Sensitive soul, you have important work to do in the world and it’s time to stop hiding your magic from the people who need it…

Sensitive Soul Business is a 3-month immersive journey into your soul work where you will connect deeper than ever before with your purpose, create and take action on aligned strategies, and activate a new level of visibility to step up like never before.


  • You're an introvert, empath, or sensitive soul and you've been wondering if you can make it in the noisy world as a leader to be heard, let alone have the energy to build a sustainable business.
  • You've always trusted your intuition but you've been second guessing yourself, your ideas, or your work and want to get back into alignment with your soul work.
  • You're moving through a transition and feeling a bit lost, alone, or uncertain on your next move.
  • You have a big vision and you're looking for some support, strategy, and someone to bounce your ideas off.
  • You've been tossing up between working with a business coach or doing some energy healing with a practitioner but can't decide which is the priority (when you really feel like you need a bit of both).
  • You're prone to perfectionism and overthinking. You have great ideas and are good at planning but never quite getting anything out into the world.
  • You feel a deep yearning in your soul that you have something to say and you're ready to make it real.
  • You keep hitting your upper limits and have noticed your emotions and patterns stopping you from truly stepping up and expanding .

Naomi Arnold, Life + Passion Coach

"Katherine really helped me overcome my fear, break through some massive internal barriers, increase my confidence, and step outside of my comfort zone for personal and business growth. During my time with her, I developed and published a beautiful opt-in, built and published my website, was asked to speak at an event, got my first clients, made some amazing connections, and grew my newsletter list. Overcoming the confidence stuff means that my business has started to flow quickly. Working with Katherine has been uplifting, inspiring, and liberating. I’ve noticed that I’ve been letting go, surrendering and being more relaxed about things that I would previously get anxious about. I cannot articulate in words how much of an impact Katherine has had on my life."

Rebecca McFarland, HR Practitioner + Career Coach, Pop Your Career

"Katherine makes me believe that I am capable, even when I am overwhelmed with self-doubt or confusion, and she gently kicks my backside into gear without stirring my inherent resistance to authority. It's been wonderful to weave some energy work through my business coaching - this has been a lovely balance that I am very grateful for, particularly when dealing with my limiting beliefs and some of the stories I am holding onto about money and success. I am really excited about everything that we have discussed. I feel like I have a plan, I have some things I need to do to strengthen the foundations of my business (particularly in the areas of boundary setting), but most of all I have excitement and determination."


Over the years I’ve enlisted the help of life and business coaches, energy practitioners, kinesiologists, and more  to get the support I need in my life, my energy, my wellbeing, and my business.

I have found all of it to be incredibly important to where I am today, but it can be a lot to manage (and pay for).

My experience as an internationally certified coach, an energy and soul medicine practitioner and my 10+ years in business means that you get the best of both worlds to support you and your business as you truly step into your soul work.



A deep diving personal and business review to begin accessing the intentions and potentiality of our work together.

1 x  deeply immersive soul work activation and vision mapping half day experience (in person or online)

A personal crystal grid created for you with the energy of your intentions and your soul work.

12 x 1:1 energy + soul business sessions 

Email support between sessions as required

Unlimited Voxer access for quick questions or queries.

Weekly accountability and detailed notes

Payment plan available on request

BONUS: Quiet Energy Digital Collection

BONUS: Resources, tools, meditations, visualisations for additional support and moment between sessions. 


As we work together, you’ll create a supercharged container for your business, start to heal old wounds, reclaim your power and creativity. You’ll establish new boundaries and clarity in alignment with your soul, and download and integrate new energetic codes blueprints for your work. 

You’ll receive the support and mentoring you need through
business strategy, accountability to connect the
dots and start being seen and heard by the people who need you.


Everyone and their business is different so it will depend on the stage you are in and what you choose to focus on but our sessions together may look like:
  • You + Me working together to get deep into the vision of your soul work.
  • My style of intuitive business coaching brings together all the pieces of your ideas and message to create a cohesive plan to move forward with, connecting dots that you might not have considered before.
  • Getting really deep to connect with the heart of your message so that you can connect with the people who need it.
  • Accountability and support, but also gentle nudges when there’s bigger stuff going on and getting in the way.
  • Serious soul strategy, planning, and actions to implement between sessions. We’re talking website updates, going over your copy and getting really clear, making sure your content is taking your audience on a journey that leads to working with you, being really clear and purposeful about the energy you’re putting into your business to make sure you get results.
  • Big picture heart and brainstorming that will generate so much momentum, you will leave each session energised and aligned with your soul vision in a whole new way.
  • The scope of energy and soul medicine covers a range of modalities and tools that I will draw on depending on what comes up in the session, but this may look like:

    • Working in the co-created space together, we only go where you’re ready to go, you lead the session while I hold space.
    • Emotional embodiment, energy grounding and centering specifically for sensitive souls.
    • Kinesiology and intuitive guidance.
    • Soul fragmentation, activation, alignment.
    • Oracle card reading, crystal healing, or in session or between sessions.
    • Soul Center alignment and/or activation.
    • Brain balance and survival/nervous system healing.
    • Energy balancing, energy field expansion, building a new field or soul work container.
    • Visualisations, meditations.



We’ll work together to implement changes to make your business work for you, create rituals to manage your energy and create
consistency and impact in your business strategy.


Working with energy AND strategy will give you the skills to take massive action, take care of yourself, and have something to move on with for the rest of the year.


Running your own business  can be stressful. Not only will these sessions align, heal, and activate you, they’ll also support your nervous system, energy and general wellbeing.


Get clear insight into your current business situation and where you want to be, with support and guidance to put powerful steps into place to create the business that you want.


Not only will you be integrating and implementing awesome new business ideas, you’ll also be
downloading new energetic blueprints for yourself and your business.


The magic that happens in the co-created space will be intensified across the 3-month program. You won’t believe the newfound energy and inspiration you’ll have.


Lots of highly sensitive
introverts feel distracted, tired, stretched too thin. We’ll work on practises to combat this so you can focus on your business and
manage your energy.


I’ve done some shit. 10+ years of business experience, 2 years building a million dollar business, 5 years as a certified coach, and an energy and soul medicine
practitioner. Pick my brain, ask me anything.


Whether you’re trying to work this out or refine what you’ve got, you’ll get more clarity than you ever have before and it will be so aligned with you.


  • I acknowledge the Turrbal and Jagera Peoples whose land I live and work on in Brisbane, Australia.
  • My work is open to any and all who feel called to it, regardless of age, race, sexual or gender orientation, etc. I endeavour to make working with me accessible and inclusive by offering payment plans and being open to other options for those who hold marginalised identities.
  • I actively invest in and working on unpacking my own biases to create safe spaces for those who interact with me and my work – both online and in person. Any form of racism, sexism, or discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • I invest my time, money, and resources into paying it forward to other organisations, coaches, businesses and companies that uphold conscious, ethical practises in both my personal and professional life (in case you like to know the flow of where your investment will head next).
  • To support other small businesses and give back to those without the same means that we have, a Kiva loan taken out in your name. For more info on Kiva, please go here
  •  You can read more about my code of ethics as a coach, leader, and energy and soul medicine practitioner here.

Are you ready to step into your soul work and expand in a whole new way?

Jules Lowe, Life Coach

"When I started working with Katherine, I knew I wanted to move forward and start a coaching business of my own I just didn't know how to make that a possibility with my health & energy challenges. Working with Katherine, I gave myself permission to let go and step into my new found confidence and belief in my own capabilities. And I launched my coaching business! My biggest take away was learning how energy and our nervous system works. I now have a wonderful inner knowing that I can and will make my business a success. I have many ideas and a plan that will keep me moving forward. If you’re thinking about working with Katherine, do not think twice! You will gain so much from Katherine's beautiful, intuitive nature and wisdom. It was one of the best decisions I've made in a very long time."

Lyn Myers, Life Coach

"I am a big believer in coaching. I instantly knew that Katherine was the coach for me. Through her online presence, I felt I could tell her anything and, by the end of the first session, I already felt changes in my self acceptance, who I am and how I can harness positive energy by understanding myself more. After working with Katherine, I believe in myself even more now. I can have my own online business and be successful. If you would to ask me before, I would think myself unworthy! I think nothing really changes until we get in the core of what's the burning issue that is blocking me to my success. I loved coaching with Katherine, she is a gentle soul and I'm so lucky to have found her."

Frequently asked questions

After we come together and decide we are a great fit, you’ll get access to book in your half day immersion session.

From there we’ll work out when your 60-minute sessions will be and book them in every 2 weeks for the 6-month period (these can be rescheduled as required but it’s good to keep it consistent for both of our schedules!)

If you would like to commit to a longer experience together, you can do so at the start or after our 6-month journey comes to an end at a special rate that’s only available to current or past clients.

You can commit to a longer term or have access to a unique link for one off sessions as you need them

This program has come about specifically because of the importance of both parts together. I guarantee you will get significantly better results in your business by combining both elements.

However, if you are adamant, please email info(at)katherinemackenziesmith(dot)com and we let’s chat because it’s important that you get what you really need!

As a Beautiful You Certified Coach (and past trainer), I would love to support you to getting your certification.

Please email info(at)katherinemackenziesmith(dot)com for more info.

If you are thinking of becoming a coach and would like to receive exclusive bonuses through me, please add my name on your coaching application form and contact me to find out more about the bonuses.  Learn more about my experience with Beautiful You here,