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January has really been the month of dream chasing here at The Beauty of Life. Not only is it the theme of the month and pretty much all I’ve been talking about over the past few weeks, but it’s inspired an eBook that I’m currently writing.

And you know why? Because this stuff means something.

It means finding who you are and owning it. And sometimes that means making major changes, diving in the deep end, doing something totally nuts, and following your heart instead of your mind.

And it’s freaking scary.

I know it, I’ve been there!

When I wrote my first post on The Beauty of Life, I had a minor panic attack.  What if people read it and think I’m ridiculous? What if they talk about me behind my back? What if I’m making the wrong decision by completely changing my career when I’m almost 30? What if I change my mind and want to go back?

There’s no going back

Deep down, I think we all know this. Going back to the comfort of a career you know, or a town you grew up in, or a relationship that you’re used to may seem like a great back up plan, but it’s worded that way for a reason. GOING BACK is a step in the opposite direction from the way you want to go.

I know it. And you know it.

We just forget sometimes that change is hard, taking risks is scary, and failure is how we learn because we’ve been taught to fear it since we were kids. Of course we’re too scared to take the big leap required to do something totally different.

We’re kind of raised that way.

This has got to change

If you want something badly enough, you need to dare to dream in the first place, you need to resolve to keep going and never give up, and you need old-fashioned guts to fight the fear, and the doubt, and the scariest things your mind can throw at you to talk you out of it.

I don’t know about you, but Pinterest and I seem to agree that in those dark moments of total shit-scaredyness, the wise words of extraordinary people can give me a little push to keep going (like this kick ass quote from Kim Kiyosaki). I mean, have you SEEN how many quotes are over in that place?!

Get my FREE Inspiration For Dream Chasers posters

The overwhelming number of quotes circling the Interwebs tells me that (just like having minor freak outs about setting epic goals) I’m not alone here either and that listening to people who’ve been there and done that is sometimes all the motivation we need.

So (with the help of my awesome designer) I created Inspiration For Dream Chasers – 25 Posters To Inspire Dreaming Big and Taking Action.

Inside it you’ll find 25 quotes that I love for you to pin or Instagram or print up and stick around your computer, your dream board, or your desk at work.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s free? Yep. Because we all need a little motivation every now and then.

[ninja-inline id=905]

I hope that when you have these posters nearby, when you’re having a moment of freak out, you’ll see them and remember that all dream chasers get scared sometimes but the ones who really make it, are the ones who push past fear and never give up.

Love the posters? Please share this post with anyone who you think will love them too and leave a comment and tell me your favourite quote to keep you going!

P.S. Want to take it up an extra notch and make stuff really happen? Check out this killer deal I’ve got on at the moment, but get in quick, it’s for a limited time only!




  1. Katie

    What a gorgeous and thoughtful creation, Katherine! I love it-and it’s just the sort of thing I need to remember: daring, resolve, guts…
    I feel like I need to put a few of these up when the students at my placement school are doing projects or tests–I hear a lot of mini freak-outs even though they’re so capable.

    • Katherine

      Hi Katie!
      That is so beautiful, I love that you feel like they will help your students. I remember school well and mini freak-outs were definitely something I experienced a lot. They’re lucky to have someone who believes in them!


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