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Deciding When To Go Full Time In Your Business With Bec McFarland

Bec McFarland of Pop Your Career has been a client of mine over the past few years and, when we first met, had no intention of turning her blogging hobby into her full time business. 

It’s been so inspiring to witness her journey, and her dedication to not just quietly going along without any expectations of what Pop Your Career would become, and not wanting to pressure herself or her business, to where she is today, celebrating her one-year anniversary as a full time career coach.


In this episode, we talk about:

    • Walking the line between the ‘side hustle’ and deciding to go full time in business;
    • Acknowledging that there’s no such thing as overnight success and the work that has gone into the opportunities that she has now in her business;
    • Creating a business that’s aligned with your experience and expertise to make the transition from ‘day job’ to ‘solo business’ so much more natural;
    • Checking in with the offerings that no longer feel aligned, and changing services to be more suitable for our needs – instead of doing something just for the money;
    • Taking a leap that feels uncomfortable but feels right, and being supported by that;
    • Starting out in a new business, starting with what you know;
    • The unspoken of struggle (even for introverts) of working from home and feeling quite isolating;
    • Finding the energy to have a full or part time job AND a side business and not to add an extra burden or more to do when current commitments can feel too much already;
    • Finding your Motivated Skills Zone and spending as much time as possible in that area (not just the things we’re good at but don’t enjoy)
    • Being super honest about having work or someone who can financially support us while we build and invest in our businesses;



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  Also mentioned in this episode: CONNECT WITH BEC: WebsiteInstagram / Facebook   MORE ABOUT BEC: Bec McFarland is the proud owner of Pop Your Career, a career coaching practice designed to prove that career advice doesn’t have to be boring, and that career fulfilment is definitely not out of reach. She is an experienced HR practitioner, career coach, DISC Advanced Consultant and Facilitator, speaker and NLP Practitioner. Bec’s favourite topics to speak about include career development, career fulfilment and mindset challenges, including imposter syndrome, self doubt and low confidence.




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