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Making Magic Happen: 5 ways to get out of your head and into action


Making Magic Happen.

It’s when you make small steps towards achieving your goals. Heading toward the life you want (right now, instead of some day). Getting out of your head and into action. Now.

This week my friend Sue (from Smile Chickie) and I have decided that we’re making magic happen.

Less thinking, less talking, less planning. More doing.

So much so that we’ve got a bit of an Instagram challenge going on. If you’d like to follow along or (even better) join in, get involved on Insty by following us: @miss_kms and @smilechickie + #makingmagicaction

We’re starting a movement of magic making and we want you to be part of it!


How to overcome overthinking overload

:: Do you sometimes overthink things (is that the understatement of the year)?

:: Do you kill killer ideas before you even get started?

:: Do you think about an idea or talk to a few close friends about it to the point you’ve tricked yourself into thinking that you’re moving forward (but you’re really not)?

:: Do you actually come up with a lot of ideas but rarely DO anything with them?

Or is it just me?

I really want to know because I do it all the time and I think it’s more than fear and procrastination. I can overthink so much, I talk myself out of it (and now I’m overthinking that).

I know you know what I mean.

There’s nothing wrong with it.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t use it to our advantage. Thinking things through can definitely prevent those not-so-hot ideas from wasting precious time and resources.

So I have some thoughts about taking the ideas that ARE awesome, and making magic happen before you overthink them to death.


1. Write it out

You love to journal, am I right? You can let it flow out and then make some sense of your thoughts. So, use it for good.

Either set an intention for what you hope to get from your journaling OR free write all your thoughts out on to the page.

– Now, take a good look at what you’ve got and refine. Add some colour to organise your thoughts or break them down on another piece of paper.

– Make some action steps. They don’t have to be huge steps, just little steps to take your idea from your head, to the page, to actually happening.


2. Don’t go to OTT

When overthinking overload happens, that can also lead to, ‘holy crap, I have so much to do’.

Cue a to-do list of epic proportions.

My tip? Stop with the OTT.

You don’t have to try and do everything. In fact, I highly recommend that you try to do as little as possible. One thing. What’s one thing you can do today that gets you closer to your goal?

If you’re getting to-do list overwhelm, check out this post and take control of your to-do list.


3. Focus + Clarity = Happy Times

Have you heard how to tame a lion? With a four-legged chair and a whip.

Apparently the whip is mostly for show.

It is the four-legged chair that really confuses a lion because it tries to focus on all four legs, gets confused about which to strike at, and practically freezes.

I think we are about the same.

Lack focus and clarity about what you’re trying to achieve?

It’s pretty hard to take action when you’re not really sure what to focus on. Take some time to get clear, and then you’ll have a starting point. And that is a glorious thing.


4. Get quiet

You may know that this year I learned to love meditation.

In fact, it’s actually more than that. I’m completely devoted.

When I meditate (especially in the morning or before getting to work), I feel grounded, clear, motivated. I get so much done.

When I don’t, I feel fuzzy, scattered, and frustrated. I struggle to achieve anything.

Getting quiet might seem like an easy thing, if quiet is your comfortable place, but your mind is likely a hive of activity (even if you’re not saying anything).

Don’t try and shut it up. Just quietly observe the way you would a room full of people. Treat your thoughts as the people buzzing around the room. Observe. Focus on your breath. Acknowledge they are there, but don’t get caught up in what they’re doing.

And, remember, that it takes time (if you’re new to it, I recommend trying a guided meditation to start with!).


5. Get some help

This may come in any form. It might be a declaration. It might be getting accountable with a friend and checking in with them as you take action. It might be getting a coach to help you set those goals, get accountable, and get into the zone of making it happen.

If you want something badly enough, you will make it happen. But it could take a REALLY long time on your own.

Or you might just talk yourself out of it.

I’m all for going it alone (in fact, I LOVE it), but there comes a time when you need a little help to get over that final hurdle and just get it done. So call in some help and keep moving forward towards achieving your goal!


Are you up for making magic happen? Join the challenge on Instagram because I’ll be publishing my favourite action taking snaps next week.

If you’re REALLY up for it, let’s chat about taking that action off the page (or out of your head) and into reality. Check out how we can work together or email me katherine(at) thebeautyoflife(dot)com(dot)au and book in a complementary consult and let’s get some stuff done!


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  1. Sophie

    Love that “making magic happen” Its funny that this industry attracts so many of the overthinkers etc. I listened to a podcast a while back that suggested we naturally go into the careers that we need to be in for ourselves, to best heal and grow as a person so perhaps that’s it. Either way your suggestions are spot on x

    • Katherine - The Beauty Of Life

      That’s really interesting, Sophie! I think there are definitely a lot of people who are all about the ‘go go go’ in the industry, and that makes it even harder if you lean towards the overthinking, all the ‘not enough’ and what not! Thanks, I’m glad you liked them!

  2. Chloe | One Infinite Life

    Love this Katherine! This week is all about inspired action for me so super relevant. Looking forward to following along with #magkingmagicaction!

  3. Lila Wolff

    Fantastic advice Katherine! Especially asking for help, something so many of us forget or are afraid to do I think.

    • Katherine - The Beauty Of Life

      I see that a lot, Lila, and completely agree with you! It’s always okay to ask for help, sometimes it’s just finding the right person for you to ask!


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