League of Extraordinary Introverts podcast with Alexandra Franzen

I’ve been following Alexandra Franzen since early in my blogging days and so it’s a huge pleasure to get to interview her for the podcast.

In the noisy world we live in, it’s a big deal to find people whose newsletters you ALWAYS open and I think I’m not alone when I say I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed to MANY newsletters over the years but I’ve always opened her emails with joy.

I tried not to fangirl too much (I failed) but just soak up the goodness that is Alexandra Franzen (including a few minutes at the end where we get super excited about coffee, and cookies in bed).


We also chat about:

  • How Alexandra has created a business that’s aligned with her introverted nature, despite what other people tell her;
  • How to deal with overwhelm by subtracting more from your life;
  • Saying no in business and in life that works for you and that other people appreciate;
  • Doing less with ease and enjoyment;
  • Tips to write a story in a genuine way without oversharing;
  • Setting an intention for your writing before you start so you know where you’re going;



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Alexandra Franzen is a writer, consultant, and entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon. Her writing has been featured in places like Time, Forbes, Newsweek, The Huffington Post, and Lifehacker, and she’s been mentioned in places like You’re The Boss! The New York Times Small Business Blog, The Atlantic, and Inc. 

She writes about creativity, productivity, communication, goal-setting, and how to deal with adversity in your life and career—negative reviews, projects that don’t pan out, all kinds of painful moments that can rattle your self-esteem—and how to keep marching forward, no matter what. 

Alexandra’s latest book, YOU’RE GOING TO SURVIVE, is a collection of true stories from people who’ve endured soul-crushing moments in their careers—failure, rejection, disappointment, public humiliation—and how they got through it, and how you will too. 


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