Are you looking to stay connected with support and monthly resources by transferring to Community Creator’s Hub?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or finding the monthly Emerge + Expand membership a little outside of your current budget, you are welcome to stay in the Community Creator’s Hub for just US$7/month.

¬†Community Creator’s Hub has access to a portal with 6 mini trainings, PLUS it includes:

Monthly Q+A Calls

Monthly Training 

Monthly Resource or Template drop

24/7 Support in the Cozy Business Common Room

You can cancel any time.


We Cancel Your Emerge + Expand Membership


This process will just take a couple of clicks. You’ll just enter your email, get a special login link and be able to cancel your membership.¬†

It will be automatically cancelled at the end of your subscription period.

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We sign you up for the Community Creator’s Hub Membership


Now that your Emerge + Expand membership payments have been cancelled in step 1, you can sign up for the Community Creator’s Hub by clicking below.