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5 Ways To Feel Calm In Times Of Change

Well, I think it’s an understatement to say that things have been a little disorienting of late.

We are living through what is fair to call ‘unprecedented times’, of which no one is fully prepared for. In fact, even our nervous systems aren’t really wired to deal with a pandemic, because we have no reference for how best to react.

And so we continue to move through the fight, flight, freeze modes, trying to work out what is the best coping mechanism.

Then another news report, another social media post, another press briefing from a politician, and as we get more information, our system starts the cycle again.

So, it’s fair to say that if you’ve been feeling out of sorts lately, it makes sense.

Wherever you are, no doubt your life has been affected by COVID-19. 

And change is inevitable

Whether it’s to your home life, family life, work life, or just your emotional state, there’s a lot going on.

Today I want to share with you 5 things that can help to create some more calm and ease in your system. Of course, we can’t change the external situation, but we can implement some self care strategies to ease our inner world right now.

1 – Create Some Routine and Normalcy (even if that feels like the furthest from possible right now)

If you’ve suddenly found yourself working from home, with kids under foot, or just spending a lot more time with your partner, it’s important to create some order in the chaos.

This might be as simple as showering, getting dressed, and brushing your teeth each morning, before writing a short list (say, 3 things) that you’re going to do today.

It might include a whole new morning routine because your commute no longer exists, or because kids are at home now instead of heading off to school. 

Whatever it is, starting the day with a little routine can help things feel a bit more centered.

TIP: I recommend keeping it light and going with the flow. We are all experiencing various levels of trauma right now as we adapt to this new way of life, creating a little structure is helpful, but trying to control every minute of the day is not necessarily going to do your nervous system any favours.


2 – Get Some Fresh Air and Sun Every Day

This is becoming a much bigger priority to me than ever before. I am a homebody (shock horror!) and so there are often times where I don’t leave the house for a few days but – more and more – I’m understanding just how important this is.

Fresh air, sunlight, and being outside are so important for chemical balance in our bodies, vitamin D, and for our mental wellbeing.

If it’s possible where you live right now, try and get out every day, take 10 minutes to sit under a tree or on the earth to feel grounded and soak up some vitamin D.

If it’s not possible to leave your house, due to restrictions where you live, try and sit by a window or somewhere the sun comes in, crack a window, do what you can to get some sun and fresh air.

TIP: If you can, adding a 30 minute walk means you’re getting the blood and endorphins flowing and some exercise at the same time.


3 – Get Connected With Yourself and the Earth

Now more than ever, we have an opportunity to mindfully connect back with ourselves and the Earth. It’s so easy to get caught up in the news, social media, Netflix binges and the like, but this can take us out of our bodies and start creating more stress and overwhelm in our systems.

Taking even just a few minutes a day to really reconnect with our bodies and the earth, via meditation, or something like my free Goodbye, Overwhelm audio series, can do wonders for your mood and your mental and physical wellbeing.

TIP: If you are able to sit on the Earth in your backyard or somewhere close to home, taking a few minutes to connect with the Earth can feel oh-so energising and grounding.


4 – Connect With Friends and Loved Ones

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen way too many posts about how much introverts are LOVING this time of physical isolation and it was really bothering me for a few weeks.

I, as much as anyone, can appreciate how much easier some aspects of this time of physical distancing can be for more introverted types than our extroverted friends, but that doesn’t mean that we’re ‘loving’ what’s happening right now.

For so many reasons.

For those of us who live alone and are now very isolated, not by choice.

For those of us who are highly sensitive or empathic and are trying to navigate not taking on the collective energy of panic and anxiety that is pretty huge.

For those of us who feel SO deeply and are feeling all the pain of the lives lost, the new hardships being faced by so many, and the overall suffering that is amplified right now.

And the fact that introverts like to CHOOSE to not leave the house and so being forced to stay at home is likely just as difficult for all of us.

It’s so important that we stay connected, especially if our instinct in times of stress or challenges is to go into hermit mode.

Staying emotionally and soulfully connected right now is going to serve us so well during this time of physical distancing.

TIP: Zoom, Skype, or Facetime friends or family a couple of times a week. Text your loved ones (especially checking in on anyone who is more extroverted, more isolated, or suffers from mental health issues).


5 – Accept How You’re Feeling, And Allow For Greater Possibilities

You might have also noticed (or been feeling guilty) about the lots of nothing you’ve been getting done. Maybe you’re seeing other people learning a new skill, launching a new offering, or really thriving during this time.

If that’s not you right now, please know it’s okay.

Most of us in the Western World have been living in a very patriarchal, capitalist social structure for our whole lives.

It takes a great amount of unravelling to accept the greater truth that our value as infinite beings having a human experience is NOT determined by our level of output.

If you’ve been Netflixing your butt off, that’s okay.

If you’ve been just trying to get through the day without losing your shit at your kids or partner because you miss your peace and quiet, that’s okay.

If you’ve got a business to run and you still need to launch and promote your work to be able to pay your bills, that’s okay.

If you feel energised and inspired, that’s okay.

If your achievement for the day is feeding yourself or brushing your teeth, that’s okay.

No one is handling this situation better than anyone else. No one is doing it right. No one is failing. 

We are all just doing what we can to get by.

I know I’m moving through thoughts and emotions on just about a minute-to-minute basis. 

And I also want to leave with you the idea that while we are ALL adapting to the unknown changes and the unpredictable landscape of this global pandemic, that can feel like a lot.

But that there is also more than this. 

There are new possibilities, infinite ones, in fact, that we can also hold at the same time.

We can hold the sadness, the grief, the uncertainty, the frustration, the worry, the fear.

AND we can hold the possibilities of what can come from this. What changes we would like to see, what opportunities we would like to energise.

That’s just a little spark of joy and excitement that we can cling to right now.

Don’t you think?

TIP: In moments where you are feeling grounded and calm, I invite you to bring into your thoughts and into your heart, a beautiful possibility that you would like to energise today. Hold it in you, pour your attention and your energy into it. And then feel what changes in you. Feel how it is different to energising what you just read on Facebook, or what some dickhead leader said in a press conference. Try it and see what happens.


Join Us For Deep x Meaningful Conversation with the Heart x Soul Sessions coming April 13th

And on that note, my friend Johanna Parker of Heart Sparks and I connected a few times on Zoom over the past couple of weeks and had some beautiful conversations about what we could energise during this time.

From that, we decided to create the Heart x Soul Sessions. A free, live, online experience for anyone who was feeling the need to go deeper, to connect, and feel more calm in times of change.

There are 9 sessions over the next three weeks over on our Head x Heart x Soul Facebook and Instagram and we can’t wait to go live and see what magic happens. 

If this sounds just like what you need right now, we’d love for you to join us. We begin Monday, April 13th and will be popping up live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for three weeks. 

Head on over to to get all the details, the schedule, and to register for reminders, replays, and journal prompts.







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