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League of Extraordinary Introverts Podcast Episode #15 – Connecting with your Creativity with Nicola Newman

Connecting with your creativity is something we’ve talked about on the podcast before, but let’s dive into it again with my friend Nicola Newman.

It’s so important in business to find different outlets to get the creative juices flowing and I know this week’s guest is going to give you so much inspiration.

Nicola Newman has made a career out of creation and art and – talking to her – it’s easy to see how much these two things mean to her life. The way that she speaks of creativity is both inspiring and eye opening and if you’ve ever thought that you’re not a creative person, then this episode will change your mind.

She has a gorgeous spirit and approach to creativity, plus huge success as a professional artist, adventurer and online business owner. And I love this conversation that we had about how creativity and curiousity can be so beneficial in expanding your life and also the benefits of this on your business.

In this episode, we also chat about:

  • How anyone can be creative in their own way;
  • Sharing your early creations with people who are supportive;
  • How to get back in touch with your creativity;
  • Finding support with people who can teach or mentor you to set you up for success;
  • The benefit of nourishing your creativity in your business;
  • Using art to get present and calm an active mind;
  • Thinking of art and creativity for fun and trying it out to expand your comfort zone.



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Nicola Newman is an award-winning artist who has held over 14 solo exhibitions around Australia. She’s produced and directed three documentaries on contemporary Australian artists and been commissioned by The Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation, Mirvac, Toyota Finance and private collectors.

She has been featured in Country Style,, The Sunday Mail, and ABC Organic Gardener to name a few, and  through her workshops, speaking and mentoring, Nicola has helped budding artists explore their creativity, master new painting techniques and boldly express their visions in the world.

Nicola’s desire is to inspire others to unleash their full creative potential so they can experience the incredible rewards of personal, authentic self-expression and it’s so great to connect with her for this episode of the podcast.

See Nicola’s beautiful art + connect with her here:

Website / Facebook / Instagram / YouTube




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