16 signs you're an introvert

16 Signs You’re An Introvert


Hi, my name is Katherine and I’m a introvert.


I’ve actually known this for a long time but, until recently, didn’t fully understand what that meant. Yes, I realised that it meant I get drained in big social situations faster than my extroverted friends, and that I re-energise from time spent alone, contemplating things, but I’ve also spent a lifetime berating myself for things that seemed ‘wrong’.


Because of this realisation, I’ve been wondering if there might be other out and proud introverts confused by this part of themselves too or others who don’t even realise that their inherent nature is why they do or feel things a certain way.


For so long, introverts have been misunderstood and struggling to survive in an extroverted world. A world where big, enthusiastic personalities are championed, and quiet achievers sometimes get left behind.


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It’s time to know that your nature is absolutely fine, just the way it is. And I always think the first step of understanding something about yourself and finding ways to learn and grow, is to admit it. So, here I am, saying it out loud.


And so I thought I’d share with you 16 signs you’re an introvert (in case you didn’t know).



1.  You prefer one-on-one or small groups to larger social interactions.


2. You spend a lot of time deep in thought or writing to better understand your feelings and your place in the world.


3. You really dislike small talk, in fact, you find it challenging, tedious, and kind or boring.


4. You enjoy your own company and are happy to work alone. You don’t need other people for stimulation or company and it gives you time to work things out in your own mind.


5. You get deeply immersed in your work and get frustrated with interruptions, loud noises, and other distractions.


6. You take a long time to reach a decision, going through the pros and cons in your head before committing. You don’t really make impulsive decisions and dislike being pressured or put on the spot before you’ve had time to work things out on your own.


7. You let your phone go to voicemail or do a host of other things to avoid speaking on the phone.


8. You get exhausted or overwhelmed in big groups and find yourself standing to the side (or near the closest exit), finding solace in another person, or sneaking away quietly, hoping others won’t notice.


9. You aren’t a big fan of surprises or situations that you haven’t had time to process properly.


10. Your friends describe you as a deep thinker and a great listener. But sometimes they don’t understand why you are suddenly so quiet or seem to be ‘down’ some days.


11. You are more than happy to spend your down time reading a book, writing, or having a quiet night in. In fact, you prefer it.


12. You don’t like to brag or even really talk about yourself and prefer to direct the conversation towards the other person.


13. You might seem difficult to get to know or understand but, once people get in with you, they have your trust, loyalty and a friend deeply cares about them. Even if you’re not always up for social encounters and you screen their calls sometimes.


14. You feel drained around big personalities, sometimes avoid them. In fact, you know pretty quickly who you like and dislike and can be quite picky about who you spend your time with.


15. You can handle doing the ‘extrovert’ thing. For a while. But can physically feel when it’s time to go home and not talk to anyone for a little while.


16. You don’t really like to talk in the mornings and could easily go hours without speaking to anyone. And you’re really, really fine with being alone.



Did you find yourself nodding along to any of these? Have you, like me, had any revelations about yourself or maybe someone special in your life?


What’s really interesting to know is that the introvert/extrovert scale is a long one. Not everyone is at the same place on the spectrum and some people can fall smack bang in the middle of the two (known as ambiverts).


Therefore, people with a more introverted nature need to take time alone to regenerate and fill their energy back up after being out in the world. Extroverts thrive off this external stimulation.


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I’d love to know where you fall and if you’re like me and really starting to accept and embrace things about yourself that you always felt made you antisocial, not good enough, or like there might be something wrong with you.


Leave a comment below and if you know someone who might really relate to this list, it would be so wonderful if you shared it with them as well.


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