• Katherine is a warm, engaging and enthusiastic coach who has the ability to make people feel completely at ease on one hand and inspired on the other. She does this through through her own authentic presence and the innate desire she has within her for every person she works with to be their absolute best and achieve what they most want out of life. Katherine will help you create a beautiful life in a way that feels real, tangible and connecting - and when it comes to working with a life coach there really isn't much more that you could hope for than that!

    Julie Parker Founder + CEO, Beautiful You Coaching Academy
  • Katherine is quite simply amazing. After our coaching sessions I always feel refreshed, re-energised and ready to rock. Being a small business owner can be quite lonely at times and I have really enjoyed being able to not only verbalise my ideas, but gain clarity on what I need to do to bring them to life. She understands exactly what it’s like to be in my position and knows what it takes to stretch to the next level. Where others see a stumbling block, she sees opportunity and it’s this thinking that has helped me have some very powerful breakthroughs. Katherine is a shining light whose warmth, generosity and positivity is unwavering. I don’t stop smiling the whole the time we speak! If you feel like your head is full of ‘stuff’ that you need to turn into action, Katherine is your girl.

    Jade McKenzie Event Professional, EVENT HEAD Event Management eventhead.com.
  • Katherine is one of those magical people who has quietly, effortlessly connected me to dot-points that have allowed me to begin creating a masterpiece of my life. We're very different energies but that's what allows things to balance naturally and flow freely. Katherine has opened my eyes to the 'quiet' ones, who also have a lot to say, just maybe not in 'show-form' like I say things. Truly a beautiful soul who always leaves me feeling grounded in pure inspiration!

    Morgan Joanel Musician + Artist, morganjoanel.com
  • Katherine really helped me overcome my fear, break through some massive internal barriers, increase my confidence, and step outside of my comfort zone for personal and business growth.  During my time with her, I developed and published a beautiful opt-in, built and published my website, was asked to speak at an event, got my first clients, made some amazing connections, and grew my newsletter list. Overcoming the confidence stuff means that my business has started to flow quickly. Working with Katherine has been uplifting, inspiring, and liberating. I’ve noticed that I’ve been letting go, surrendering and being more relaxed about things that I would previously get anxious about.  I cannot articulate in words how much of an impact Katherine has had on my life.

    Naomi Arnold Life Passion Coach, naomiarnold.com
  • When I started coaching with Katherine, I was close to launching my website, but didn't have it quite ready. I was not using my time productively, and therefore didn't feel as though I was honouring my time well. I didn't have a great grasp on how to best use my day. I also wanted to grow my paying client base. Through coaching with Katherine I was able to become so much more productive. I really devoted to my work, and fell in love with my business even more because of it. People noticed my confidence when I launched. I felt so sure that I was doing the right thing, on the right path. I felt proud rather than afraid. I wanted to shine rather than hide. Katherine is an incredible coach and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to coach with her.

    Sammie Fleming Life Coach, sammiefleming.com
  • There is powerful truth and wisdom inside every single one of us, and every time I've worked with Katherine for an energy healing session - I've been blown away by the insights that I've received. Through our work together, she's helped me to untangle my over-active thoughts, connect deeper into my body and support my nervous system throughout multiple life transitions.

    She'll have you connecting the dots and caring for yourself (and your needs) in ways you've never experienced before and I couldn't recommend working with her enough if you too are a sensitive soul wanting to do great work in the world.

    Tash Spencer, Coach for Millennials tashspencer.com
  • When I first reached out to Katherine, I was really wanting to get my business off the ground and start calling in more regular clients. I was definitely a bit confused and had quite scattered energy.

    The first post I saw about Sensitive Soul business, I knew I wanted to work with Katherine right away. Going into the first session, I was excited and ready to make some changes and by the end of that session, we called in the container of my business I had a profound knowing that this work that is channeling through me has the capacity to call in it's own energetic resources - it doesn't always have to be resourced by just my field.

    The biggest change I’ve witnessed is I feel so much clearer and focussed on the work I am here to do. As we know, I had a few tests and different opportunities come up and I was trying to do too much. I now feel like my energy is far more potent because I have honed in on the work my soul is here to express. I loved that it was equal parts strategy and energy medicine. I think that is what makes Katherine’s work so powerful.

    It's not just about setting goals and tasks, you helped me connect to myself and the essence of my work which energised me so much more. Working with Katherine was expansive, nurturing, luminous.

    Amy Lea, Human Design Guide amylea.com.au
  • I have had the honour to be guided and supported by the amazingly talented Katherine in expanding my business. She has an amazing ability of being able to see into the energy and soul of where my business is at, and what it needs to expand and to hold itself in its true alignment.

    Katherine also held sacred space for me to dive into the depths of my personal healing, so that I could heal and release old programs that have been sabotaging my visibility within my business. I am eternally grateful for her wisdom and the nurturing energy she infuses into her sessions. If you are wanting to breathe life and soul into your business, then Katherine is your woman.'

    Nikki Blackwell, Life Alchemist
  • I am a big believer in coaching. I instantly knew that Katherine was the coach for me.  Through her online presence, I felt I could tell her anything and, by the end of the first session, I already felt changes in my self acceptance, who I am and how I can harness positive energy by understanding myself more. After working with Katherine, I believe in myself even more now. I can have my own online business and be successful. If you would to ask me before, I would think myself unworthy! I think nothing really changes until we get in the core of what's the burning issue that is blocking me to my success. I loved coaching with Katherine, she is a gentle soul and Im so lucky to have found her.

    Lyn Myers Coach for Mums, lynshamyers.com
  • "When I started working with Katherine, I knew I wanted to move forward and start a coaching business of my own I just didn't know how to make that a possibility with my health & energy challenges. Working with Katherine, I gave myself permission to let go and step into my new found confidence and belief in my own capabilities. And I launched my coaching business! My biggest take away was learning how energy and our nervous system works. I now have a wonderful inner knowing that I can and will make my business a success. I have many ideas and a plan that will keep me moving forward. If you’re thinking about working with Katherine, do not think twice! You will gain so much from Katherine's beautiful, intuitive nature and wisdom. It was one of the best decisions I've made in a very long time."

    Jules Lowe, Life Coach
  • Since coaching with Katherine, I have had SO many ideas swirling around which I am putting down on paper about where I can now take this and what I can achieve. I am so much clearer about what I want to do with my coaching, feel really strong in my message and there is now a lot of synergy to what I am creating and wanting to put out there. I always knew I wanted to do more but wasn't sure how and Katherine created the space for me to dream and explore and helped me to look at my experience and passions in a way that now enables me to use it all together in a beautiful and exciting way to serve others!!

    Danielle Knight Life Coach + Adventurer, danielleknight.com
  • When I first connected with Katherine I had been blogging for 8 months and had been a qualified life coach for a couple of months. I was really struggling with putting myself out there, especially as a coach, and kept putting off launching my coaching services and sharing more of "me" online. In our time together I launched my coaching packages, starting sharing more on my blog, newsletter, in interviews and on social media, published a new about me page, and I also created and launched The 28 Day Gratitude Project. I feel so much more content with who I am and I have started FULLY embracing that my introverted energy, but also without hiding behind it, or using it as an excuse. I'm so incredibly grateful for our time together and for Katherine's support, I cannot imagine feeling the way I do now without our time together, thank you to infinity and beyond.

    Chloe Wigan Life Coach, One Infinite Life
  • Katherine makes me believe that I am capable, even when I am overwhelmed with self-doubt or confusion, and she gently kicks my backside into gear without stirring my inherent resistance to authority. It's been wonderful to weave some energy work through my business coaching - this has been a lovely balance that I am very grateful for, particularly when dealing with my limiting beliefs and some of the stories I am holding onto about money and success. I am really excited about everything that we have discussed. I feel like I have a plan, I have some things I need to do to strengthen the foundations of my business (particularly in the areas of boundary setting), but most of all I have excitement and determination.

    Bec McFarland, Career Coach popyourcareer.com
  • I had been blogging for about a year when I started working with Katherine, but I had absolutely no clarity around what my message was. My biggest ‘aha’ moment was that my ‘zone of genius’ had been right in front of me the whole time, but I had been so caught up in my own head that I couldn’t see it. Once my niche was clear my message became clear. Once my message was clear my vision became clear. This in turn helped me set a clear path of what I wanted to achieve in my business and how I could do that. Not only that but it made sharing my message so much easier. I stopped struggling over what to write in weekly blog posts and newsletters. My coaching program developed structure and I was able to ask my readers clear questions that helped me understand what they needed from me in terms of products and services. And then I got my first paying client! Not only is Katherine absolutely gifted as a business coach, but she's also easy to talk to and I think that’s one of the most important qualities someone can have.

    Nicola Judkins Physiotherapist + Coach, nicolajudkins.com
  • When I first connected with Katherine, I felt like I was running around in circles and didn't know how to move forward. I felt supported and as though I didn’t have to do this alone. I had some first steps to follow and a clearer idea of what my biz was all about and who I would be supporting. Katherine's coaching is considerate of both the introvert part and simply as a person. So it was perfectly catered to me. I really loved the sessions and truly felt supported the whole time. Katherine enabled me to think about things in a different light and to try things I might not otherwise have tried. And all because she believed in me and my message, more than I believed in myself – and for that I’m forever grateful.

    Gail Schie Life Coach, Inspired Calm
  • When I met Katherine, I was struggling with some self limiting beliefs around my ideal clients and stepping up to start creating my own coaching business. Now, I feel ready to start this coaching business and am backing myself 100%. Before I was overwhelmed by many of the beautiful coaches out there doing their thing. With Katherine's guidance I've been able to stand in my own light and know deeply that I have a message to share and will do so authentically. If I can do this then my people will be drawn to me. Katherine - I love your calm nature, your bullshit detector and also your authentic enthusiasm for all things in my world. You made me feel as though I was invisible and anything was possible.

    Pip Honour Life Coach, piphonour.com
  • I was drawn to coach with Katherine, because I wanted to a deeper understanding of my introverted nature, and how that has an influence on how I best operate personally and in my business. I feel like I have a clarity for where my coaching business is moving and an amazing vision. Through coaching with Katherine, I learnt so much more about myself and how I best work, and this makes such a difference in my day to day. I was looking for a coach to work with me for my business, however Katherine so subtly guides you to dive deeper into understanding yourself. Katherine thank you so much. I have spent so much of my life feeling like no one understands me, so to work with a coach who I feel understands me to my core was truly an experience I can not describe.

    Sabrina Davis Life Coach, Sky High And Believe
  • Working with Katherine, I learned that I could "read" my reactions and needs in term of being an introvert and, as such, I now have a lot more love for my behaviour patterns rather than fighting them or pretending they are not mine. In our coaching sessions, Katherine helped me to create a new path of permission for my heart to speak, to put the mind aside. Katherine, I really wanted to thank you for taking this path with me, for helping me shape my goals and then come to terms with the real feelings behind my dreams. Thank you for allowing me to attach to ideas, without judgement, in order to weeks later realise that nothing is still and that it’s ok. Thank you for letting my heart speak, for hearing it above the loud noise of my mind.  This little heart of mine is now feeling treasured.

    Olga Lukasiewicz Life Coach, My Illuminated Soul
  • When I started coaching with Katherine I was struggling with keeping myself soulful and centered everyday; I would fall off and get back on the wagon, without consistency. I was also struggling with my life coaching business in terms of my ideal client and branding my website, and I was trying to launch something I was proud of and felt connected to. By the end of the last call with Katherine I had relaunched my website and had finally narrowed down my ideal client. It took a smart, creative, goal navigator like Katherine to help me get to where I am today! I've noticed a huge change in myself. I feel more confident in who I am as a person and as a business owner. Katherine seriously rocked my soul. I feel like we had an immediate connection and I was instantly sad when we ended our last call! Katherine unstuck every part of me that felt like cement by asking questions and pushing me to reach my "ah ha" moment. I couldn't have gotten to the feel good place I am now without her!

    Kelly Misbin Writer + Designer, kellymisbin.com
  • After our first session, I realised we were going to be serious about setting and achieving goals! It lit a fire in my belly and Katherine made me realise that if I harnessed this opportunity, I really could achieve some great things. I was exhilarated. Now I have a beautiful clarity in my goals and I can see the steps I need to complete in order to get there. And the best part is I really believe I can do it now. My resilience has increased out of this world, which has always been something I've battled with all my life. I always thought of life coaching as a bit of an indulgence, but coaching with Katherine will have far-reaching benefits for my business and my career. This is, by far, the best investment I have made in my financial future and it will pay for itself over and over again. The experience of having someone cheering me on and making me accountable in achieving my goals has kept me focused and motivated beyond anything I could achieve myself. Katherine, I can't thank you enough for all that you've done for me. If I had to sum coaching with Katherine up in three words, they would be: life changing brilliance.

    Carolyn Tate Managing Editor, Champagne Cartel
  • Katherine is a fantastic life coach with a warm and relatable manner. She really helped me to see all I was achieving as I was starting my business, rather than only focussing on what I still wanted to do or make happen. During my coaching series with Katherine I developed an opt in for my website, launched my life coaching business, and even secured my first paying client. Katherine’s unwavering support and belief in me, truly made me feel I could accomplish all I set out to. I would have no hesitation recommending Katherine to any solopreneurs out there who need a bit of guidance and mentoring. I now have a greater level of self belief and clarity for my vision of my business, and there is a lot to be said for having someone cheering you on in your corner who has been exactly where you are.

    Melissa Jeffcott Life Coach, The Other Side of Forty
  • When I started coaching with Katherine I was struggling a lot with confidence and clarity around my business. I knew what I was here for but was struggling to own it and step into my full potential. I really resonated with her message and knew she could help me with accountability, encouragement and acting as a sounding board for my ideas and thoughts for the future direction of my business.I was excited and a little bit nervous to get started, but knew from the first session that I would be supported in achieving my goals. Through my coaching series with Katherine I felt empowered, inspired, and supported and have more confidence, self belief, and a better relationship with myself and others than I did before. Thank you, Katherine, for reminding me of my dreams and the uniqueness of my niche when I started doubting I could do this!

    Chelsea Antman Life Coach, New Paradigm Collective
  • Katherine is one of those amazing coaches that instantly make you feel at home and comfortable in her presence. In the midst of a tumultuous time in my life within one hour-long session I had revealed more of my true feelings with Katherine then I had ever shared with some of my closest friends and family. Through her direct but gentle questioning, Katherine quickly led me to an A-HA moment and helped me cut through the stories I’d been telling myself to get to the heart of the issue. If you’re ready to move forward in your life and create real change with an inspiring and intuitive guide – Katherine is the coach for you!

    Amy Croxon Law Student + PR Girl
  • When I started working with Katherine, my biggest struggle was balancing my day job with my baby business & growing the necessary confidence to promote myself as a coach. The biggest shift for me is now the reason behind my actions & goals -- it's all intentional because I want it rather than wanting something to happen because that's what I think I should be doing. I've noticed more confidence in myself & what I have to offer which is huge. I feel more comfortable putting myself & my work out into the world, in an intentional & organic. I can't thank Katherine enough for her support & encouragement. I feel lucky to have her as such an inspiring & authentic role model to look up to as my business takes an exciting new turn.

    Christine Barnes Coach, Thriving Adventure
  • Katherine has been a great inspiration to me. She has taught to me to dream big but set realistic and achievable goals. She constantly reminds me that anything is possible if you believe (and checking on me to make sure I am on track with my goals). Most importantly, enjoying the little things in life, which I think many of us fail to practise these days. Whenever I'm stuck, I know I can talk to Katherine and she will help me work out a plan to move forward with. It can be so helpful just to have someone to bounce ideas off, but Katherine goes that step further to help build on those ideas and get moving with them.

    Adeline Er Personal Trainer, Eat This Burn That
  • Katherine was the first person I spoke with re becoming a life coach and at that time I didn't even realise one of her skills is to work with quiet souls nor that I was an introvert myself! I think this is was what made it so easy to work with Katherine, that she knew my tendencies and just what to say to crack me open and bring me out of my shell in a way that I would show up for myself and say yes to being confident to share my message with the world in a way where I felt comfortable, with boundaries as a precaution and having all of my systems in place prior to launching this business! Katherine gave me the ability to pull this all together and honestly it was if she just knew what I needed to get me out of being stuck and into believing in "this can work." I can be myself and find a way to put this into a brand that emanated where I could see myself in the next few months.

    Eva Diamond Life Coach, Eva Diamond
  • When I first contacted Katherine, I was struggling to actually make anything happen. I am an ideas girl, but I struggle with the follow-through and I was really looking to Katherine to help me be more accountable and finish the projects that I started. By the end of the discovery session, Katherine had me setting a deadline and committing to relaunching my new brand within a period of two weeks. It was a really big goal, but I did it and it was so amazing to be able to have someone to tell when I hit publish! The biggest change is that I have learned not to think of my introversion or sensitivity as a disability or an excuse. I am an introvert, but that doesn't actually have any bearing on what I am capable of.

    Rebecca McFarland Career Coach, Pop Your Career
  • I have LOVED working with the amazing Katherine. In her uniquely sparkly, yet quiet, gentle way, she really gets to the heart of things, helping me find clarity, direction and the inner strength to keep moving forward. Her insight has helped me to remember and listen to my heart and to trust my own inner wisdom. No matter what your goals, Katherine has a way of breaking them down into achievable steps and never fails to point you in the direction of invaluable resources. Brimming with a palpable self assured calmness  and such positive energy and enthusiasm, she is a truly incredible life coach.

    Sue Muller Founder of Smile Chickie
  • When I connected with Katherine, I felt like i was struggling in all areas of my life... I was unhappy in my career, with no energy, burnout and no work life balance. I was also struggling with self love and self confidence which I felt was holding me back and blocking love and good energy in all areas of my life. I am now much more kind to myself again and working really hard on not being a perfectionist and hard on myself - especially around work and self love. I am excited about getting my health back on track which is a work in progress, but I'm positive I am getting there. I feel at ease with myself and believe once more that I am loved and loveable (I feel a lot of my relationships with my friends have changed for the better again too).

    Natalie Boog
  • When I connected with Katherine, I was uncertain about my career direction, what I'm passionate about and purpose. I needed clarity around what my strengths are and where I wanted to invest my time and energy. Indecisiveness has been a real issue for me. Since commencing coaching with Katherine, my confidence has grown and I am more certain and definite about the decisions I make. Working with Katherine has been a shift in perception, insightful and supportive

    Semra Tastan
  • I was stuck and at a loss about how to even start my coaching business. The biggest change was that I learned to honor my introverted way of being and stopped excusing myself for being me. My best friend noticed a shift in the way I relate to others, which was probably a consequence of me honoring being an introvert. I would highly recommend working with Katherine, because the insights I had have changed my way of relating to my coaching business and to what I desire for myself in the future. I am sure that everybody would benefit from it as much as I did. I feel confident that 2019 will definitely be my year, both in my business and in my personal life. I feel ready to give myself what I need. The program is really powerful and the energy work adds even more to it. I would only try to inspire people to participate a little more in the FB group. It would be a good thing to socialize a little more in a safe environment. We are quiet people and tend not to do it if we are not drawn to it.

    Daniela Domenicali

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