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The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

– Oprah Winfrey

Today is The Beauty of Life’s first birthday.

About a month ago I knew it must be coming up so I looked back, wrote it in my diary, and then I completely forgot.

Just last week, my sister and I pondered why this year seemed different to previous years in that birthdays and other once celebrated occasions had become ‘just another day’. And, today it really hit me just how important it is to take time to celebrate LIFE – the big and the small, the special occasions and the everyday awesome.


A year of The Beauty of Life

One year ago, I launched The Beauty of Life and took a very definite and determined step in a new direction in my life.

And I did nothing to acknowledge or celebrate it.

Since writing this post, though, I’ve taken the time to think about what an achievement actually LAUNCHING this site has meant. I built it on my own. I have poured countless hours into it. I’ve written 59 posts. Out of it, I have created a business and been working in it all year when a year ago, it wasn’t even something I thought was possible.

That is stuff worth celebrating.

To see how much I’ve achieved in just one year kind of blows my mind.

And, it made me wonder if I’m not the only person out there doing things every single day and then forgetting to bask in the sweet joy of my hard work.


Why celebrate?

I don’t know about you, but when I was younger, I started counting down to the celebration of things as early as humanly possible. I celebrated holidays, birthdays, the end of school or uni, the culmination of a goal months in the making.

But, as we get older, celebrating often falls by the wayside. Big things. Important things that deserve recognition. Things that we have made happen in our lives that are hard to see because we’re so ‘in it’.

For me, it’s often only when someone else points it out that I realise that as much as I believe in enjoying the little things and celebrating the small wins, I often forget to notice my achievements.

So, in honour of what the past year of The Beauty of Life has meant for me and what this day one year ago signified, today, I’m going to celebrate.

Because this was the first step in a new direction of me leaving my previous career, starting my business, and forging ahead on a very different path.

And that’s pretty freaking awesome. Definitely cause for celebration.


Celebrate, every damn day.

The more I think about it though, the more I want to intentionally acknowledge and celebrate the little things every day. As Oprah says, the more you celebrate, the more you have to celebrate. And that sounds like something that could become infectious.

Gratitude, celebration, acknowledgement, praise all mixed in together – and making the effort can do wonderful things for your morale, happiness, and motivation. Those are the things that can spread like wildfire.

So, take the time today to celebrate where you’re at right now, how far you’ve come, what you’ve achieved and what you’re in the process of working towards.

You deserve it.

Then see how you can celebrate someone who’s had a positive impact on your life (even just a simple thank you can do incredible things).

What are you going to celebrate? Leave a comment below and let’s make it one big party of big and small celebrations!


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