League of Extraordinary Introverts with Claire Murray

Claire Murray is one of those beautiful, gentle souls who – with every encounter – you realise just how incredibly special she is.

We first met at a B-School meet up many years ago when we both lived in Sydney, didn’t have businesses and were just toying with the idea of doing this online business thing.

When she moved back to Queensland, I thought our friendship would be one like so many others in Sydney  – for a short time, not a long time. But when I moved back to my home town of Brisbane, Claire and I got to reconnect and journey together in a whole new way. 

In this episode, we also talk about:

    • Introverted types being drawn to deeply immersive 1 on 1 work;

    • How there are many things – including mental and emotional pain – that contribute to our physical health and wellbeing;

    • The stories we have adopted from social conditioning and past experiences and how that boxes us into what we can and cannot do;

    • How we cut off from our own magnificence;

    • Questions to ask to better understand the stories we’re telling ourselves and how they’re affecting us;

    • Claire’s personal embodiment practises;

    • What happens when you find your own true self.




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Claire Murray is an embodiment facilitator, intuitive and naturopath. She works to anchor and expand the energy of her clients by bringing them into presence with their bodies, illuminating and transforming any disharmonies present, and connecting them with the medicine of the Earth.
Elevating the health of her client’s whole being, Claire’s work is where energy, soul and science collide.