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Emerge + Expand Episode 10: Mindset Shifts For Launching

Earlier this month I hosted a 3-day workshop and we had some great Q+A live sessions. A conversation that came up a couple of times in the group revolved around resistance to launching and systems when most people just want to work with clients (not everything else that comes with business!)

I got permission from one of the participants to share her question (and follow up comments) on the podcast because I thought it would be helpful for other people who feel the same way.

In this episode, I chat about:

  • 01:59 Most people don’t start a business to become marketers, sales people, social media gurus but there are so many roles we have to have in our business – so how can you create as many opportunities to show up in your zone of genius as part of your marketing, launching, and content creation?
  • 04:33 The fundamentals to running a business that are required in order for your business to exist and my four questions that you need to answer.
  • 09:00 How to reframe your mindset around resting, launching, and systems to make it so much easier to show up in your business.
  • 10:29 Why – if you’re a flowy, intuitive business owner – you need to have systems even though it seems counterintuitive.
  • 11:17 Your launch and your systems don’t need to be perfect the first time because you will keep evolving and refining them.
  • 12:45 How to use YouTube to get in front of new people and invite people into your offers and your email list.
  • 14:05 How to keep focusing on showing up in your business and focus less on what you wish your people would do.
  • 15:30 What to do when you’re not sure where you’re at or you’re worrying about steps further ahead than where you are right now.

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Also mentioned in this episode:

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