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I first came across Leesa’s work when her Expressive Writing Prompts for White Fragility and Spiritual Bypass were shared in a group I’m part of.  Her work opened my mind up to questions I had never considered in my life and I was so excited to get to chat to her about her work. 

And do you ever meet someone (even online) who you just click with and instantly love? Leesa and I spent about 2 hours talking and she is just an absolute joy and her work is SO important and so necessary. If you’re new to expressive writing, I know this episode is probably going to blow your mind because it’s so relevant and such a perfect tool for introverts and highly sensitive people. 


We also chat about:

  • Creating spontaneity within the structure of writing every day;
  • How expressive writing is so suited to introverted and highly sensitive people;
  • The importance of getting up early to connect with the quiet and the divine; 
  • Creating boundaries and advocating for ourselves so we can advocate for others;
  • Expressive writing to get clear on your thoughts before sharing with others and not get drained as much by others;
  • The curiousity of being introverted and using writing to delve further into that;
  • What the ‘art of self enquiry’ is and why it’s so important for introverts and highly sensitive people to review our internal programming;
  • How to do activism on your terms by working out what we’re really passionate about and putting our time and energy into that;
  • Using our words and writing to inspire and advocate for a cause.



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Leesa Renee Hall is a writer, social historian, and creative word artist. Author of seven books, Leesa was known as a technology pioneer before turning her attention to writing about the intersection of race, spirituality, and leadership.

After writing half a million words over 365 consecutive days, Leesa discovered that expressive writing can help expand our sense of identity and connect to a higher guidance. She helps spiritual leaders use the art of self-inquiry to question their unconscious biases so they create truly inclusive communities, companies, and corporations.

Leesa is on the Advisory Board for Awarepreneurs, a global community of social enterprise business leaders and entrepreneurs with a focus on social justice, diversity, and inclusion. Leesa’s tips have been featured in American Express OPENGlobe & MailChoiceThe Ottawa CitizenToronto StarProfit, and Inc. to name a few, along with television, radio and podcast appearances.

Connect with Leesa here:

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