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Becoming brave is about so many things and in this episode I chat with Katie Dean about her book and what that looks like for introverts.

In this episode, Katie also shares her experience with anxiety and fear and doubt with a no BS approach (wait for a shit storm analogy that is gross, but so apt). She takes such a pragmatic approach to understanding fear and embracing the messiness of life, knowing fear is definitely along for the ride but isn’t taking the wheel on her watch.

Her refreshing honesty about her life as a single mum, author of the book Becoming Brave, and embracer of feeling all the emotions shows up fully in this episode.


We also chat about:

  • Listening to the messages your body is sending you;
  • Reframing anxiety as a superpower and learning to understand your emotions;
  • Undoing the belief that fear is bad;
  • Anxiety showing up when we’re trying to control and protect ourselves from unknown future outcomes or past experiences;
  • Changing the conversation around ‘living without fear’, when fear is a huge opportunity for growth;
  • Not labelling our life, day, emotions, or ourselves as ‘bad’ but just acknowledging that we are feeling not so great;
  • Why we’re so judgemental of our emotions;
  • Plus some practical tips to really become aware and mindful of what’s going on in your body and emotions.
  • Self care as a way of being able to show up in your relationships and support yourself better.



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Connect with Katie

Katie Dean is not your typical motivational coach, or a typical anything. She’s a writer, motivational maven and the woman you want on your team.

Katie is a new thought mindset mechanic, a researcher on how to debunk fear and is here to shine a light for women seeking confidence, clarity and courage.

In addition to her writing, Katie is the Founder of YOUR WILD LIFE, a business that brings empirically based bravery approaches to women, entrepreneurs and change makers.

She does all this whilst being a Solo Mumma to two beautiful boys, the absolute loves of her life and together they live on the coast in New South Wales, Australia.

With a refreshingly no BS approach, she uses an interactive speaking bravura using her worldly insights and tools to take her audience on an epic path of bravery and self-discovery. When you find yourself in the audience of one of Katie’s events you know you are in for inspirationally filled Ah-ha moments that create real change.

Through her booked out coaching, national speaking tours, live events and loved-up writing, she is ardent about lighting people up, laughing loudly and has created a successful business to help women unearth their brave.

Her book Becoming Brave is a one of a kind powerhouse and her colour and style of seeing the world is decorated with cuss words and real talk in an unquestionable way that makes it her own. This is Katie’s first traditionally published text, and the woman undoubtedly delivers on every count.


Connect with Katie here:

Website / Facebook / Instagram




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