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100 day goal challenge

Did you know today (22nd September) marks 100 days until the end of 2014?

I can’t believe it either (although I’m not sure if it’s because that feels like a long time away or way too soon!)

The question is, what can you achieve in the last 100 days of the year if you really put your mind to it? Do you think if you set a goal today and chipped away at it, bit by bit, for the next 100 days you could really get some shit done?

On the weekend I stumbled upon this post about a 100 Day Goal Setting Challenge and I’ve decided to join in and focus 100 days towards one specific goal.

It goes like this:

Set a goal

The original post says to choose something that is measurable (numbers help), but I am a big believer in goals that make you FEEL something.

+ One that will make you jump out of bed in the morning.

+ A goal that brings a smile to your face when you think of it.

+ Something that feels so good, you will do what needs to get done each day, because you’re so excited about it.


Tell people about it

There’s something about putting it out there. Tell people, blog about it, post it on Facebook, write it down and stick it on your wall.

Share it with the world and ask people to hold you accountable so that you don’t feel so alone (and so you have to answer to someone on the days when you don’t feel like doing what you said you were going to do).


Work backwards

What does the end result look or feel like? What does it mean to you and how will you feel to know you’ve achieved it?

If you go with a feeling goal instead of an obviously measurable goal, you still need to know what it looks like when you get there. And then you can work backwards.

What are the things you need to do each day to achieve it in the next 100 days?


Do something every day

The challenge says that you should do three things each day towards your goal. I like the idea of this but I sometimes think trying to do too much can lead to overwhelm and make it easy to pack it in.

100 days is still a pretty long time so this needs to be an ‘in it for the long haul’ kind of challenge.

So, I say, pick one thing. Just one. It might mean doing the same thing every single day, or just committing to doing something.

One thing.

Every day you can take one tiny step towards doing what you want to do, feeling how you want to feel, achieving what you want to achieve.


Journal it

Get yourself a journal (the cuter, the better, I say) and commit to writing EVERY DAY what you did that day towards your goal. This is a good idea for so many reasons:

– You write your goal down every day (meaning it’s at the forefront of your mind)

– You know that you need to have done something to be able to write about it at the end of the day

– You can track your progress

– You can journal your way through blocks, brainstorm new ideas, and work out the ONE THING you want to do the next day



Celebrate the little wins and think of a big ass reward for the end of the 100 days. What will you do for yourself when you get to the end? Is there some way you can treat yourself at certain points along the 100 days?

Video games are popular for a reason, because we love to be rewarded for our hard work and dedication. If you can set up some little achievement points and rewards for your efforts, it will even more incentive to get it done, keep going, and never give up!


Need help? 

This stuff is hard, especially keeping on track for a significant amount of time (it’s 100 days, after all). You don’t need a 3-month coaching series for that. But good luck getting help for RIGHT NOW.

That’s where my Potent Power Hour comes in.

It’s 1 hour + you + me + talking it out = powerful inspired action.

I’ve got a special price because it’s brand new and it’s PERFECT for the 100 Day Goal Kicking Challenge.

Get more info here.


Know someone who you think would love to take on this challenge, share this post with them and let’s make the most of what’s left of 2014.


Thanks Business Bakery for starting this inspiring challenge!

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