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Emerge + Expand 008: 3 Steps To Get Paid From Your Content

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In this gentle but immersive 3-day workshop we’re going to be working through each of the following three steps with some quick and easy to implement resources and a daily live Q+A to get all your questions answered.

Let’d dive in so you can get an idea of what to expect from the workshop.

Choose How You’d Like To Get Paid From Your Content

There are obviously so many different ways that you can make money from your content. From selling a service that you invite people into from your free offers and content on social media, your blog, your newsletter, or other platforms like podcasts and videos on other platforms.

You can also create digital resources, tools and templates that you sell. You can do reviews online and use affiliate and referral links or get paid to create content for other sites. There are SO many options available to you, it just depends what you’re interested in and how creative you want to be.

This episode in particular – and the Get Paid For Your Content 3 day workshop – is focused more specifically on two areas:

  • Your backend offer – where your content directs people to work with you
  • Turning your existing content or offers into other offers

Step One – Your Offers

The first one is having a very clear and mapped out back end or signature offer. This might be your done for you service, a 1:1 or group coaching program, or a membership. It doesn’t matter what it is, but it’s generally your main offer and the one that provides the bulk of your business income.

You might not have even thought about the way that showing up to support your clients could be the #1 way to get your content ideas.

What are questions your clients ask you that others in your audience might be looking for the answer to?

Do you make little videos to show your people how to do something? Whether it’s a mini meditation training or a screenshare of them using their graphics and branding you’ve created for them.

I bet you now that I’m talking about it, you’re already thinking of things that you say over and over in your sessions that you could create content out of.

But how do you get paid for that? Well you already have – from your clients. 

And then, when you share the content, tip, tutorial, or answer – you can also talk about how you ‘were chatting to a client about this last week’ or ‘get asked this all the time in your 1:1 sessions, so you decided to share it wit anyone else who would need it’.

You’re giving great value, and then you’re reminding people that they can work with you and get this sort of support. And then it’s an easy call to action to DM you or head to a link to book in a call with you.


There are 2 really important parts of this step.

  • One is that you keep track of these somewhere so when you’re planning out your content, you’ve got a content bank ready to go 
  •  The other is that you’re really clear about your offer and how it helps people so you can make sure what you share is relevant and makes sense.

    For example, it doesn’t make sense to share Canva tutorials if you work with clients around their health and wellbeing.

In the workshop, we are first going to focus on what that backend offer is – as a part of your client journey. Getting really clear on the transformation you offer, who it’s for, and how your content can showcase that offer. You’re going to get a chance to get your offer reviewed and ask me any questions, as well as get a full playbook to work through that and essentially have your sales page copy mapped out.

Step 2 – Repurpose With Purpose

The next step is how you can repurpose with purpose. You might already have an idea from step 1 about how your content  and your offers are all part of your greater ecosystem and need to work in harmony with each other, but also can feed into each other.

This is how you can show sneak peeks, behind the scenes, case studies and testimonials, and other goodies that you share with your clients as content because you’re showing your people what it’s like to work with you and be in your world.

But then there is another way that you can take content that you’ve previously created – old blog posts, workshop recordings, even social media content, worksheets and tools you create for your clients or as optin freebies… and package them together to turn them into awesome digital content that you can sell as lower priced offers.

Got a free workshop you ran that got really great feedback?! Add a workbook and maybe some templates or other resources and you could turn it into a low ticket offer.

Take the tools that you share with your 1:1 clients and bundle them as an intro offer for people who aren’t ready to work with you yet and offer them that instead.

And then you can still take snippets of that content and sneak peeks and turn it into more content to share on social media as a way to let people know that it’s available and they can get it straight away.

I don’t know about you, but being able to repurpose work I’m already doing or have already done to be able to make more free and paid content just makes sense. 

Step 3 – Launch and Grow

And then the third step is to launch and grow. This is a bit of a two for one step because it becomes a natural cycle but at the start there is a lot to set up and it takes time to build your community and your flow.

Bringing people into your world and sharing a mix of free and paid content, engaging with them and answering questions, and then making invitations in different ways. They’re the thing that I know most people worry about when it comes to having a business.

I can’t tell you how many people tell me that they’re not doing a lot of coaching, which is why they started their business and what they really want to be doing. Because they’re having to try and find clients, create content, build community, write sales copy and all of the things.

So that’s why i think it’s so important to build your Content Ecosystem and create a plan to have them all working with each other. As you’re sharing your behind the scenes and documenting what you’re working on, you are also getting people ready for something that’s coming and that just makes it SO much easier to invite them to take that step than just deciding to launch something next week and cross your fingers and hope that people join.

You need:

  • A plan – and I like to work with a 90 day plan, whether I have a big launch coming up or not. And this plan includes nurturing your audience and building energy and excitement athat something is coming.
  • You want to think about things like your sales page, your launch activity, and what other bits and pieces need to be done for the launch, as well as your goals and your numbers.
  • And then you’ve got the launch itself, where you might be running a workshop or masterclass, doing an email launch campaign, or going with some other launch strategy.

After the launch are what I think are some of the most imp;ortant and underrated parts. Celebrating, first of all, but actually reviewing how things went, what worked well, and what you are going to keep and change for next time.

Because, the thing about launching is that you are actually preparing for your next launch. 

Launching is about building energy and momentum, testing and trying things out so that you can learn and evolve and bring together all your resources so that it gets easier every time you launch.

Let’s Recap The 3 Steps To Getting Paid From Your Content

So they’re the three steps. Get really clear what your offer is, who it’s for and how it helps them.

Start to get into a Content Ecosystem mind frame so that you can work less (or at least the same as you already are) but you can create more and have those natural invitations there for people.

And set yourself up for an amazing launch so that you can start putting some really strong foundations in place in your business, start automating some processes and find your flow with getting your offers out into the world and using your content to do that.

Join us for the Free Live Workshop

If this is something you’d like to explore more, I would love for you to join us for the 3-day gentle immersive workshop next week. It’s completely free, there are bite size video trainings, heaps of free resources to help you map this out, and daily lives to get your questions answered so you can really take this  and implement in your business straight away. If you’d like to come along and it’s before September 5th, 2022 you can register at – the content will all be available for you to dive into next week.

If you’re checking this out after the 5th of September, come and join us in the Emerge and Expand membership and get instant access to the training, all the resources and templates, plus the whole resource and training library, monthly coaching and training calls, and a private community off Facebook!




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