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Boundaries are something I’ve found challenging my whole life. And I guess one of those things that I could examine for eternity and never know the real reason why, right?

In fact, I wrote an article a few years back about boundaries with some of my frustrations and lessons along the way.

It’s starting to feel like boundaries are a life long journey.

But this episode is about what’s been going on for me lately, from a bit of a backstory into the past few years and my poor somewhat neglected nervous system, to what that means today and now in my business – with some new ideas, changes, and coming back to alignment.

Listen To The Boundaries, Human Messiness, and Taking Care Of You episode here:

 In this episode, I talk about:

  • The last few years and how the old nervous system doesn’t quite bounce back in unprecedented times (and what I’m doing about my own nervous system)
  • Safety versus stepping back into familiarity thinking that’s safe (and how to tell the difference)
  • Some changes happening in my business as a result of that.
  • How I have come to understand boundaries and the way I’m trying to navigate that messiness on a daily business whilst still showing up for my business and my clients.
  • And so much more!



[00:00:00] Emerge and Expand Podcast upcoming hiatus and The Introvert Coach 30 day experience

[00:03:28] The aftermath of the past few years and the impact on our boundaries and sensitive nervous systems, and how come back to alignment

[00:06:31] Recovery mode, shifting focus, and how The Introvert Coach will be my last introvert-specific offer for a while.

[00:10:07] In making some changes, focusing on The Introvert Coach and my memberships and clients, I’ll also be stepping back from the podcast for a bit, Instagram and YouTube, and shifting into a winter mode.

[00:13:15] At the end of it all, this is very much a journey around boundaries and continuing to come back to the values and bigger vision of my business.

[00:16:29] Boundary journey: sometimes you don’t know that your boundaries have been overstepped until it’s too late, and there is inevitably fall out from that

[00:20:58] The 2 reminders this week – a superhero movie and a Barbie meme that helped me realise how important the decisions I’m announcing here actually are.

[00:24:00] Come and join us for The Introvert Coach, 6 lives and 3 Q+As in the 30-day pop up group, but more importantly thank you for being part of this community and I hope that this kind of real life conversation gives you pause around your own boundaries and needs.


Also mentioned in this episode:

mock up of The Introvert Coach upcoming live training

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