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Find the Balance of Being a Soulpreneur with Yvette Luciano

How do you find balance as a solopreneur and soulpreneur? In this week’s episode, I chat with soulpreneur and self-confessed introvert herself, Yvette Luciano.

I met Yvette at her Soulpreneurs conference earlier in the year and loved walking into a flowy, spiritual event hearing Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson playing on the PA. We have many mutual friends and so it was about time that I had her on to talk about being a Soulpreneur and how to find the balance between the introvert and extrovert sides of our business, such as the introspective practise of writing a book mixed with the extroverted need to send it out into the world.


We also chat about:

  • Finding your own version of your success in your business;
  • Knowing what works for you and what lights you up;
  • Saying no to things that drain you or don’t feel aligned, even if they’re great opportunities;
  • Having the introvert/extrovert requirements of diving into writing a book and then having a huge book launch and conference with hundreds of people;
  • Giving yourself permission to go into your creative cocoon and take a break from the world;
  • Finding some fluidity between introvert and extrovert, yin/yang, etc;
  • The importance of recharging in a way that really feels good to you – not what looks good on social media;
  • Bringing all aspects of yourself and all your different interests together to give your story depth and set you apart from others in your industry;
  • Not denying who you are because you think it won’t make you fit into the health, wellbeing, personal development world.



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About Yvette

Yvette Luciano is devoted to helping healers and creatives to live their purpose, lift their platform and leap into prosperity.

With a background of 15+ years of media and marketing experience, Yvette started in the entertainment industry with organising rock shows and promoting bands (including her own), which led to marketing and management roles with some of the largest record companies and artists in the world.

After a life altering cancer diagnosis in 2010, Yvette immersed herself in health studies including nutrition and yoga, and emerged as a soulful and successful business owner and creator of the Earth HQ group in 2013.

Which went on to successfully lead Earth Events and agency divisions, proudly becoming the behind-the-scenes magic makers for many wellbeing leaders and luminaries; including Gabrielle Bernstein, Pete Evans, Gala Darling and conscious companies including Food Matters.

Continuing Earth HQ’s phenomenal success, in 2016 Yvette launched the much loved Soulpreneurs® school for the next wave of lightworking leaders + Event Success training for soulful event producers.

Followed by the international best selling book release Soulpreneurs (Hay House) and upcoming workshops globally.

Recently Yvette combined her love of emotional healing, essential oils and entrepreneurship by partnering with doTERRA to create and lead her diamond Aroma Angels team, which continues to grow by the day!

Yvette has recently returned home to the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia with her husband Isac and furbabies.

Yvette believes in animal welfare, conscious business, integrative cancer care, plant based foods and living a life that feels good (on the inside). She is also the author of “Learn To Thrive” a memoir and guidebook to balancing modern medicine and ancient healings in cancer wellness.

Connect with Yvette here:

Website / Facebook / Instagram


Also mentioned in this ep:




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