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League of Extraordinary Introverts Podcast #19 – How To Be A Gutsy Introvert with Sharyn Holmes

Gutsy introvert isn’t necessarily something that we would expect to be called. Those two things almost seem counterintuitive. But Sharyn Holmes is going to prove why we are and how we can better advocate for ourselves.

Sharyn Holmes is the ‘chieftess’ at Gutsy Girl, as well as a mother, artist, jewellery maker, and self described ‘multi-passionate alchemical light worker who dances gracefully with the shadows’. And that’s why I knew I had to chat to her because I knew she would have so much to offer.

Sharyn has so much wisdom and we cover an incredible amount of ground in this interview that will support business owners but – more importantly – introverts from all walks of life.


We also chat about:

  • Becoming friends with fear;
  • Not letting your introversion stop or hold you back;
  • The power of not letting your experiences become your identity;
  • What it means to be gutsy (and how to be a rebellious introvert;
  • Learning to trust your intuition (and why it’s important for introverts);
  • Understanding your introverted energy;



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About Sharyn Holmes

Sharyn Holmes created Gutsy Girl to honour and unleash the Gutsy Girl in all girls and women. She leads women’s circles, soul leadership training, workshops and retreats guiding and teaching women to actively engage with their wild truth, harness their feminine leadership abilities, honour their gifts, and empower & heal themselves through ancient wisdom practices, earth medicine, spiritual and self care tools.

Sharyn has been featured on the blogs Rebelle Society, Blog Society, Wild Sister,, A Couple of Courses, Designing Her Life and Empower Avenue. In the magazines: ROOOAR, EH Magazine, Wild Sister, Sprout and Upbeat Downstream. She has also been a guest teacher on Shine From Within’s Personal Development Course and Vienda Maria’s eCourse Manifest More and featured in the Australian Feminine Leadership Activation Summit as an expert on sacred circles.

She holds sacred space for kindred spirits at Wild Truth Retreats, held every season and mentors women in Sacred Circle Leadership Training.


Connect with Sharyn and Gutsy Girl Art:

Sharyn’s Book / Instagram




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