Introverts, Elevated




Not when you feel ready. 

Not when someone else gives you permission.

Not ‘hopefully soon’ or when a client comes knocking on your door.





We are being called to step into a new kind of leadership (can you tell?) and I truly believe that it’s the quiet leaders, the sensitive souls, who are needed right now to stop hiding, stop comparing ourselves to other people and stand the f*ck up already.


There’s no one size fits all model to success.

There’s no magic pill (or spell).

And if you’re looking at some wonderful person on social media that you just wish you could have their life, I can promise you that you don’t want it. You can’t have it. And it’s time to start putting some energy where it needs to go.

On your own freaking grass.

Yep, it may like green AF over the road, but that’s not going to serve you and it’s sure not going to get your unique magic into the hands of the people who need it. And they’re out there (even if you don’t believe it yet).


If you’ve been looking to create or take your business to the next level, you’re going to have to find your own formula.


But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.



Introvert, Elevated is the little nudge you need to expand into your leadership, your visibility, and your message.

In 2019 I unlocked some powerful activations and energy that not only supercharged my business after a 2+ year hiatus, but also had an immediate effect on my 1:1 clients and their businesses.

I want as many quiet souls to step into their leadership in 2020 and so I’m sharing this magic with you so you can take this and run with it to make this year different from every other year.

When I first started my business, I used to look at other coaches and think, ‘Why would anyone work with me when they can work with (insert amazing coach here)?”

When I finally realised that everyone has their own unique gifts and experiences to offer, I finally started to develop the confidence to step up as a leader in my own business with a message that was close to my heart and elevated my business to the next level.

As my business grew, I invested in more courses and coaching, only to realise that my energy was all over the place depending on how my clients were feeling or how much I had on each day.

I was secretly afraid of becoming more successful because of the burnout I KNEW was coming.

So I walked away from my business.

And I went to help my partner build a bricks and mortar business (holy shit, have I learnt a lot). I also trained to become an energy and soul medicine practitioner and that’s where everything finally started to make sense.



When I returned to my business earlier this year, I was working with some powerful energy and I had the idea to start building the energy of my business so that it was still part of me, but didn’t take all of who I was to exist.

I opened my coaching books back up and six clients signed up to work with me (I’m talking within the week)

I didn’t know if it was something I could share with others but I decided to take all my new clients through the process. 

And it worked.

The results were unbelievable and instantaneous (some within 48 hours of our first session together).



  • Signing up their first paying clients within 24 hours of the session;
  • Being invited to share their gifts as a paid teacher at a training organisation;
  • Being paid to bring their soul work into their workplace;
  • Becoming a paid contributor sharing their expertise on a popular website;
  • Finally getting clear on their message and audience after spending thousands on business coaches leading them in a different direction;
  • Running their first workshops without even having a website or social media set up;
  • Creating amazing boundaries and letting go of toxic clients only to welcome new ones in straight away;
  • Having entire programs, offerings, and the strategies to bring it all together, just drop in a day or two later;
  • Tapping into a new form of energy they haven’t accessed before.

This is not a one-size-fits-all method. It’s a potent and highly activating experience that’s going to shift you into a completely new way of showing up for your business, your clients, your soul work, and your life.



This is the exact activation and visualisation that I take my 1:1 Mentoring clients through to start building the energetic foundations of their business, their legacy, and their soul work.




As you come to understand your own energy and access the energy of your business, the blueprint will start to come into focus and you’ll start to map out your own idea of success, your business message, and how you want to connect with your soul clients.




All my introvert-friendly tips, tools, and systems to take the overwhelm out of all the boring back end parts of your business so you can focus your energy on more important things – creation, clients, and all the things you love!


Are you ready to elevate your quiet energy and your business with ease and flow for 2020?

Join Introverts, Elevated for $197


“After working with Katherine, I feel that my energy is far more potent, I loved that it was equal parts strategy and energy medicine. I think that’s what makes Katherine’s work so powerful – it’s not just setting goals and tasks, you helped me to connect to myself and the essence of my work, which energised me so much more.”

Amy Lea
Human Design Guide


Step Into Your Soul Work pre-work activation + PDF (valued at $150)

Make Magic Happen Workshop + Playbook (valued at $500)

Shine Bright In Your Business Workshop + Playbook (valued at $400)

Get Known For Your Thing Masterclass (valued at $250)

Trello Board Templates (valued at $200)

 Energy Gathering visualisation (valued at $97)

PLUS 21-days of Elevation Email Support (valued at $400)




I’ll be honest with you, Introverts, Elevated came while I was recently reflecting on a TV show that I got obsessed with this year called The Magicians.

All the characters are kinda misfits (even the ones who seem too cool), and all have their own secret pain, but they also have their own wonderful gifts and abilities that are completely unique to them.

I will NEVER be a cool kid. I will ALWAYS be a dorky, magic-loving misfit, singing along to Hamilton on New Years Eve (yep, that totally happened). And I’ve learnt to embrace that as we head into the new decade – possibly more than ever before.

It’s my mission to support introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive souls to download and create your OWN blueprint. Your own version of success that probably doesn’t look like anyone else’s. 

Even if you feel like you don’t quite fit into the online, lifestyle, personal brand business type (in fact, ESPECIALLY if you don’t feel like you fit in).

What I’m inviting you into is the energetic container that I have created to hold this vision I have for quiet, sensitive souls. Because MY soul work is to hold, guide, and support you as you unlock all your own codes, possibilities, and blueprints for the reason you’re here and why you do what you do.

If you’re looking to dive even deeper into your purpose, your mission, your message and harness your 2020 energy, join us for Introverts, Elevated and step into your own leadership this year (instead of following somebody else!)

Unlock your unique gifts. Become magnetic to your own magical misfits. And join the new quiet leaders stepping up and creating powerful change and momentum in the world. 

Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to your own elevation in 2020?



I’ve spent most of the festive season (and the months before) feeling the heaviness of the fires in Australia that are destroying the land, people’s lives, and their homes.


As part of the new way of leadership, I fully believe in the importance of knowing where our dollars are flowing on after we part with them. You can read more about my social impact policy here


20% of earnings from this program will also be supporting our firefighters and those most affected by the recent fires in Australia.


If you would like to give someone the opportunity to access Introverts, Elevated who might not otherwise have the means to do so, please email info(at)katherinemackenziesmith(dot)com