League of Extraordinary Introverts Podcast Episode #12 – Creating a Business That Supports You with Kathryn Hocking


Kathryn Hocking is well known in the online business landscape as the eCourse expert. Leaving her six-figure corporate career when she became a mum to start her own business, Kathryn quickly realised that eCourses were a great way to connect with her clients to create a business that supports her and spread her expertise wide without getting burnt out.


In this episode, we chat about:

  • Finding your niche (and it’s not always what you think it is);
  • Being an introvert in the modern workplace and why working for yourself is a great alternative;
  • Starting a business and trying to do too much and how easy it is to burn out;
  • Why simplifying your business to one key course is so powerful for your business;
  • Creating eProducts to complement or add a tangible element to your service-based business;
  • Using a business model that supports your lifestyle and your personality
  • The power of getting narrow and deep with your niche and your offerings.



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Kathryn Hocking helps passionate service-based entrepreneurs create unlimited impact and income through profitable, purpose-driven eCourses.

An eCourse Expert and Launch Strategist, Kathryn built a multiple six-figure business in less than two years through the creation of high quality, passion-fuelled online programs. Her signature offering, the eCourse Launch Formula, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe to put the ‘lifestyle’ back in their lifestyle business through the creation of their very own profitable eCourse.


Connect with Kathryn here:

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