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How To Make Your Business Work For You As An Introvert

I talk about having an introvert-friendly business all the time, but how do you make your business truly work for you as an introvert? There are so many factors and variables, most of them unique to you, and this is a topic I could talk about forever – mostly from personal experience, but also after years of working with introverts and seeing the things that drain our energy.

There are so many things that I take into consideration and am constantly tweaking, refining and reviewing in my business to make it better support me and my strengths (instead of working against me, like I did for MANY years following misaligned strategies)

In this episode, I share:

  • Three things I think we need to be aware of when making our business more introvert-friendly;
  • The greatest skill an introvert can learn to get less drained by the noise online, following others, and getting swept up in systems, strategies, and business models that appear great but aren’t necessarily aligned
  • The #1 thing that I’ve found has made me more energised than ever to work in my business.

Watch the episode here:

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