League of Extraordinary Introverts Podcast Episode #10 – Finding Your Own Inspiration With Jordanna Levin



I recently connected with Jordanna of The Inspired Table when she invited me to be a guest on her podcast. We had such a wonderful conversation about being introverts and I love her approach to healthy, nourishing living so I wanted to talk more about her journey in the bustling and busy media and health and wellness industries as a more introverted person.

I was surprised by how similar our stories are about working in the media (me in television, Jordanna in print journalism) and the lessons we both learned that have served us in our own businesses. We’re both passionate about trusting your own instincts and finding your own way to do things and that is definitely the running theme in this episode.

We also chat about:

    • Being an introvert and working in the media
    • Finding your own inspiration and vision in everything you do
    • Understanding yourself and what you need and not following the fads
    • Using food as a starting point for finding inspiration in your life
    • Actionable tips and small steps towards improving your health and wellness



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Jordanna Levin, creator of The Inspired Table, is a holistic lifestyle coach whose focus is to heal people’s ‘complicated’ relationship with food. She believes food should inspire and nourish, not be a source of stress and anxiety.

Through her coaching programs, cooking workshops, inspiring speaking gigs, podcast series, and popular food blog she’s rewriting decades worth of misleading messaging and creating a new movement of mindful and inspired eating.

Get inspired with Jordanna here:

Website / Facebook / Instagram

Jordanna Levin_The Inspired Table


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