Sensitive U is here!


Do you ever have these ideas that come from nowhere and then just will not leave you alone?

Sensitive U has been that for me. It’s been coming and going in various forms for years without a name. And then – as if out of nowhere – it appeared fully formed and refused to take no for an answer.

In essence, Sensitive U is kind of like Sensitive University. It’s all the things that I wish we got taught as kids about what it means to be highly sensitive. How to take care of ourselves, and how to live in the world in a genuine way that allows us to see our sensitivity, our intuitive strengths, and all the things that we don’t really know about as our superpowers (instead of memes about how powerless we are).

At the moment, Sensitive U is a YouTube channel that is also available in podcast form on all your favourite podcast platforms.



If you want to go deeper with your understanding and working with your sensitivity, Sensitive U the program is coming soon.


Because there are plenty of personal development and business programs out there that will help you to create your ideal day or put out powerful content, or win you more clients…

But, in my experience, these are almost always tailored to people who have different energy, different motivations, and completely different ways of showing up in the world.

Meaning that you can feel as though you’re in the cool group, but you actually aren’t being supported to honour your quiet energy and your sensitive strengths in service of the work you’re here to do or the life you want to live.

Have you found that too?

Anyway, you’ll find all the info about Sensitive U over here.

Catch up on the first 4 episodes:

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Want to know more about Sensitive U? Head over to the new website here.

And if you’re interested in going deeper with your energy, your sensitivity, and your soul work, Sensitive Soul Salon is open with some amazing early bird bonuses! Check it out over here.