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Embrace the beauty of life

The Beauty of Life actually came about from an ad I saw in a magazine and was immediately drawn to. I ripped it up and stuck it on my wall long before I thought about starting a new website.

It is a beautiful image of an Indian woman in the middle of Holi, the Spring festival of colours, and the text over the top says this:


While I was looking up the name of the festival for this post, I stumbled upon the video campaign that accompanied the print ad.


I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to remarkable advertising, I just love great ads and this is one of them (that’s weird, right?).

There’s a reason I was so drawn to the image.

And there’s a reason that I chose The Beauty of Life.

The ad says it all.

I am the beauty of life.

And, so are you.

It is the moments. The people. The memories that we create that make life beautiful.

And it is who we are when we are fully connected to ourselves. Away from the judgement, guilt, comparison, or criticism we so often burden ourselves with. When we let go of these daily stresses and embrace who we are and our place in the world, at that moment, we become it.

You know, those moments that take your breath away because you’re so in them?

The joy you feel in the company of wonderful people.

The little smile that emerges on your lips when you find yourself in pure bliss.

Something you can never fully capture in a photo (although you’ll try endlessly to do so).

I wanted to write this little post as a reminder. To you. To me. To anyone who needs to take a little time in their day to indulge in the beauty of life.

Even just for a second.

+ Get up for a sunrise

+ Watch a little kid play (or, even better, join in)

+ Laugh until your face hurts

+ Lie in the grass

+ Drink a little too much champagne with your girlfriends

+ Dance without a care in the world

+ Send silly gifs to your friends

+ Listen to a song that touches your soul

+ Sit by the beach and breathe in that incredible sea air

+ Eat the cake.

+ Find something that makes you feel full to the brim with joy


Feel yourself embody the beauty of life and leave me a comment below and tell me all about it (or #thebeautyoflife on Instagram or Twitter)


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