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The League of Extraordinary Introverts Podcast #2: Harnessing the Moon’s Energy with Ezzie Spencer

Have you ever thought about harnessing the moon’s energy in your business? Ezzie Spencer has and, as a fellow introvert, the moon has a gentle energy to it that suits us so perfectly, as well as ebbs and flows of how we can work best.

It feels like this has been the longest month, sitting on this beautiful chat I had with the wonderful Ezzie Spencer. But, it’s here, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

If you haven’t had the honour of coming across Ezzie and her incredible work, she is a lawyer-turned-luna-abundance-expert and she is about as passionate about the Myers-Briggs personality types and understanding introversion as I am.

We had the most wonderful conversation around the subtle, yet powerful, energy of the moon (not unlike that of an introvert). And we giggled a lot, but I daresay it’s hard not to with this beauty, she has the most infectious and joyful personality, I was grinning the whole way through this conversation.


Tune in to hear us talk about:

  • How she went from a lawyer to teaching people about the moon cycles.
  • The slow burn of her luna abundance practise becoming a business.
  • Creating a re-energising practise that aligns with introversion and the moon.
  • The introverted nature of the moon.
  • How to include the moon phases into your life that work with your introverted energy.
  • Setting powerful intentions in the New Moon phase, and getting out of your head and taking action in the yang phases.




Dr Ezzie Spencer trained as a lawyer and has experience in government, research, and nonprofit sectors. With a PhD on women’s wellbeing and justice after violence, Ezzie cares about and works to further women’s emotional wellbeing.

Whether on stage or through her writing, Ezzie offers unique and nuanced contributions to the evolving conversations about purposeful, peaceful and effective living.

As the creator of Lunar Abundance™ – a lunar-inspired, holistic self-care practice — Ezzie helps thousands of women around the world cultivate self-worth, confidence and wellbeing in a playful way.

Lunar Abundance supports women to cultivate peace, security, purpose and effectiveness in life and work. Its elegant digital products provide safe and gentle female-centric experiences that support women to find answers within, enjoy genuine connection with others, and cultivate trust in the flow of life — all guided by the moon cycle.


Learn more about the phases of the moon with Ezzie here:

Website | Instagram





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