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Gentle protest is a beautiful idea that Sarah Corbett has created with her art projects. Tune in to learn all about the art of gentle protest.

I came across Sarah’s work when her TedX talk early in 2018 and was blown away by her Craftivism movement and her message around gentle protest and why activism needs introverts. When she agreed to be a guest on the podcast, I was so excited to talk to her about the extraordinary work she does and the impact she is making on the world by finding her own way to change the world.


We also chat about:

  • Where Craftivism came from and why gentle protest can be more effective than more traditional forms of protest;
  • How gentle protest is difficult and takes the ego and anger out of activism;
  • Asking powerful questions whilst crafting to step back and look at how you can come up with the most effective approach;
  • The many facets of Craftivism – from critical thinking and quiet reflection, research, creating something to give to someone in a position of power or start conversation, plus putting your thoughts and energy into something you’re making with your hands, and then sharing it in a way that is gentle.
  • Using vulnerability and open minded conversation to support people in positions of power to encourage them to make the right decision;
  • How Craftivism brings introverts AND extraverts together;
  • How to work out where to start when there are so many issues to support and finding the balance.



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Connect with Sarah Corbett

Sarah Corbett is a craftivist who teaches her “gentle protest” approach to individuals and organizations around the world. She also makes craftivism (craft + activism) projects and DIY kits for people who want to do a quieter, kinder and more beautiful form of effective activism than what is sometimes traditionally offered.

Growing up in a low-income area of the UK, Corbett has been involved in activism since she was three years old and has worked for more than a decade in the UK charity sector as a professional campaigner focusing on international development. But in 2008 she burnt out as an activist and introvert and wanted to find an effective way of campaigning that fitted her skills and ethics and personality. She set up the Craftivist Collective social enterprise in 2009 after people wanted to join in her new form of activism. Now there are craftivists around the world who take part in social change using handicrafts.

Corbett won the Sheila McKechnie award for Economic Justice campaigner of the Year 2016. Craftivist Collective won an Innovation Award from Care2 Impact Award 2016. She works with charities, arts institutions, universities and has exhibited her solo exhibition, “Gentle Protest,” in Stockholm, Helsinki and London. She lives in East London and works worldwide.


Connect with Sarah here:

Website / Facebook / Instagram/ Twitter


Also mentioned in this ep:




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