Looking for a speaker who is passionate about supporting and amplifying the magic of introverted and highly sensitive people?

Despite popular belief, introverts are not only completely capable of speaking in public, some of us actually love it and thrive on stage.

I’m one of those introverts.

If you’re looking for someone to connect deeply and share an understanding for introverted and sensitive souls, this is my zone of genius and something I’m incredibly passionate about.

Having worked in the fast paced, extraverted television industry for almost 10 years and the online business world for almost as long, I have experience being the introvert in the room – and developing leadership skills and coping mechanisms as a result of that.

I’ve been speaking in public since I was in school, often being asked to speak to large audiences, despite being a quiet student. Since then, I’ve been invited to be a key speaker at women’s wellness events in Sydney, community business groups, the Beautiful You Inspiration Day in Melbourne and New York. Last year I facilitated three sold out workshops for introverts in business.

I host the League of Extraordinary Introverts podcast and have been a guest speaker for paid programs such as Workshop Wonderful and Quietly Unstoppable. I’ve also been interviewed on podcasts such as the Introvert Entrepreneur, Introvert Biz Growth Podcast, Rock Your Goals, and The Inspired Table and am confident with Q+A style panels as well as keynote speaking.


  • How introverts can find their own way to be successful in business;
  • Introverted energy and how to thrive as a quiet soul in a busy world;
  • The Introvert Effect – how introverts have the ability to be powerful leaders and make an impact through their work;
  • Introverted personality types and quiet leaders in the workplace;
  • Building beautiful relationships (as an introvert and with introverts);
  • The good girl archetype holding women back from success;

Got something else in mind? Please email info(at)katherinemackenziesmith(dot)com

“Katherine is a warm, engaging and enthusiastic coach who has the ability to make people feel completely at ease on one hand and inspired on the other.

She does this through through her own authentic presence and the innate desire she has within her for every person she works with to be their absolute best and achieve what they most want out of life.” – Jade McKenzie, Event Head Event Management

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for your wonderful talk at our event last Sunday. We thoroughly enjoyed your talk and you were very well received amongst attendees based on the feedback!” – Elise Bradfield, founder Awaken To Your Greatness Tour

How to book?

If you have questions or would like to book me to speak at your event, please email info(at)katherinemackenziesmith.com

Please send through some information about the speaking engagement, what topic/s you’re interested in, your budget,  and any other relevant details.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.