League of Extraordinary Introverts with Katie Vaz

Katie Vaz wrote the book The Escape Manual for Introverts and has so many insights and thoughts about going against the grain as a creative person and graphic designer to carve out her own quiet life and business in Upstate New York.

It’s so refreshing to hear her talk about trusting her intuition and doing what felt good, even though she wasn’t sure about it at the start.

In this episode, we also talk about:

    • Following your inner voice to make decisions in your career or business that might look different from others;

    • Not following the crowd or what everyone in your industry is doing – even if that feels scary;

    • Creating a business that’s quiet and in alignment with more introverted traits, whilst balancing the more outgoing parts of business, making a deeper one on one connection instead of going to networking meetups;

    • Doing your work and putting it out into the world, so that people find you;

    • Being committed to the long term game in your business, it takes time for your work to get known;

    • Creating art that helps people express themselves;

    • Where the idea of The Escape Manual For Introverts came from – making being an introvert playful and funny;

    • Creating a book that gives funny and useful excuses for getting out of situations when people still don’t really understand introverted types;

    • How to promote work or be part of bigger project and managing your energy as an introvert.




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Katie Vazis an illustrator, author, and graphic designer living in
Upstate New York with her husband, Joby, a puppy named
Tater, and a cat named KittenFace.

She is the author of the adult coloring book Don’t Worry, Eat
Cake (which was featured on Canada’s Biggest Bestseller List
at Chapters Indigo), the book Make Yourself Cozy: A Guide for
Practicing Self-Care, and more recently The Escape Manual
For Introverts, which was just published on August 6, 2019 (all
three by Andrews McMeel Publishing).
She also designs her
own line of greeting cards, prints and other stationery
products, which are sold both online on Etsy and in brick and
mortar shops across North America.
She also works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer with a variety of clients on branding, packaging design, and illustration projects. 

Katie’s work has been featured on sites like BuzzFeed, Woman’s
Day, POPSUGAR, Real Simple, and Design Sponge.

She received a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rochester
Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY and an MA in
Integrated Design from Anhalt University in Dessau, Germany.
When not drawing, Katie likes to spend her free time cooking,
going for walks with Tater, or dreaming of the next place she
wants to travel to.