It starts with a thought, a spark of an idea.

Then it leads to another and another.

Building off one, skipping ahead to what it could all become.

And then…a screeching halt. 

What comes first?  


The inspiration high falters and overwhelm hits. Suddenly, you’re standing at the bottom of Everest, aching to be at the top already.

It’s great, you’ve got so many thoughts and ideas flickering through your mind. Synapses are firing. Inspiration is high.

Then, when it comes time to take action – analysis paralysis.

Your mind is your place of refuge, your favourite alone time sanctuary…until your thoughts turn devil’s advocate and start questioning everything. 

Where to start? 

What comes first? 

What if it doesn’t work? 

How do you tie all the ideas together to create a cohesive brand and business? 

And, O-M-G, there’s so much to do…

Panic sets in. And before your awesome idea has even had a chance to breathe, it’s suffocated inside of your head.

But, what if it didn’t?

What if you had your own little tour guide to help you navigate your big vision and plot out the journey before you pack it in altogether?

Someone to help you:

  • Stop comparing yourself to your biz besties who always seem to be moving quickly on their ideas;
  • Create something incredible that's totally aligned with your message and your strengths and expertise;
  • Get your ideas out into the world and in front of people who want and need them, instead of wasting precious energy thinking, talking, and writing about them, planning to launch them 'some day'';
  • Align your energy with the big vision that you have, without the nervous system freak out, and feel excited to expand into the possibilities in front of yo.

The Ideation Creation Intensive is specifically designed to take all your ideas and pull them together into a plan that totally plays to your strengths and your vision for your business as it grows.

It’s not about following someone else’s plan.

It’s not about being told, step-by-step, what to do.

The person who knows your vision and your process and your dream business best is YOU.

This is about clearing some brain space, decluttering the old noggin’, and getting back in the driver’s seat ASAP.

Imagine seeing your big, beautiful idea out in the world, instead of trapped in the pages of your notebook.

The possibilities are endless.

You’re SO ready for this.


  • Bringing all your thoughts and ideas together with your vision for how you want your business to look and feel.
  • Brain dumping everything out and having someone take your excitement, passion, and idea jumble and reflect it back to you in a way that suddenly seems clear and makes sense.
  • Wading through the murky corners of your mind, not alone, but with someone who has almost 10 years experience in business and a special knack for connecting dots and making sense of what might seem to you as a bunch of random ideas.
  • Setting realistic timelines so you know where to focus your time and energy, and when. With the added bonus of accountability and someone cheering you on.
  • Cutting the crap and dropping anything that doesn't align with how you want your biz to look. We're not doing anything just because 'everyone else is doing it'.
  • Creating paid or free products or offerings that are fresh and exciting and perfect for the people you want to speak to.
  • Walking away with a solid idea, a vision of the business you are creating, and a map of steps and actions to get you there.
In my time working with Katherine, I launched my coaching packages, started sharing more on my blog, newsletter, in interviews and on social media, published a new about me page that revealed a lot more about me and my story, and I also created and launched The 28 Day Gratitude Project.
Chloe Wigan
Coach, One Infinite Life

I’m Katherine Mackenzie-Smith, self-confessed introvert, and coffee-addicted-movie-loving geek. I’ve also been called a ‘self-help guru’ by Elle Magazine and a ‘champion of introverted leaders’, which is humbling, to say the least.

I’ve had a very coloured and crazy past – almost 10 years working in the TV industry, having to think on my feet and see problems or situations and come up with solutions or stories straight away. I’ve also spent the past three years helping clients take their thoughts and ideas and make sense of them, not to mention almost 10 years doing the same in business myself.

But, let’s be real, I know what it’s like to be stuck in your own head. To sit at your computer for hours on end, forcing a solution out, then getting exhausted, feeling like you’ve done a hard day’s work when you haven’t actually DONE anything.

I’ve been there. And i know that as counter-intuitive as it might seen, talking it out with someone ACTUALLY HELPS. In fact, it’s been my lifeline on many occasions.

Don’t get me wrong, my mind palace and my journal are awesome (as are yours, I’m sure) but it can get messy and crowded in there and sometimes you need a breather while someone else helps you put the pieces together (instead of throwing a tanty and indulging in some Netflix to take the edge off – don’t worry, we’ve all been there).


  • Diving head first into clearing up your message and your mission to communicate clearly with your audience;
  • Packaging your services and offerings so they speak directly to your people;
  • Planning out content ideas for blog posts, podcasts, and paid products;
  • Brainstorming guest post and submission ideas and where to pitch;
  • Refining your message across your website, offerings, blog posts, and social media;
  • Taking all your thoughts and ideas and creating exciting offerings and paid product ideas perfect for your ideal clients;
  • Working intensively on one product or service to brainstorm it, plan it out, create a timeline, and launch plan.
Katherine is one of those magical people who has quietly, effortlessly connected me to dot-points that have allowed me to begin creating a masterpiece of my life. We're very different energies but that's what allows things to balance naturally and flow freely.
Morgan Joanel
Musician + Artist, morganjoanel.com
Katherine unstuck every part of me that felt like cement by asking questions and pushing me to reach my “ah ha” moment. I couldn’t have gotten to the feel good place I am now without her!
Kelly Misbin
Writer + Graphic Designer, kellymisbin.com

So, what do you actually get?

  • A 3-hour intensive (on Zoom or in person*)

We dive in, we go deep, and we go start-to-finish on whatever it is you need to get through. Whether it’s a full business overhaul or focusing your energy and attention on one specific idea for your business that you need to get moving on.

*In person spots are limited and available only at certain times of the year, in certain locations (please enquire below to confirm availability)

  • Lunch on me (for in person only)

We’ll enjoy a delicious meal together while we talk about what you’re working on, before we get into the nitty gritty stuff. 

The location will be determined on a case-by-case basis and shared in advance of our session together!

  • 30 minute follow up call

Two weeks after your intensive, we’ll book in a follow up to check in, see how you’re going, and address any questions or issues that popped up after the session.


  • BONUS: Make Magic Happen Workshop

You’ll receive my 1-hour Make Magic Happen workshop and workbook to get you into alignment with your project.


Before I was overwhelmed by many of the beautiful coaches out there doing their thing, now I feel ready to start this coaching business and am backing myself 100%. With Katherine's guidance I've been able to stand in my own light and know deeply that I have a message to share and will do so authentically. If I can do this then my people will be drawn to me.
Pip Honour
Life Coach, piphonour.com
I always knew I wanted to do more but wasn't sure how and Katherine created the space for me to dream and explore and helped me to look at my experience and passions in a way that now enables me to use it all together in a beautiful and exciting way to serve others!!
Danielle Knight
Coach + Adventurer, danielleknight.com


  • You have too many ideas and you don’t know what to do next, so you’ve been doing nothing;
  • Your business is up and running but you feel behind and that everywhere you see people are launching awesome offerings and you’re just stuck;
  • You’re so excited about an offering for your biz, but you don’t know how to pull it together;
  • You’ve got a jumble of ideas spread across all your notebooks, but you can’t see the connection with what you’re currently doing;
  • You’re in a bit of a panic because you feel like if you don’t get moving soon, you’re never going to be successful.
  • You don’t need a coaching series, you just need someone to jump inside your head and help you make sense of your thoughts;
  • You’re highly motivated but just need some instant clarity (if you need long-term accountability and support, my mentoring program might be a better fit);
  • You’re open to a different way of thinking and you really don’t want to just follow the crowd.