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My Super Quick ‘Pick Me Up’ Tip

pick me up

You know those days when you just feel ‘blah’?

Sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on it while, other times, you know the EXACT cause.

But, try as you might, your funk keeps you procrastinating or feeling cranking for an entire day (or week).

Well, I have a little exercise that always seems to help me and, if you are game to try it out, you might find it’s just the pick me up you need when you’re feeling less than awesome.



Your Pick Me Up List

It’s really simple but, by the time you’re done, you’ll have a list of in case of emergency things to do to kick you out of your bad mood and back into a more positive mindset.

What really matters is that you take the time to do it.

Here’s what to do:

// Find yourself a piece of paper and a spare moment and think of the things that make you really happy but are super simple to do.

// Write those things down.

// Put the piece of paper in a place you know you’ll see when a case of the blues strikes.

// Refer to the list when you’re feeling down

// Pick one thing on it and actually DO it.

And that’s all there is to it.



My Best Pick Me Up Lists Tips

+ Keep your pick me ups REALLY quick and easy. The more difficult they are to execute, the less likely that you’ll actually do them when you’re not feeling great.

+ Choose things that actually make you feel good, try them, and tweak or add others, if necessary.

+ Put your list anywhere you might need it – by your work computer, in your journal, on your bathroom mirror.

+ Some examples of my emergency list include, going out for a sun walk, texting my best friend, a hug from my man, or dancing around my apartment to a song I love. They take vey little effort yet they really do the trick, and that’s the key to the perfect pick me up list!

+ When everything sucks, it can be easy to stay in that mindset, the purpose of this list (especially if it’s easily accessible) is to remind you that you have a choice, even in those moments, to stay in cranky-mode or do something fun or silly to lighten the mood. It’s really up to you.



I really believe in allowing yourself to FEEL where you’re at right now, it’s something that is a very important part of my training as a life coach and something I value highly – numbing ourselves to emotions is something that we could all stop doing, as a society.

There is definitely a place for diving deeper into those emotions and uncovering where they are coming from, however, I think that when you’re in a funk, you have the choice to pull yourself out of it.

Knowing the little things that kick you out of a bad mood and add instant happiness to your life is my favourite way of getting back to basics and moving forward in the moment.

What do you think? Are you going to try the pick me up list? Do you already do this? Leave me a comment below and let me know, or share what’s on your list to help others who might need some extra inspiration.


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Do you need more than a pick me up list to get you out of your funk and back into action towards the life you really want to live? Let’s chat about whether life coaching might be just what you’re looking for.




  1. Amy

    Love this KM! I find the same as you – physically moving or something involving the body (walk, hug, dance) – shifts energy and gets me much more grounded and ‘out of my head.’ Thanks for sharing in the beautiful way you always do! x

  2. Chloe | One Infinite Life

    I love the idea of a pick me up list and I am definitely going to try it! One of my favourite pick me ups is to get outside and walk.

    • Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

      Let me know how you go, Chloe! I find it really helpful to have my list close by JUST in case I need it 😉


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