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Build a sustainable, successful solo business (without the empire-building pressure)…

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I’ve supported 100s of coaches and other service-based solopreneurs create cozy businesses and success on their terms over the past 10 years.

I’m Katherine Mackenzie-Smith, Business and Visibility Coach + Strategist – and International Coach of the Year 2023 – for introverts and highly sensitive folks who want to cut through the noise and create success on their terms.

After years of trying to go against my natural strengths, burning out, and wanting to quit; I finally learnt to work WITH my energy and find the systems and strategies that supported me.

And then my whole business changed.

Now I’m on a mission to guide gentle souls to create sustainable success and soul-aligned businesses that support them to thrive through my 1:1 coaching, gentle growth hub and group programs.

Want to unlock this inner wisdom for yourself and build the foundations for your own cozy business!?

I am the queen of Netflix binges and quiet mornings, and I’ll be the first one to celebrate create time and space for your own rest, as well as setting up your business in a way that doesn’t require your hands on attention all the time.

No matter where you’re at in your journey, my signature programs are here to support, guide, and help you elevate to the next level in your business.

With a specific focus on your unique energy profile and strengths (we don’t do one-size-fits-all over here!), get ready to step into your leadership and attract your dream clients.



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1:1 Coaching

Unlock your potential as an introverted entrepreneur with personalised 1:1 coaching that will take you on a deep, guided journey with support, strategy, and systems every step of the way.


Become a Coach

Are you looking for the most rewarding career ever supporting other people to achieve their dreams? All while building a successful business that lights you up. Maybe coaching is for you. 


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Build the foundations of your introvert-friendly business by understanding your own strengths and energy and then creating systems and strategies to support you. But don’t go it alone! Join 100+ introverts in the gentle growth hub.

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Create a sustainable service-based business that grows with you in this gentle group mastermind. The Emerge + Expand group program has everything you need to launch and grow on your terms plus the support of a high end program.

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Perfect for brand new business owners or anyone in a transition looking for templates and support to get their offer, website, and email list up and running quickly without the overwhelm and perfectionism sneaking in. 


TEXT READS: My Clients
Testimonial reads: When I first reached out to Katherine, I was feeling really confused and lost. I felt that I had lost myself, my voice and my authentic way. During our time working together, I launched my signature program and invited in my first participants, refined my message and website copy, created my email nurture sequence and repurposed my existing content into new offers and content.

“I feel energised and nourished after the group calls, which is not usually the case for me at all. I feel encouraged to be my true self instead of trying to change me.”


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