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Well hi, June!

Is anyone else having a brief moment of ‘what the f***’ right now? We’re half way through 2014 already? A year that feels like it should still be shiny and new but it is so far from it?

There is a little something about this month so far (two days in) that is telling me to calm down, chill out, and take a step back to see the bigger picture. I don’t know why (I totally know why) but it’s screaming at me loud and clear in pretty much every direction that I turn right now.

Case in point:

:: An email this morning from Amy about taking an aerial point of view, looking down and working out what I WANT to see and then making big picture plans and finer detail changes.

:: An angel card reading (also this morning) reminding me that we can often forget that everything comes in phases and that without the darkness of introspection and the unknown, change cannot occur. That sometimes we lose sight of the bigger picture.

:: Elizabeth’s 30-Day rejuvenating challenge and Jennie’s 30-Day simple pleasures challenge that both started on the 1st of June to check in and remember to enjoy the little things.

:: Going to a yoga class that just happened to revolve all around the stomach meridian and ‘letting go’ of things we’ve been holding onto (painful, but oh-so poignant!)

I could go on, but seriously the list is getting out of control!

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“All this time I was finding myself, and I didn’t know I was lost.” – Avicii

What’s interesting in life and in change (and in life changes) is that so often we have no idea that what we’re going through is part of the growth. The things that keep coming up, that keep showing up, that keep saying ‘hey, pay attention to me’ are doing so for a reason. That there is something to learn or to acknowledge, right here, right now.

But do we listen? Not always.

And in the not paying attention, we sometimes find ourselves ending up in a world of pain.

That then leads to a different kind of growth. That was probably exactly what we needed anyway.

This Avicii song keeps popping up in my life. Telling me that life will pass me by if I don’t open up my eyes. And that, as I’m adjusting to a new way of life and continuing to ‘find myself’, new challenges and opportunities and situations will present themselves, showing me that there’s so much more to learn.

There’s something to be said for stepping back, relaxing, and rediscovering the joy of being in a strange and unfamiliar place – and being okay with it.

Of maybe being a little lost, or a little disoriented, or just in need of some down time. And acknowledging that.

Being mindful of what it is that we most need to take care and look after ourselves.

So in the nature of slow down and cosy up for winter in Australia, that’s what I’m going to do. To take the cues being sent to me in every direction and spend some time looking after me.

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The aforementioned card reading (something all kinds of foreign to me) sent some words my way that just seemed to TOTALLY NAIL what June needs to be about for me.

Don’t you just love it when that happens?

If you’ve ever read anything by Danielle LaPorte, you will know all about her love of words that signify our core desired feelings and I’m pretty sure that the potency of these words will strengthen when shared. I can assure you these will be going up on post it notes right in front of my face to see every day. But, if they don’t work for you, feel free to send some more appropriate words out there (and share them in the comments below!)


I feel as though some epic things are simmering away under the surface right now and I’m just waiting for the penny to drop. The fact that this word has come my way is making it blindingly obvious that the time is coming to enter a new phase of growth.

Does it work for you? Do you feel as though you’ve been waiting for the opportune moment to do something epic, launch something, rediscover yourself, or really put yourself out there?

Have you been doing some deep inner work and now is the time to come alive and share it with the world?



If ever there was a time to renew, the mid year coming of winter is that time. I love winter, snuggling down, reading and drinking hot chai tea, getting some rest and relaxation. I feel like this is also the perfect opportunity to step back and do some planning for the rest of the year. To let go of some of the limiting beliefs, challenges, and ‘old stuff’ and embrace the rest of the year with a fresh new perspective. But I also want to spend some time looking after me so that I can be my best for anyone who needs it.

Can you tell I’m really loving the idea of renewing and reviewing right now?



Can I get a hell yeah!? I know I’ve had a lot of excitement so far this year, some major life changes, and a giant leap in the direction of my dreams. It’s been exciting, thrilling, riveting, exhausting, and mind blowing all at once. And sometimes amidst all those huge emotions, the bigger picture can get murky or the finer details can get lost.

Taking time to re-evaluate and get clarity on the present and the (not to distant) future is sounding pretty great right now.

Bring on crystal clear intentions and crisp planning pages.



I think this one is my favourite. I’ve been a mixed bag of inspiration this year and I’m excited by the prospect of an emulsified fusion of clarity + inspiration.

Bring on all those whimsical thoughts, crackling with energy and electricity. Welcome to anything that wants to ignite a little spark and let the rest run wild.

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II think the important thing here is just LISTENING. When something starts coming your way (especially as obviously as it is in my life right now), sit up. Pay attention.

Not getting the guidance you need? Ask for it. Put it out there. I need help. I’m ready to hear it. What do I need to let in?

Then hone your senses. Your conscious mind will start to pick up the clues.

And that’s where the magic really happens.


So, this is what’s been coming up in my world lately, but what’s been going on with you! Share your ever-present words or core desired feelings for June in the comments below!


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  1. Emily

    Lovely post Katherine! I am reminded of this David Life quote ~ “If you believe in coiincidence, then you aren’t paying attention” 😉 xx

  2. Sophie

    Its funny that you mention that song as it’s one of the ones making up my current inspirational playlist 🙂 I always notice that when I really pay attention to my thoughts and my life in general it really amps up both my happiness and passion. Great article xx



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