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Beautiful You Coaching Academy Review 2021

Have you been thinking about becoming a coach? Are you interested in training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy?

As one of the first certified Beautiful You coaches in the pilot round, a previous trainer, and business coach to many graduating Beautiful You coaches, I have a lot to say about this program! Please check this out to see my totally biased review (sorry, just being honest, I love this program and everything wonderful that has come into my life since joining).

I am a proud affiliate of Beautiful You but it is the only program that I recommend and am actively affiliated with – and I have spent 10s of thousands of dollars over the years – this is the only one I wholeheartedly love!

If you’re interested in becoming a coach and joining the 2022 Beautiful You intake, read more about the current bonuses on offer from Beautiful You, my experience and journey in the program and community, AND get access to my exclusive bonuses (including free 1:1 coaching with me worth over $3000) here.


So you are thinking about becoming a coach and if you have landed here on this video, there is a very good chance that you are looking up the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and deciding whether it’s the place that you would like to train to become a coach. 

So I’ve been part of the Beautiful You community since the beginning and was one of the first certified Beautiful You coaches. And Although I was in the pilot round and joined many, many years ago, I have had the incredible honor of being part of the community, being part of the Beautiful You coaching team for a while. And seeing this program and community evolve and change and grow and expand over the years. 

So I want to dive in,I’m going to break down for you a little bit about the content,a little bit about the community, my personal experience, the opportunities that have come my way as a result of being a Beautiful You coach, and some of the frequently asked questions that I get asked by people who are considering joining the program.

This is a bit of a review. I do not speak on behalf of the organisation and even though I’m a proud ambassador and affiliate for Beautiful You, I am sharing with you my most honest thoughts and feelings about this program. It is so important to me that you join because it is what feels right for you as opposed to being kinda influenced by anything that I i have to say. So I’m going to dive right in. 

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy Content

This is obviously one of the first things that people always ask me when they’re deciding whether to join Beautiful You – what can they expect from the content? And I have also spoken to people who maybe get put off by the beautiful pastel pink branding of Beautiful You. And as they dive into the program, they realise that Julie Parker, the founder and CEO of Beautiful You and the content that she has created and poured into the program is not in any way pink and fluffy. It is just so deep.

It takes you on a journey, a personal journey, and helps you to uncover and unlock skills and talents of your own to become the best coach you can be. Like I said, the content has evolved over the years. I know that it is constantly being improved and updated to be more inclusive, to be more accessible and to be relevant and current to what’s going on in the industry. But the depth that you will go to by not just being a participant in this program, but the, you will be able to then take and transform and work with your clients in is just, there are no words for how wonderful the content is the first half of the program. 

So it is a 6-month program. The first half is very much about refining your skills as a coach, setting goals with your clients, asking powerful questions, all of the information and framework that you’ll need to be able to run coaching sessions with your clients. From there, you get a full introduction to starting an online coaching business, which not many coaching institutes include in their program.

Usually you have to pay extra for it, or you have to go and do a program somewhere else to be able to learn this information, these skills, and how to kick off your coaching business with all of the fundamentals and foundations in place. I have always loved the content and the structure of Beautiful You. 

When I was a trainer, it was such a joy to be able to watch people learn and unravel and evolve their knowledge and their coaching skills through the coaching halt. And then as a business coach, it was also a pleasure to be able to guide people through how to get their messaging. How to think about starting a website, their copy, their social media presence, and other opportunities to grow their business. 

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy Style

What I love about the Beautiful You framework is that it is tangible enough and structured enough to really give you what you need to be able to start coaching almost straight away as a Beautiful You coach, but it is open enough to interpretation that you can start to evolve it and make it your own. As you become more experienced as you work with more clients and as you start to develop your own coaching style at the heart of the Beautiful You model though, is the fact that we are humans working with other humans, finding that point of connection, really genuinely having our client’s best interests at heart and making sure that we are helping them to set not just powerful goals, but inspirational ones that are going to excite them to get up in the morning, to do the actions they say they’re going to do to make progress and get results in a way that is really heartfelt, really soulful, andreally aligned with the whole vision of what I know, Julie and the Beautiful You team bring to this course. It is definitely the place for you.

 If you are maybe more intuitive, more soulful, wanting to be a force for good in the world and create a business that is fully in alignment with you with that heart centered approach. And the coaching style is absolutely in alignment with this. We are not pushing, we’re not forcing,we’re not dominating our clients, but we are holding space to allow our clients to feel safe and feel inspired and alive by their goals and the way that we work together with them.

The Beautiful You Community

My two coaching besties just so happened to be a head coach, Jo Parkerand guest coach, Jade McKenzie. They are my ride or die business besties. We say to each other all the time that even if we had never created businesses, even if we had gone back to full-time work, whatever that might have been, even if we never became coaches the investment in the course, the time and energy we put into it would have been worth it because of the incredible friendships that we formed in that time with each other and with other members of the community.

You honestly don’t know until you’re in it, how powerful and wonderful and collaborative and heart-centered this community is. And you can see that in the way that Beautiful You calls in people from all over the world to be part of this program and beyond that.

The Opportunities

 I have not been a trainee for many, many, many years, and yet my business continues to get opportunities and grow and be impacted by the Beautiful You community. 

There Is an option to become a fully certified coach, which means you get things like a profile on the directory on the website, you get to be part of a certified, Beautiful You community where we get access to calls. And there are speaking opportunities.There are awards and there are all sorts of amazing things within the community. 

And then of course, the incredible people that you meet, who get called to be part of this program. I have met so many incredible people by being a Beautiful You coach.It is above and beyond the thing that I did not expect to get from the program when I did it.

It has been the biggest game changer, the most life changing and the most incredible benefit, side benefit of being part of Beautiful You. Not only is there the Inspired Coach magazine that you get access to, but also there are opportunities to write in that magazine. 

I have had the privilege of doing so and being on the cover of the magazine, there is an annual awards ceremony for Beautiful You coaches to nominate themselves in a number of different categories. There are speaking opportunities. There are international inspiration days where you get to come together with your fellow trainees, with your fellow Beautiful You community and get the ability to meet your trainers, meet the wonderful Julie Parker and be inspired by speakers – sometimes even getting a chance to be invited to be a speaker yourself. 

I cannot tell you how many incredible days I have had an opportunity to be a part of in places like New Yorkin Melbourne, in Australia, we’ve had days inLondon, in Paris, in New Zealand, like so many incredible days. I’ve always felt so grateful to Beautiful Year for the amazing opportunities for myself and the other members of the community that we get. 

Just being a part of it by showing up by contributing that we can be invited to be part of these amazing things that help us to get in front of new people, to grow our businesses, to grow our social proof and our profile. And honestly, it’s like all these amazing things that come from joining Beautiful You that you don’t even expect to get out of it.


I get asked so many questions about becoming a Beautiful You coach. And if I Haven’t answered your question so far, please let me know, send me an email. I will pop all the details in the description below. You can find out more information about my experience at Beautiful You. You can jump in and have a chat with me about any questions that you might have that I haven’t answered,and also how to access my current Beautiful You affiliate bonuses. 

Again, you do not have to join through me, but if you would like to get access to some amazing bonuses that are worth over $3,000, I do get an affiliate bonus as part of that and that enables me to be able to offer these extras and help you at the start of your coaching journey, building your business. If you’re interested in knowing more, all those details and links will be below in the description. 

The question that I get asked quite a lot is is this actually something that can become a career? And my answer is, of course it is, there is a booming coaching industry, and although they might seem like there are a lot of coaches out there, how could there possibly be room for you? 

I guarantee that there is. There are so many people out in the world who have still probably not even properly heard of or understand what coaching is, and we are still a very small community. So it is going to be about finding your unique spin on the way that you want to help people and support people in the world, your message, and the people that you know, that you can help in a way that is so unique to you and your personal experiences, your skills and strengths as a coach and what it is what you really want to do in the world. 

So this is something that you’re really concerned about, please don’t worry about it. It will evolve through time. There are modules in the program that will help you to start tomake sense of this. And then if you do want to come and work with me afterwards, that is something that I love to help new coaches with. 

So we will be able to work it out. 

Coaching is a skillset. It is a process that you are going to learn when you join Beautiful You and your unique message, your mission,your vision that you have for the work that you are  here to do in the world for the people that you want to help. What you have to share as an individual is all going to come into play and make you the coach. That is perfect for a group of people who don’t even know you exist yet. 

So we can absolutely overthink it. We can panic about it and worry about if there is a chance that there’s too many coaches, but I just want to really invite you in this moment to sit with whether this feels like your right next step. I have seen people go on to create seven figure businesses after doing Beautiful You and people who have genuinely decided that they don’t want to run a business and have used their coaching skills in their careers, in their job, in their personal lives, or have had an incredible transformation just by being part of the process and the journey of the program.

Another question that I get asked a lot personally, is have I worked with many new coaches?

And the answer is wholeheartedly yes. I was a trainer in the early days of Beautiful You, working with hundreds of different new coaches and have since worked with hundreds and more because I work with lots of new coaches that are coming through the program were starting their businesses who were wanting to get their messaging right, who are trying to deal with being introverted and highly sensitive in the online world, cutting through the noise and wondering if they even have what it takes to become a coach, which brings me to my next question.

 I get asked all the time – can introverts be good coaches? And I absolutely believe that that is true. The characteristics of an excellent coach are people who are deep thinkers, excellent listeners, and ask really powerful questions. And in my experience, these are things that introverted people seem to do incredibly well. 

So whilst you might need some support and some help with the marketing, with the sharing, with the, putting your stuff out into the world, I can absolutely attest to the fact that I think that introverts and highly sensitive people have an incredible ability and a special skill set to become excellent coaches, just as I think people who are more extroverted can also be.

Become A Beautiful You Life Coach

I just want to really take a moment now to say,if becoming a coach is something you have been thinking about doing, if it is something that you feel that little pull in your heart, that it’s something you’d like to try no matter what you end up doing with it, no matter what your business becomes or what, where your journey takes you, this course is going to help you just lay some of those foundations. 

It’s going to be a personal journey of transformation. 

It’s going to give you skills that you will be able to use in every facet of your life. 

And, if nothing else,you were going to meet the most incredible community of people. You are going to be forever a part of it. And I cannot wait to meet you at an inspirational dayor in the community somewhere.

So if you have any more questions, you can check out all the details of my bonuses here, send me an email or a DM. I hope that you have enjoyed getting a little bit of a sneak peek into what my experience has been being part of Beautiful You. If you enjoyed this video and found it helpful, please leave me a like, and if you have any other questions, you can even drop them in the comments and I’ll be around to answer those for you as well.




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