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League of Extraordinary Introverts Podcast Episode #9 – Standing Out and Being Seen with Dr Kate Byrne

Standing out and being seen in your business is challenging for everyone. But as an introvert, it can sometimes feel insurmountable. 

You may know Kate Byrne as the brains behind Betty Means Business. She is a force to be reckoned with, this woman. Starting her blog during a hiatus from work due to health issues, Kate launched into the online space using ‘Betty’ to showcase other incredible entrepreneurial women.

Easing her way into ‘being seen’, she soon realised that her corporate expertise could really guide and support women navigating the business world and Betty Means Business has really soared from there.

Oh this one’ s a biggie! Kate’s energy is infectious and her wisdom is infinite. We covers so much in this ep and Kate is so generous and open with her knowledge and experience and you might be able to tell from the laughter, that I had a ball talking to her. (Just a heads up, there’s a casual f-bomb in this one, in case that’s something that bothers you!)


In this episode, we chat about:

  • How a health issue was the catalyst to Kate taking the leap and starting her own blog and business.
  • How Betty Means Business started as a platform to support women in business, and slowly evolved into the hugely successful business it is today.
  • Embracing your introverted nature and creating space, quiet, and alone time to refuel.
  • Being aware of your introversion (instead of denying it) and using your differences as a strength, instead of something to be ashamed of.
  • The importance of getting out of the house and connecting with your inner circle, especially when it’s way too easy to stay at home, in your quiet space.
  • The power of getting ‘narrow and deep’ in your business, your expertise, and the people you connect with.
  • Kate’s personal routines and tips to honour her introverted energy in her business and life.



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Through her passion-fuelled coaching, consulting and writing, Dr Kate Byrne is on a mission to help women coaches and creatives be fully booked so they wake up excited and hit the sack proud each night. She believes that a roster fully booked with dream clients in the fastest way to the cash flow, opportunities and confidence you need to grow your business.

Kate is the founder of Betty Means Business, and has been featured on Sky News TV, in The Sydney Morning Herald, the Age newspaper, the Asia Pacific Journal of Public Relations, and a number of hugely popular websites and blogs.

Kate’s been awarded a PhD in strategic communication, a flood of industry certifications, a university medal, and multiple industry and academic awards and scholarships. She believes in the power of possibility, roller derby, 80s movies involving dancing and/or prom nights, and laughing till you cry.

To get more of Kate’s wisdom, connect with her here:





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