The Extraordinary Introverts Manifesto



I’m on a mission.


To champion introverted leaders to understand themselves better, take all the quiet time they need, teach others how to treat them, and cut through the noise to find the people who need to hear what they have to say.


Because it drives me crazy when I see quiet souls overwhelmed, worn out, and struggling to be seen and heard in their business because they’re trying to be something they’re not.


Instead of embracing who they are.


And, I plan to lead by example in my life and biz, which means:


My day starts slowly and quietly. Because I know I’m at my best when I make time for stillness, calm, and quiet contemplation.


I am endlessly grateful that I no longer feel rushed or prematurely forced into a workplace that drains and overwhelms me and, instead, I have the freedom to do things my way.


In my world, coffee, Netflix, daydreaming, and cosy couch hangs are an absolute necessity.


I know that – on any given day – I can be a mixed bag of emotions: silly, serious, sensitive, chatty, quiet, introspective, craving connection, or super stoked to speak to no one.


Deep and meaningful conversation is always a good idea.


Following the herd is overrated, and trying to be something I’m not is an absolute no.


Fantasising about running away to a secluded island (or snow-capped log cabin, depending on the time of year) with a good book is totally reasonable.


Striving for genuine, heartfelt connection is a must.


My clients are kindred spirits, brought together by a deep desire to do something extraordinary, and quietly touch the world in their own special way.


I understand that my unique blend of energy, introversion, experiences, DNA, and stardust make me who I am – that I will always pull silly faces in photos, cry in Pixar movies, and get hyperactive when my caffeine kicks in.


Embracing my quirky, passionate, and overemotional self, working  with people I love, and living a life that lights me up is all that really matters.


At the end of my days, I want to be remembered as a person who showed others you can be quietly confident and make an impact on those who most need to feel it. That you can find your own way to shine and spread that light far and wide to millions, or narrow and deep to a few and still be extraordinary.


If you don’t hear from me every now and again, just know that I’m thinking of you but I’m off introverting in my own little world so I can show up as my best self – energised and ready to kick some serious butt.


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