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Emerge + Expand 004: Infusing You Into Your Business with Dr Chi Quita Mack

I was so fortunate to get to connect with Chi Quita Mack earlier this year when she interviewed me for her Beauty In You series and we hit it off straight away. I knew when I was ready to launch the podcast, that I definitely had to have her on and I’m so excited to share this episode with you today.

In this episode, chat about:

  • How social media can help you feel less alone
  • Navigating doing what you love with your family and other roles and responsibilities
  • Infusing your passions, kids, and life into your business and online presence to build community and connection on a real, human level.
  • The #1 way to build your online community and Instagram following, according to Chi Quita.
  • How to fit it all in as a busy mum, boss, business owner, partner, and human.
  • Chi Quita’s biggest thing that she wants every woman she works with to know.

Listen to the episode here:

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All about Chi Quita Mack:

Meet Chi Quita Mack, MSW: A Major in the United States Army, Social Worker, Author, Life
Coach, wife of 14 years and mother of 3. She currently holds a Master of Social Work from Our
Lady of the Lake University, a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Military Science
from West Virginia State University-Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).  

Chi Quita is the owner and founder of The Chi Quita Mack,LLC – a safe place she created for all
women to come relax, get empowered, and be constantly reminded they have not lost the ability
to be who they once were.  Chi Quita reminds women we are more than just mommies with a
positive mindset, attitude, and motivation all those dreams that were set aside can come true.  

Chi Quita’s journey began in West Virginia when she had her son at the age of 21. She
struggled for years as her and her husband raised their son, attended classes, and worked
multiple jobs.  Chi Quita struggled to find her purpose, find happiness, and experience a peace
of mind.  For years, she did not understand self-love or practice self-care until one day she was
faced with answering the question, “Who am I?” Chi Quita struggled to answer this and that is
when she began her journey to find the beauty within.  

Chi Quita has created “The Beauty in You” a workbook to guide women through the 7 areas to
rediscover themselves again: Self-Love, Self-Awareness, Self-Reflection, Self-Care, Self-
Discovery, Goal Setting, and Positive Affirmations so they can feel like the woman they were
before the chaos.  

Chi Quita holds credentials as a Life Coach and Certified Mindfulness Coach.  
Chi Quita is originally from Columbus, GA and resides in Washington DC.

Connect with Chi Quita:


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KMS: This is episode four of the Emerge and Expand podcast and I’m so excited to bring you another amazing interview with an incredible business owner in the Do Business Differently Interview series. Chi Quita Mack and I got to connect earlier this year when I was a guest on her Beauty In You interview series, and we just hit it off straight away. So I’m really excited to share this interview with you today. Let’s dive in.

KMS:  Meet Chi Quita Mack MSW, a major in the United States army, social worker, author, life coach, wife of 14 years, and mother of three. Chi Quita is the founder and owner of The Chi Quita Mack LLC, a safe space. She created for all women to come relax, get empowered and be constantly reminded they have not lost the ability to be who they want to work. Chi Quita holds credentials as a life coach and certified mindfulness coach and I just know she’s gonna have some amazing gems of wisdom to draw with us today. It’s so wonderful to have you here on the Do Business Differently podcast, Chi Quita, thank you so much. I’m really excited to talk to you today. Can we just start off by getting you to tell everyone a little bit about the work that you do? 

CM: Well first, thank you so much for having me. I’m super excited to be here, always an honour, but I am Chi Quita Mack, the owner and founder of the Chi Quita Mack LLC. So I am an empowerment coach. I motivate mommies to go after their dreams and just let it know our journey goes beyond motherhood, through positive mindset thinking and just a whole bunch of encouragement that we need that we don’t always seem to get 

KMS: So important. And I also know that you do so much, you have so many different things that you’re doing on a day to day basis, but can we take a little step back into what led you to this obviously having kids, but what led you to this turning point or the turning point that brought you to where you are today, helping other mothers to navigate that transition and trying to reconnect with themselves? 

CM: You know, when I had my son young, so I was pregnant at 20. I was still in college and I had him at 21 again, still in college. I was told you’re not coming home, you’re gonna graduate and I didn’t wanna go home. Anyway, I wanted to figure out how I was going to navigate being 10 hours away from my family, with a newborn. But I found during that time, I was very lonely and sad. And I mean, I had my husband, you know, he’s been there the whole time, but you know, all my friends are partying and they’re enjoying their twenties and they’re actually discovering themselves. And I was trying to figure out how to be a mom as well as go to school and work and provide. And it actually wasn’t until about seven to eight years ago, I had another major transition in my life. 

CM: It was just hard. Me and my husband went through a few things and I actually sought out therapy, which was something I was a against for someone who’s trying to become a therapist kinds, kind of weird, but I was like kind of against it at first, you know, just because I was always looked at as being the strong one, but I realised that’s something that I needed. And during that time, my therapist would always ask me, who is Shaquita Mac? Who are you? And my answer always went to the kids, the kids I watched Nick junior all day. I like Disney channel. They’re like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. What do you like to watch? And I’m like, I don’t even know what adult shows are out there. Like I have no idea. And I started to realise there was really a disconnect from who I was. 

CM: And even though that was six, seven years ago, that disconnect was always there. Back from my twenties, I’ve always been disconnected. And I started to grow my social media. I started to use my family, just pictures of my family. And I would like post what I was thinking and inspirational quotes and just true feelings. And what I got was feedback from other moms that are like, Hey, I feel the same way. And I’m like, wait, really? Like I’m not, I went through this all by myself that whole time. And I’ve asked to, you know, so it kind of, one thing led after another and here, here we are now. 

KMS: Wow, what a journey and the power of social media, Hey, I know we get so much conversation around, especially, you know, when it comes to kids and that sort of stuff as well, the effects that social media has. And obviously there’s such a spectrum of how that shows up and influences us in our lives. And there are negative parts of that, but what an amazing way to have that connection and realise, oh, it’s not just me who has had this experience. 

CM: Yeah. It’s like, wow. Like other moms actually do have feelings. And that was one of the things too. I just kinda went through a moment where I felt like, because I was a mom, like I wasn’t supposed to feel real feelings. Like I had to just suck it up and just deal with it. And it’s like, oh no, wait, you’re still human. Like it’s okay. 

KMS:Yeah, absolutely. And I think about my early twenties being between the ages of 20 and 24, I think back to it now, I’m like, I was an idiot. Like I was a child back then, you know, I did so much dumb stuff. And I’m just like in awe of the fact that you were looking after a tiny human and keeping them alive as well as yourself, which is just huge and obviously such a big impact on how that identity became such a big part of your identity. Cause those are such formative years. You know, we talk about formative years in terms of that teen, early teens years and things, but those early twenties, late teens, early twenties are such a formative part of your life. 

CM: Yeah. And it’s, it’s so scary. Like I look back now, like me and my husband look at like, 20 year olds and 21 year olds now. And we’re like, we had a child. Yes. Like, oh my gosh. You know, and thank God he came out. Okay. No, like what in the world? It’s just so scary. And you know, we talk about like, you know, our kids know our story. My son knows our journey. And like we tell, tell him like, you know, the struggle, like he doesn’t know, understand the struggle because we worked really hard. So he wouldn’t feel it, but we’ll, you know, we tell him all the time, like, you know, just where we came from and where we are now. And like one of our goals was to buy our first home before we were 30. And we did, we did it at 27. Wow. We grind really, really hard. And you know, we try to tell him these stories. But one thing I tell them is like, you know, I’m happy now cuz I’m 35 now. And all my friends are just now having kids. 

CM: And me and my husband now we’re, we’re travelling and they’re like, Hey, don’t go to, don’t go to that country with all us. And I’m like, oh no, no, no, no. See, in the twenties you guys were doing that. And we were stuck at home. We’re gonna go live our lives. But I try to tell my kids like, no,  I’m happy that we had you just a different way. But my goal for you guys is to enjoy your twenties and make those mistakes and you know, and, and have that experience and then have kids later. And, and if they don’t, you know, we will, you know, do what we can, but you know, I just try to encourage them to just, you know, live your life, the best of your ability and you know, yes. You know, I’ve showed you that I can do it. I can do both. It’s been a lot of hard work, but I would really like them to just experience, you know, those, those early mistakes we have to make in life. 

KMS: Mm, absolutely. In terms of the business, and I know you’ve been studying, you’re officially a doctor now. Congratulations for that. 

CM: Thank you. Thank you. It’s so crazy to say like DR Mack. Oh yeah. Hi. 

KMS: Yeah, that’s me. I imagine that’s another big one of those life milestone moments there. So few people get what a huge achievement and just when you were talking, it reminded me of when I was a kid and my mom decided to go back and study and so all through from my late primary school all the way through, we actually graduated the same year. So I graduated high school the year that she graduated from uni and it just reminded me of how important it is for kids to see their parents going after things that they love and that they’re passionate about, and that are important to them because I think it really, even though, you know, there’s maybe that feeling of, oh, can I do this? How, you know, I might be taking time away from the kids and miss parts of their lives because I’m focusing on things that I need to do and really wanna do. But how important it is. I think for kids to see their parents and their mothers in particular, going after those dreams, do you have any words of wisdom for people who are raising kids and starting businesses or, or doing things that they are excited about and love that might be trying to navigate that? 

CM: Well, a couple of things, so the main thing is to do it, like just do it. You know, the fear is there. And I, and I talk about on my Instagram and in my blog, how every morning I have a conversation with fear every morning, it’s like, oh, I wanna do this, this and this whole. And then here goes the negative thoughts. Well, what about this? And how are you gonna do that? And I’m like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I’m gonna do this. And then even when I do it, I’m afraid. So I always say just to do it. Yeah. Now when you’re navigating your family into it and you’re bringing them into what you wanna do, the most important thing I found is communicate that, communicate that with your family, with your spouse, your partner, significant other, whoever your support system may be, because it’s important for them to know where you’re going, where you’re trying to go and your goal. 

CM: So they understand. So my kids know, like when I say, Hey, I’m doing, you know, this for TCM. They already know, oh, TCM, you know, mommy’s business. This is important to her. So this is, you know, we support mom, my husband as well, like, okay, what do I need to do? Do I need to pick them up from school? Do I need, what do I need to do to ensure that you can be where you need to be? But that’s because I was able to communicate that with him, like this is important to me. Mm. You know, part of what I try to explain to people is like, you know, when my husband we’re both military as well. And when my husband deployed to Kuwait, the Chi Quita Mack wasn’t a thing. Yeah. So when he came back, he’s like, who are all these people following you? 

CM: And what is going on? And I was explaining it to him while he was gone, but it wasn’t until he got back and saw it. And he’s like, whoa, this is real. Like, you’re really your brand. And I’m like, I am, and this is so important to me. And I found my passion. And I think the old Chi Quita, like in my twenties, would not have communicated what was important to me at that time. Cause I was just trying to like hustle and kind of, you know, provide, but now to me now it says like, no, this is important. This is what I want. So one, get out there and do it and have that conversation with fear and two communicate the importance of what this is. So that way your family can value it just as much as you can and include your family. I include my kids in the Chi Quita Mack. 

CM: They’re like, oh, definitely a part of my brand. We do dancing videos and things like that. And they’re excited to do it. And when I try to do a couple popup shop during the summer and they actually help me set up and they sell, they know how to work the, the, the cell machine and pack the bags in the books. And, you know, so I kind of include my family in what I’m doing. And I let them know like, I’m not done yet. Like, this is just a part of that. Jaquita back, like where I wanna go is so much bigger. And I explain it to them. And it’s funny, like my dream house, I always talk about my dream house with the kids. And they’re like, oh, is this that the Chi Quita Mack dream house if we pass, because I’m like, yeah, kinda. So they know like, you know, mommy’s dreams are really big. And so yeah.

KMS: What a wonderful way for them to see what’s possible for them as well, because you are exemplifying, embodying, and living that with them. Whenever your Reels pop up and you’ve got the kids on there and you’re all dancing and things like, I just think you look like you’re having so much fun, 

CM: So much fun. I should, I should post our bloopers. Cause they’re hilarious too. 

KMS: I bet they’re. What a great experience for them, an opportunity for them as well. 

CM: Oh yeah. They help me with social media. My daughter’s really good at transitions. She has a oh, 

KMS: Amazing. 

CM: And she’s really good at the transitions. And I’m like, okay, we’re gonna do that one. I wanna transition my outfit. Yeah. You gotta help me with that. 

KMS: That is fantastic. You got your own little team. 

CM: Yeah. My little team over here, my son, he’s trying to build his YouTube. And so, you know, I encourage them to, you know, do what’s right for  their age, you know, but you know, use it, use it as you will. And you know, I monitor everything that they do and they’re, you know, they’re little helpers, but they teach me too. 

KMS: That’s so handy. I could really use someone who would just edit my reels for me and put transitions. 

CM: Oh yeah. That’s my Leah. And some people when I first started my Instagram, they would be like, who takes your photos? They’re so beautiful. And I, at that time, I was like, yeah, my seven year old… 

KMS: Amazing. 

CM: … took all of my pictures at the time. Like you mommy, the light’s good right here. Like scoot over. I’m like, okay, okay. 

KMS: That’s better than an Instagram husband. Even when you were just talking then something that really sprang to mind was by even the fun way that you’ve managed to make them a part of your dream and a part of your brand and your business. It’s such a tendency. I think for so many of us to segment our lives into like, well, this is my role over here. And this is my business over here and my brand and the way that I’m doing this stuff. And then this is my family responsibilities and roles. And then I’m over here doing this stuff. How have you found that actually bringing those parts together? Ha like what difference that is from trying to keep the different parts of your life separate? 

CM: So what I found for me was it works for me. If that makes any sense. Yes. A lot of people, I guess they may have to keep their business separate. You know, this is strictly my business. My niche is this. And then my family is this. And, but for me, it kind of all goes together. I’m here because of my family. I’m making my dreams come true. So I’m motivating other moms and showing them that they can do it too. So it kind of goes all hand in hand for myself. So it works when I first started my Instagram, like before it was the Chi Quita Mack, cuz you go through a whole, a few little niches before you get to really it’s gonna be. And I used to model back in the day and I, I thought that’s what I was gonna do. I’m gonna come back to modelling. 

CM: And I did a few photo shoots and I started it out that way. And I’m like, no, I don’t have anything in common with these other little people out there that’s just travelling the world because I’m not, I’m no longer doing that. And I’m like, well, what am I doing? What is natural to me? My family. Yeah, it works. So it works for me. So because it’s a part of me and my family’s a, a part of what I am and it comes natural. That’s how I make it work. A lot of people I find on Instagram, you see that they’re one way on Instagram and then in real life, they’re another way. 

KMS: Mm.

CM: And you don’t have, if you.. the number one advice, like how do I grow my Instagram? How do I get more followers? Be yourself. Yeah. That’s it. Yeah. Be yourself. Because if you’re being yourself, your true identity of who you are and what you wanna be, the following and all that will come because you’re showing up every day, naturally as yourself, when you’re trying to be someone else, it’s kind of like, wait, what did I say? Oh wait, I don’t like that. But I said on here I did. So it just, it just works for me. 

KMS: Yeah. The best compliment you can receive when you meet someone in person, is them saying, oh, you’re exactly what I expected you to be. 

CM: Yep. That’s 

KMS: The best you’re online. Yeah. Is so genuine. So really you, and also it’s impossible to keep up a facade I think. 

CM: And it’s exhausting. Yeah. I’m tired. I’m gonna let you guys know. I’m tired. I need a break. I’m overwhelmed. You know, I just recently I think I posted last week, like I am like over it. 

KMS: Yeah. 

So, you know, this week I’m off work completely. I took off from my military job the whole week, cuz I just needed to take a break and, and then me and my husband are actually going out of town on Thursday. And so it’s like, I am very, you know, I’m tired. You guys, I can’t do it today. I’m just not feeling it out. You know? And, and it is, it is what it is, but it’s truthful. And to let people know that you’re human. I think that is just so important. Yeah. To understand that we’re human, that human aspect of it. Like we’re real people, we’re human. We feel things. We’re moms…an article I’m working on right now is called don’t call me super mom. 

KMS: Fantastic.

CM: And, and one of those things is like, you know, I feel like when you call someone a super mom, you’re taking away their human ability. Yeah. And you’re, you’re expecting them to just not show any emotion to keep going through their tired, no self care, keep carrying everyone. And it’s like, no, don’t call me. I’m a mom. And I have feelings and I feel sad and I have good days. I have bad days. I have days I wanna show up. I have days I don’t wanna show up. I have days where I don’t want y’all to call me, mom, go, go to your room. I’m not your mom right now. So, you know, it’s, it’s just important. It’s really important. 

KMS: Well, thank you so much for being here, even in amongst that week, this week and with you doing just so many things. So you’ve got the business and the kids and the military and studying up until just recently when you’re just graduated, how do you manage that without buying into that story of being the super mom? 

CM: Ah, so, so with the kids, I have different schedules. So with the family, we have a whiteboard, it goes on the refrigerator. Any activities you have go on the whiteboard, if it does not make the whiteboard is not gonna happen. And that’s kinda how we navigate that. But a lot of what I do is just with the military, I’m really fortunate at the moment I’ve been working from home. And so a lot of that, I know where my important meetings are. I know where my busy days are and I’m also the boss. So that kind of helps. I can kinda, I can kinda delegate things when I need to and say, Hey, I have this kind of going on. If you guys can cover down for me with that. And then TCM, you know, when I’m doing Chi Quita Mack work, it doesn’t feel like work because it’s my passion. 

So I try to work on that at nighttime or I utilise my time to the best of my abilities. For example, my kids have practice from seven to eight or seven to nine or however long that goes, I bring my laptop with me. Yeah. So if there’s an article that I’m working on for that day, I’ll say, okay, I’m gonna work on this article and I’m gonna finish it during their practice time. If there’s a blog, then I say, okay, I’m gonna finish this blog during their practice time. So I kind of navigate my time that way. So I’m minimising it. So when practice is over, my blog is over my article’s over whatever, you know, clients, I need to rearrange, whatever I need to do is done with, and then that’s family time. So I kind of just make it work for me and just really maximising that time that I can. 

CM: And I’m still studying now I have one more licence I need to take.

KMS: Oh my goodness. 

CM: I know. And that’s on Sunday. So Sundays starting at seven o’clock at night is normally my study day. And everyone knows in the house that that’s my study time. And no one bothers me during that. So again, communication and just, like, kind of knowing my schedule. And then when I feel burnt out, I’m like nothing happens and I feel that when I feel that exhaustion or, oh my God, I’m mentally tired or I just can’t do it. Then I listen to my body and I don’t do it. It’s like, it’s gonna have to wait and reminding myself like, oh wait, you are the boss. So you, you can stop it. You don’t have to do it. Like you can pause it, you can stretch it out. So that constant reminder of like, oh yeah, I’m I’m yeah, I’m taking a break. I’m not doing this. 

KMS: Oh, that is such a great nugget of wisdom there because I always think about this, that, you know, we start a business because we are trying to create something new for ourselves. And then so often we see, you know, ourselves or others like falling into that trap of the work life thing that we’ve been conditioned into and forgetting, oh, I am the one that gets to decide when things happen, what the deadlines are, you know, how many hours a week I’m working and all of those things and just get caught into a trap that sometimes can lead to creating a business that you actually don’t enjoy because you’re following all of these rules. 

CM: Yeah. Like you’re the boss, so you can turn it off it’s okay. And everyone will be okay. A lot of people with the social media, like, oh my God, if I don’t post, I don’t post, oh my God. It’s like, they will be okay. 

KMS: The world will not end. 

CM: The world will be fine. And just let them know I am closed for the week. I will catch y’all next, you know, next week. It’s okay. It is okay. And people that really follow and truly, you know, believe in what you’re doing, they understand that they really do. And just, you know, having that deep connection and those that don’t, if they unfollow then were they really rocking with you anyway? Maybe not. So it’s just some things to keep in mind, you know, it’s okay. And it will be okay. You will live. And just understanding that I’ve learned to, to just literally live life like travel, see what’s out there. Just, just enjoy it. And it all fails. Use your automated, you know, use automatic emails if you’re really that worried, you know, but, but it, it’s fine. You’ll be fine. 

KMS: Yeah. And it really is interesting how much that comes back to being genuine and being real about who you are and how you show up in the online space. Because when you’re putting on that facade of this kind of perfect image of you, when you do need to take that step back and take a week off and reschedule clients and not show up online when people are used to seeing you, if you haven’t been really honest about who you are, that does really jar people, doesn’t it? Because it, they’ve got a certain expectation and it’s impossible to meet that if it’s not real. Whereas when you’re really real, like people are just more forgiving, I think, because there’s a, a certain level of seeing your humanity. 

CM: Absolutely. Just understanding again, that human quality of it all and like, yeah, no, one’s perfect. Like there’s so, I mean, it’s so saturated out there in the social media world and it’s so much, you’re like, oh my gosh. But you know, you have to be true to who you are and you can’t also do things the way other people are doing them. Yes. A lot of what you don’t see on the little perfect, the perfect square. It’s like the little square, right? Like, you know, you have the people that are like, I made 10, 10 grand month and it’s like, you may have, but how many months before that, before you made that 10 grand month and it’s like that, that truth behind it to just understand, like there’s both sides to the picture, just be genuinely who you are and, and just tell your story. There’s so much life in your real story. 

KMS: Yeah, absolutely such a perfect lead into my next question, which… this is the do business differently interview series. And just what you said there about not just the way that we show up online and how we, there is so much noise out there and how to even build a community and are following in amongst that, but also how you’ve found your way to do things your way, how did that happen? Did it sort of evolve naturally? Or is that something that you’ve intentionally done that like, yeah, there’s so much noise out there and I can get caught up in what everyone else is doing, or I can just journey my own way through this. 

CM: Well, I realised once I started to understand that people were like, oh, like actually have feelings. Like I did. We all have feelings. I knew that I didn’t want my Instagram to look like other, I don’t wanna say other coaches, but other people are doing similar things like with just quotes. Like there’s some that just have quote, quote, quote, quote, quote, or all professional pictures, that’s unrealistic to keep up. And so I just always knew that I wanted to just use my family, use what we do, candid photos. And I have some quotes in there, here and there. And the videos was really a thing. We always dance. We’re a dancing family. So I just wanted to really use that and make myself different. Like, this is me, like, this is my family. This is what you get. So when you get there, you’re like, is this a business page or a personal it’s, you know, once you start going through like, oh, I get the message. 

CM: I get, you know, following your dreams and, and you, you know, letting your family be a part of that and seeing that there’s more to your journey than besides motherhood. And so it was really important to me that I kept it like that, like that this is who I am. This is what we do. I love quotes, but that’s not who I am. I’m not rigid in that way. And so it, it’s hard for me to keep something up. That’s not me. And my Instagram is literally me. Like, it’s just, it’s better that way. And like, I’ve always had in my head, like, you know, if you understand the message and what I’m trying to get across, and you see the pictures and the quotes, if you read the bottom, it’s a, it’s always a message there. Then you get it. And if you think like, oh my God, I just don’t understand how, what this makes then it’s not for you. Cuz people need to understand. You’re not for everybody. Yeah. Not for everybody. You wanna be. 

KMS: Yes. 

CM: But you’re not always for everybody and that’s okay. Mm that’s okay. It’s okay. The ones that understand you and, and are motivated by you will and those that aren’t, they, you know, they have someone else out there that’s for them. But yeah, this has always been my way. It’s just fun. Candid photos, dope message. Dance video. And we just, we just keep it rocking. 

KMS: I love it so much. Your…honestly, every time you pop up on my feed, you always look like you’re having the best time. And there is something really honest and really cuts through the noise. That’s for sure. Thank you recently. I’ve noticed amazing opportunities to be on TV and have all these incredible moments of, of sharing your message. It’s so cool. 

CM: It’s crazy. Like, let me tell you, it has been so surreal. Like what is happening? Yeah. It has been so crazy for me because it’s like, I don’t know. You just wait for the moment. Like, okay, when this happens, I’m gonna be ready when this happens. And then it happens and I’m like, oh my God, this is happening. I just, I’m just like, I’m always blessed. And I’m always appreciative of everything that comes through because it’s just, it’s just awesome. Im just in such a happy place right now with it all. And I’m just like so thankful for it. I’m like, I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m ready for it. And this is literally what I ask for. And every time I get super, super nervous, I call my mom. Cause you know, Hey mom, I call her all the time and I’m like, mom, what’s happening right now. She’s like, you asked for it, you asked for it. And I’m like, I did ask for it. You know, I’m ready. You know, so, 

KMS: Oh, I love that so much. Mums are great for bringing you back down to earth and then also being the biggest cheerleader. 

CM: Yeah. Like you asked for it so you better be ready. I’m ready. I’m just scared. 

KMS: Oh, that is a quote on its own. Yeah I’m ready, I’m just scared and doing it anyway. 

CM: Scared and I do it anyway and, and my heart is beating and I tell everyone my little secret, like, you’re gonna, if any interview you see me on, I’m gonna always have a blazer on that’s because I like, I’m always sweating. It’s like my little secret. Like you always have a blazer on that’s you dunno, what’s going on under that blazer. So yeah. It calm me down. 

KMS: Well, that is another gem, an unexpected gem there of wisdom. Anytime you’re doing anything that makes you nervous, pop a blazer on. Cause you don’t need to deal with that on top of everything else.

CM: Like I, I don’t have time cover it up and I’ll be fine. 

KMS: That’s great. It has just been so wonderful talking to you today. I have one more question for you before we finish up. And it’s a big one. What is your one wish for the work that you do and its impact on others around you? 

CM: Ooh, that is a big one. If you know, I’ll go back to, like I said in the beginning of this interview is I just want moms, anyone, but I cater to moms. Yeah. To just do it and to not give up on yourself. Mm it’s so important because at one point in my life, I wanted to give up, give up on myself and I also gave every excuse why I shouldn’t be doing this. And I posted, I think, oh, yesterday I talked about, in my stories, I talked about how you sent, you spend your whole life searching for your purpose and the whole time is there. But every time it, it comes up, you’re, you’re shutting it down because you’re afraid. You’re afraid to do it. You’re afraid to communicate your needs to others. You’re afraid to put yourself out there and just do it. 

CM: Please just do it. Whether you’re a mom or not just get up and just do it. Even if it’s baby steps, just do it. And, and I promise if you do it, you will not regret it. The biggest regret you have is not doing it. And that’s the biggest thing I want you to get from me. Like that is just the… it’s changed my life. And like I said, even though I’m afraid, everything I do, I’m afraid I do it anyway. I do it anyway. Cuz I’ll be more mad at myself for not doing it than just being like, oh my God, really? Because I was scared. I didn’t try that. So yeah. Yeah. 

KMS: Thank you so much. I know that that’s gonna like the energy behind that has just reached up and grabs me in the heart. And I know that other people out there are listening are going to receive that as well. So thank you so much for sharing that. 

CM: Absolutely. 

KMS: Chi Quita, thank you so much for being here. I, every time we’ve connected, I’ve just had so much fun and I love you. And the work that you do and your energy is just brilliant. I know that other people are listening and going to want to connect with you. What is the best way for them to connect with you and what have you got going on in your world right now? 

CM: Oh, I have a few things going on. So if you wanna connect with me, you can hit me at the Chi Quita Mack on Instagram or Facebook. I answer all my DMS. So I love talking to you guys. So you can hit me up there. You can also visit my website, which is www.Chi Currently I have a couple things going on. I’m getting ready to launch my rediscover membership and I’m so excited about it, my mommy community. And it’s just a way for us moms to connect. And so you don’t have to feel alone while going through your journey. So if you wanna be a part of that, you can join our wait list, which is available on my Instagram and my links. And then I also have my backpack jam that I’m getting ready for. So we partner with three schools in the DMV area, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. And we will be giving away backpacks to the students. So to ensure they have all the supplies they need to start the year. So if you would like to be a part of that and you would like to donate to that, cause again, you can head over to my Instagram at Beda Mac or my website, which is www 

KMS: So much great stuff. And I will make sure that all of the links to connect with Chi Quita more are in the show notes on the website as well. Thank you again so much for being here, not just full stop, but also in a week where you are taking a break and, and taking a step back for everything. It means the world to me, I have loved every second of our chat together and I cannot wait to connect with you again really soon. 

CM: Thank you so much for having me. And it’s always an honour and yes, I need to come visit you. So we need to work that out. I’m coming around the world.

KMS: Do it. World tour. TCM world tour. 

CM: Oh yeah, let’s do it 

KMS: As always, thank you so much for listening to the podcast. I hope that you enjoyed this episode of the due business differently interview series. If you’d like to learn more about Chi Quita and her work, connect with her further and get a full transcript from the episode, you can head to emerge and 0 0 4. And if you’re enjoying the podcast, I would love to hear from you head over to Instagram and come and send me a message at underscore KMS. If you’d like to leave a rating and review on the podcast, that would mean the world. To me, you can just head into the app that you’re listening to this on, scroll down and leave a rating and review. I look forward to hearing your feedback. 




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