League of Extraordinary Introverts S3E5 with Jo ChunYan

Jo ChunYan and I have been connected for many years in the little coaching community we are in – but have never had a chance to properly connect. Her work caught my attention when I saw she did the most beautiful rebrand for my old coach and podcast guest Megan Dalla-Camina and the beautiful design and packaging for my favourite jewellery brand, Love Is Your Compass.

And that was before I even knew about her work as an intuitive coach and creator of the Intuition Journal. We had so much to talk about, we could have chatted for hours (in fact we did, but we kept the good stuff for the episode!)

In this episode, we also talk about:

    • Following the breadcrumbs to finding a business that is aligned instead of rushing out of the gates;

    • Learning to trust and develop your intuition by discovering what feels right;

    • The importance of stillness and silence as a daily practice to cultivate intuition;

    • Some great tips to getting grounded and back into your body to really earth the higher energies into real life;

    • Making decisions based on your intuition and how to bring intuitive work into your day-to-day life;

    • The difference between following your heart and your survival system (and the chemicals in your body) and your intuition so you can make decisions from a higher place;

    • Cultivating intention and intuition as a daily practice, instead of an end goal focus;

    • Using intention and rituals in day-to-day business life, especially when holding space for clients;

    • How to use intention and intuition as a creative person to go against the traditional ideals of ‘bleeding for your art’ and the tortured artist;

    • The layers of uplevelling even in new business branding;




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Author/designer Jo ChunYan is a trained intuition coach, who is dedicated to helping people explore the art of listening to their inner wisdom, setting powerfully aligned goals and taking transformative action. Following her own intuition has changed everything for her – it ignited her spirit.

Since then, she has carved out invaluable space to embrace intuition in her everyday life. She consciously weaves it into every aspect of her work so that it connects to people on an energetic level.