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Change. It’s uncomfortable.

The knowing that big things are coming. The waiting for the other shoe to drop…

The growing pains that we once felt in our shins as kids (do you remember those!?) become more like an internal battle as we feel the discomfort of changes to our being as we get older (do you know what I’m talking about?).

This past year, I think I’ve felt that more than ever. It’s like a sick pulling in my stomach where all the frustrations and doubts and fears have built up. Then, as I move forward or grow, they start eeking out and result in a pretty confused state of being. And it feels unpleasant. But, like the physical growing pains, there is a little part inside of me that knows this is a good thing.

Once I can get out of the funk. Once I can push through the discomfort. At the other end lies a better me, a great lesson, and opportunities that I haven’t even realised yet.

But I can be one hella cranky pants in the lead up.

I get on mood swings like the best of them.

One minute I am full of elation to be in my skin, knowing that life is really kind of extraordinary, the next is followed by inexplicable frustration and overwhelm. It’s a freaking rollercoaster ride and all I can do is hang on tight and apologise to everyone around me as I keep pushing through until I come out the other side, bigger and better.


Growing pains are not just for kids (or weirdos)

I think the powerful and almighty Internet can sometimes ellude to the lives of others looking better than your own. And, while we can do our best to encourage shutting out what we perceive of others and not comparing – let’s face it – we are human and it’s something we are kind of naturally prone to do.

So if you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of exciting growth, frustration, or overwhelm, do not fear – you are not alone!

This kind of life really isn’t for everyone (which is why so many people are set in their ways), but it is sometimes nice to rest easy knowing that other people are living with emotional growing pains and for VERY good reasons (because, ya know, growth and change are exciting and wild and life changing. That’s half way to getting to where you want to go!)


How to push through it and come out on top

– Accept the way you are feeling, embrace it even. This is the beginning of something BIG. You just have to push through it (and it might be less painful if you don’t fight it!)

– Self love is a bit of a buzz word right now but, in all honesty, it is kind of spot on. Love yourself, big time. Pick a day to just be self centered. Go somewhere or do something that you’ve always wanted to. Look after yourself – inside and out.

– Take a moment to stop and put yourself in someone else’s shoes before reacting to their behaviour. Everyone out there is just doing the best they can with what they have. Right now, you might be feeling like every interaction is sent to challenge you. Be kind as much as you possibly can.

– Be present. I’m a total n00b at meditation, in fact, I pretty much suck at it right now, but to stop for a few minutes a day and just focus on breathing, how hard can it possibly be!? It also may not be for you, so sitting quietly somewhere writing out what’s going on, or just acknowledging your current thoughts and experiences over a piece of cake can really help work out what’s going on and how to push forward! 

– Give yourself a break. This stuff ain’t easy. If it was, everyone would do it! They’re called growing pains for a reason and you’re doing an awesome job (write that down). So beating yourself up for reacting badly, or having to skip out on social engagements, or taking a day or two off doing ANYTHING, is OKAY. Just be okay with it because guilt is only going to make things worse!


Do you know that feeling of emotional growing pains? Do you feel terrible that sometimes it results in you not being your best self for a little while as you adjust to the growth?

Leave a comment below with your best suggestions to get through it!

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