The Dream Guest Manifesto

Thanks so much for your interest in the podcast! I love connecting with likeminded souls and having deep and meaningful conversations about doing business differently, letting go of the hustle culture and social conditioning of the online business world, and reinventing the way we work, think about success, and show up in the world.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, please continue! Here’s all the info you will need…

Just a heads up…

1. The Emerge + Expand episode seasons are short (12-15 episodes) and half of them are solo episodes.

This means that we are only looking to fill a small number of spots per season. At this stage, season 3 spots are already filled and new spots won’t open for season 4 until 2024. 

Due to the volume of guest requests, our commitment to diversity in our guests and their area of work, we can’t accept every pitch. If your topic is similar to another that has already been covered or confirmed and coming up in a future episode, this is most often the reason a podcast guest request is not successful. It is not personal and it doesn’t mean that there won’t be a future opportunity to be a guest!

2. Because of how far in advance guests are booked and confirmed, we can’t take requests for specific air dates. Please do not request a date that you need this episode to go live. There may be some wiggle room, but most of the time the episodes are planned in advance and it would be unfair to move others around.


3. Once your pitch is approved, you will receive an email within 7 days to book an interview or that you’ve been placed on the waitlist for the next round of interviews. When that time comes around, you will receive a link to book in your interview.

Please keep an eye out for those emails, as spots are filled quickly and the interviews are published in the order they are recorded, unless otherwise discussed.

Please note: due to the volume of requests, only successful pitches will be contacted. If you do not hear back within 7-14 days, please look at applying again in the future!

The guest spots are filled by personal invitation, referral from another guest, or by this application process only. Please do not send cold pitches (or get your team to send them) via email or DM, they will not be considered or replied to.

We get SO MANY cold pitches from people who are not aligned and not even remotely interested in the tight knit community I am building and supporting. They are my #1 priority and that is why this might seem harsh but the guest requests we get are WILD.

Thank you for understanding why we have put this process into place.


What we look for in a guest

1. The interview series is about Doing Business Differently in the online business world (in particular) and the values and tactics that have been upheld in this space. 

We ARE for the misfits, rebels, creatives, innovators, the anti-capitalists, the advocates. I commit to using my platform as a white, cis, able bodied person to uplift the voices of those who hold marginalised identities, including Black, Indigenous, and other Women of Colour, folks on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, who fall under the neurodiverse umbrella, and anyone else who holds an underrepresented and marginalised identity.


2. The size of your platform or length of time you’ve been in business, is irrelevant. 

Our guests are selected based on their values, message, story, and what we think would speak best to the Emerge + Expand audience. Period. In fact, many people who have been in business for a long time talk about the things that worked when they were starting out and that isn’t always relevant to the landscape RIGHT NOW. You have something of value no matter how long you’ve been doing this and how many people follow you.


3. This is a go-with-the-flow conversation. 

You will be invited to share what you would like to talk about and your area of interest in the application. But so often the best conversations and over arching theme of the episode emerges organically as we record. And I love that. If that’s not for you, that’s totally okay, this might not be the podcast for you though.


4. This is about human connection and community more than selling

The energy is so whacky when there is an agenda at play and we’re not about that life here at KMS HQ. Many of the pitches we receive are clearly what the guest can get out of the opportunity – the energy is not great. Instead, maybe listen to an episode or two, seek to make a connection and show why you think you’d be a good fit for the podcast.


5. Be real.

This is not an influencer’s curated Instagram feed. This is about the reality of being in business in a world where people have been taught you just post a couple of times and fill up your client spots. In this space we talk about the amazing parts of business but we also talk about the realities, how to overcome those challenges, and the deeper purpose and personal transformation that happens when you decide to start your own business. We’re looking for people who are real and relateable.


6. This isn’t a sales pitch

You will get an opportunity at the end of the episode to share where people can connect with you further, plus links to your website, socials, and free offer. It is fine to mention your work and program/s if they come up naturally but it’s definitely in your best interest to give generously and share your personal experiences rather than trying to sell. The Emerge + Expand audience are not into that.


7. This is a mutual exchange of energy

When your episode is ready to go live, you will receive a whole bunch of graphics for you use, as well as links and you’ll be tagged and shared across my platforms. It would be a fair exchange for you to also repost, share, and tell your people about the episode as well. After all, wouldn’t you hope people would do that for you?


If this all sounds good, then you are ready to fill out the application! Quick extra reminder that we cannot accept all applications and you will be contacted if your request has been accepted.

Where to from here?

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