Have you ever:

Wished that you could shhh the thoughts in your mind, even if just for a little while?

Wanted to shhh the world, to get away from the noise and get on with it?

Wondered if you can have a beautiful life, even if your prefer that life to be more on the quiet side than what everyone else seems to want?

Guess what? You can.

There are so many misconceptions about introverts floating around (you might even have them yourself):

:: That you are shy

:: That you are antisocial or you don’t like people

:: That you’re not interested or enthusiastic about life

:: That you can’t get what you want until you become more outgoing, get out of your shell, or become more extraverted.
I feel you, I do. I’ve been there and I’ve got a pile o’ stories to back up these myths.

I also know how frustrating, demoralising, and exhausting it can be to battle it out with these stories when a little voice inside of you is saying, “You are enough.” (If you can’t hear it yet, it’s probably hiding under all the NOISE).

Shhh…, in its essence, is a starting point for you to start to see all the extraordinary parts that make you, you. It’s a four-step guide to help you down this path of self discovery and soul stirring acceptance.

To quiet the noise of the external world – and your mind – to tune in and truly understand your unique blend of energy, learn to fully accept all parts of you, and tap into your secret sauce to live a life that energises you in your own way.

It’s a permission slip for you to learn what truly lights you up (as well as what drains you) and living your life according to that, not what you think you ‘should’ do. To drop the pressure and expectations of yourself or the world. To lean in and listen to your deepest aspirations for yourself. And then make them happen.



Love, Love, LOVE!!!!! – Jade McKenzie, Event Head

“Holy shit Katherine! I have gotten about halfway through the ebook so far. It’s INCREDIBLE. Beautiful, sensitive, and you “get it” girl”.

– Elizabeth Fein, Iterate Social

“Every introvert who wants to ignite their own quiet power needs to read this!”

Chloe Wigan, One Infinite Life

“Reading the introduction is like reading my own story – and struggle – with being a self-declared hermit. I’m already wiping a few stray ‘somebody-GETS-it’ tears off my cheeks and I can’t wait to dive into this beauty even further.”

– Cass Lane, Happiness and Wellbeing Magazine

As a life and business coach for introverts, I’ve guided and supported dozens of women to embrace their true nature and find ways to make it work for them. I’ve seen the fears and struggles that show up – the same ones I’ve worked through myself – and I’ve also seen the remarkable transformations that occur when they truly learn to accept their beautiful, quiet nature.

So much of that is within these pages. Tried and true philosophies, mindset shifting questions, inspirational nudges from the wise words of others, actionable tips and exercises galore.

The vision: to empower other introverts to do the same. Self awareness. Self acceptance. And an overall understanding that they are capable of success, on their terms, regardless of what they might have believed their whole lives.

I never want a quiet achiever, wallflower, or sensitive soul to EVER feel that they aren’t good enough, as they are.


“Absolutely gorgeous book Katherine!! and thank you for being here, doing what you’re doing! You’re a lifesaver.”  – Moni Apro

“Shhh left me feeling calm and content and at peace with who I am – something I know everybody could use a dose of. “- Maddison Vernon

“You are freakin’ amazing!  Honestly!  Beautiful written.  So thoughtful.  So educational.  So engaging.  So thought provoking. So damn professional.  So wonderfully researched.  So personal. So soft and gentle and pretty… just like you.  So far I love it all girl.  You inspire me, truly you do.”Sandra Kelly

“What a beautiful e-book you have created! It spoke straight to my heart.  It has given me the courage to go out there and be my authentic self.” – Nicola Judkins, Reclaiming Strength

“Oh gosh, I am so, so happy for you and your brilliance. I LOVE THIS. I adore your light work you are doing.” – Rachel Renee, The Wildflower Diaries


Inside Shhh… you’ll discover:

+ What energises you and how to get more of the good stuff in.

+ What your ‘secret sauce’ is, and how to make it work for you.

+ How to make new friends and have the best relationships ever (minus the exhaustion)

+ Why your comfort zone is so damn wonderful

+ How to stop feeling guilty or frustrated about what you WANT to do and what you think you SHOULD do

+ How to live life and be successful, on your terms (without comparing yourself to anyone else).

This is all tied up in a pretty bow through:

+ 21 Lessons to help you find peace and calm within, better understand yourself, navigate being an introvert in an extroverted world,  find your people, and start you on a path towards living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

+ Simple tips to help you into action straight away.

+ Personal notes from me about my own experience learning about myself, being introverted, and lessons I’ve learned the hard way.

+ Worksheets and journal prompts galore to make sure you get some serious mojo from the pages of this book.

+ Quotes, hints, and quick questions to inspire you as you go.


Shhh… is unlike any guide or book for introverts that I’ve discovered. It comes straight from my heart to yours and tackles the big issues that quiet types often face in their life, relationships, career or business endeavours.

It’s a guide to help you better understand yourself and find your own secret sauce – your blend of energy, your skills, your values, and who you really are – to put it all together and discover the life you truly wish to live. And then get on and live it.


Want to get the Quiet Mind Meditation too?

This beautiful meditation, with music by Tahlee Rouillon of Sonesence, was created to accompany Shhh and help you find inner calm.