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In a moment of self doubt and ego-driven fear about launching a brand new site and putting myself 100% into it, the thought crossed my mind that the actual ‘The Beauty Of Life’ name may invite preconceptions about its content that aren’t entirely me.

And then I decided that I kind of like that and promptly told my ego to ‘shhh, love’ because this is exactly what I need to be doing right now.

Once I decided to OWN The Beauty Of Life in all its glory, I knew I could genuinely believe in the concept of MY beautiful life and get to work living it.

Yes, I’m an optimist and a dreamer. Yes, I love the idea of living a beautiful/wonderful/crazy/awesome/kick ass life (however you want to describe it) and going after what you want. Perhaps I sometimes have a semi-romantic view of the world but The Beauty Of Life is the black and the white and all the many colours in between.


The Beauty of Life is not:

– A lot of lofty, aspirational talk and no action

– A place to try and make you believe that life is all rainbows and puppy dogs

– A rose-coloured view of the world


Sure, you will often find me waxing eloquent (in my own special way with expletives and made up words) about how much I love people, or other things I love right now, and I’m entirely convinced that I write the word ‘dream‘ more here than I’ve written it anywhere else, ever, but this idea is so much bigger.

 I’m going to push you. I’m going to tell you that life is short, the road is bumpy, and if you’re not living a life that you freaking love, you may as well not bother. 


The Beauty Of Life is:

– A wake up call that this is all we get and to make the most of it

– A reminder that we get out what we put in

– A sharp prod in the side to push you out of your comfort zone


Live a life you love (I dare you)

I’m serious about this. Living a life that you design and that fires you up is my message, peeps. Sure, days have their ups and downs, sure bad stuff happens sometimes, and when you are down, it’s likely that someone (or something) is going to kick you.

But, holy shit, when you get back up, those muscles are stronger, that drive is bigger, and that passion is going to start eking out of you like a dripping tap. (Maybe a few drops at first, until the flood comes).

Falling is not about the pain, it’s about what it will make of you to get back up. Mistakes are part and parcel with the wins. Tripping over feelings is inevitable and holding your head high when you weren’t even sure you could get out of bed this morning is the ultimate revenge.

It’s about having moments of self doubt and ego-driven fear and pushing them aside to keep going.

It’s facing rejection and saying, ‘ah well, what next?’

This is it. This is all we get. One life, one chance to tear it up, go wild, make mistakes, be stupid, be clever, do something different, own who we are, and just live already.

THAT is what The Beauty of Life is to me.

It’s looking at the good, the bad, the ugly and having the ability to turn around and say, yep, this is the culmination of my existence.


So, what does this concept mean to you and what are you doing right now to own this life you are living? Leave me a comment below and let’s get it out there.


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