The League of Extraordinary Introverts Episode #6 – Putting Yourself Out There



In this episode of The League of Extraordinary Introverts, my photographer – Lauren Abi-Hanna of Sol and Co – and I chat about great visual branding and putting yourself out there.

As a more introverted business owner, being the centre of attention  can feel like the most uncomfortable thing EVER and your visual brand can speak volumes for you (if shouting from the rooftops isn’t really your style).

In this episode, Lauren and I also chat about:

  • Why getting your photo taken can be so nerve-wracking
  • The fears that inevitably come up when you put yourself out there (and how to get past it)
  • The difference between your personal and business branding and supermodels
  • Practical tips to rock your next photoshoot so you have plenty of energy
  • Expert advice on how to take your visual brand to the next level.



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Want to get connect with Lauren and learn more about her photography and her program, Your Visual Brand Blueprint?

Lauren is Sol + Co’s in house photographer who has worked with many entrepreneurs that aim to pursue and share their story. Lauren combines her intuition with her unique style, empowering women to feel confident, prepared and excited for their photo shoot.

And She’s just teamed up with an amazing coach and stylist to create a program called; Your Visual Brand Blueprint. One that help women create their very own visual brand from the inside out!

Connect with her here: Website / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest


Lauren Sol and Co


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