what you want, believe it’s possible, and start taking steps toward making magic happen.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What if I can’t join live?

A: That’s okay! The replays will be available in the free group for a week and then moved into Secret Introvert’s Business

Q: Do I have to do this live?

A: Nope! In fact, this is designed to be a solo journey but I wanted to share it and create some extra energy for this first round.

Q: I’m not on Facebook, is that going to affect my ability to join in?

A: The lives for this week will be happening in my Introvert Friendly Business community, but I’ll aslso be sharing via email and Instagram so there will still be plenty for you to be involved in.

Q: How much does this cost?

A: It’s absolutely free! This is a special thank you to my community of over 1000 introverts in my Secret Introvert’s Business group.

Q: How can I get support and share what I’m doing?

A: A few ways! You can come into the free Facebook group, share the steps you’re taking on Instagram (make sure to tag me @miss_kms and use the hashtag #OneStepJourney), or join us in Secret Introvert’s Business for extra support (get the details here)

Q: I’m not in business, is this for me?

A: We’ll be focusing on any goals you might have in your life so whilst business is a big theme in the group, you might still find it useful!

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